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Offline Gmail

Jan 28, 2009 3 comments
Many year ago, I used POP/SMTP based email service from my local ISP. Back then, I used to dial my ISP's number and then use Outlook express to send/receive emails. The beauty of this sort of email practice was being able to read emails even when we're offline.

But then still accessed my limited POP/SMTP subscription based emails from third-party service like to break my limit. At some point, I was uncomfortable if my emails were compromised during the course though that might have never happened.

Ever since, the concept of web email came, the whole scenario got changed. People gradually stopped using ISP provided POP/SMTP limited subscription based email service and opting out for free web based email services. People can access their emails anywhere from around the world where there is internet connection.

The only problem they have is they can't check their emails if they don't have internet connection. So, people started grabbing the pop/smtp numbers and feeding it to their favorite email clients to grab all those emails for offline email reading. This is still in practice.

Recently, I read in Google's Official blog that they are experimenting with their new feature called OFFLINE GMAIL. No matter if you've internet connection or not, it's gonna be no big issue. You can still read your emails and hence it's OFFLINE GMAIL.

They wrote that when someone is online and reading/sending emails, Gmail will keep the cache of all the archive locally. As soon as the connection goes off, Gmail will go to offline mode and user can still use and check back to his/her old emails, do all the stuffs just like in online mode except sending/receiving. While you send emails in offline mode, it'll go to outbox and the very next moment, if you're online, the mails will be sent.

The only thing that's good is that you don't need any email client in between to have this feature on which I think is a great idea. in your browser's address bar is going to be alive for ever.

To enable this feature, in your gmail account
- Click settings->Labs tab->Enable next to Offline Gmail->save changes.
(There will be a new "offline0.1" link in the upper righthand corner of your account, Click that to start the offline set up process and download 'Gears(browser plugin)'

FYI, this option in your account will appear in next 2-3 days according to Google's Official Blog.

Thank you for reading my post.


Anonymous said…
It must be using Google Gears obviously.. Google is using Gears for offline viewing for Google Reader which i dont find useful because Images are not cached.. the same must be happening in Gmail offline . you wont be able to see rich content emails with graphics..
Navin said…
You are right bro, may be you didn't read the whole story, as I mentioned it that this feature will use google Gears and lets hopefully wait, if we've all those things cached too or not.
Anonymous said…
I like this feature provided by google very much.

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