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Windows 7 GodMode Tweak

Apr 14, 2010 2 comments
This must be Windows 7's Easter egg uncovered by some avid Windows 7 Tweakers. This tweak is all about the shortcut named 'GodMode' which grants users access to all of the OS's configuration settings in one unified window.

To get this secret shortcut called 'GodMode', simply create an empty folder and rename it to the following:
The folder icon will instantly change into a shortcut name GodMode which would allow you to access all settings of operating system. One can change the settings at his/her own will.

Thanks for reading my post.


Clutch said…
I never knew there was a GOD mode thingy. It will really help a lot because it's a compiled administration for windows 7 users.

GOd bless.
Anonymous said…
Also works in Vista...

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