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Mom calls 911 over son's video game habit

Dec 27, 2009 1 comments
Are you an avid video gamer or simply game-addict? Whatever it is, addiction is very bad. Too much of everything has never been good. I've seen in my surrounding how kids are stuck with games all the time. One of my family friends always complained how her son is stuck with those games day and night. I feel sorry for her. These activities are killing their normal activities which they should've been doing instead. When I see these kids and when they don't listen to, I sometimes feel these kids are turning themselves into glued-zombies.

This Boston mom actually called out cops. The reason to call 911 is because of her son's video game addiction. 14 Years old had no choice except getting some brief counseling from cops that he should obey her mom's request. Pretty interesting news.

Now, you kids, don't be a zombie, be a human.

Thank you for reading my post.

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Addiction is not good, whether video games, harmful substance or whatever. It's always good to have a balance in life.

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