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Android No. 1

Mar 9, 2011 2 comments
I used to say things about 'Android' as being an 'unsung hero'. Not anymore. Since this morning, News Medias are yapping out Android is now the most-used smartphone operating system in the United States. Smartphone?? They missed something else too. Android is becoming a computing platform too in the form of tablet PCs. Latest manifestation of ever-growing Android in the form of tablets are Archos, Motorola Xoom, Galaxy tab etc. It's not just limited to smartphone, it has gone way beyond that. Tablets or extremely portable wifi devices are the future of modern age communication and it seems every company is embracing their choice of mobile platform as "Android".

Look at iPhone OS, it's limited inside one body and it's secretive, closed platform and damn expensive. And, compare Android OS, it's at it's free will. It's everywhere, inside every device and being open-source based, it's making solid communication devices dirt cheap. Some of these android based phones are even free if you sign up on a contract. People always look out for choice. Android gave you that choice and hence, it became people's choice. Number 1 Android.

Functionally, in my honest opinion, android phones top all in the market. It's fast and efficient. Screens are crispier, user interface,hardwares  etc are unquestionable. Those knuckleheads who brag that Apple has got 300,000 apps and Android has got only 150,000 apps in the store to denounce the growing popularity of  android should get  in their thick skull that we can't get all those apps stuffed onto one device at once. And, even the 50,000 apps library becomes abundance. Forget about 150,000 apps, it's too much. Comparison based on apps library is nothing more than ignorant rants.
 I'm a proud owner of Android device and finally public acknowledged it's existence. There is no future for closed platform. Sooner or later, they'll be forgotten. Android is the future and every android powered phone is No 1 phone today. You know it, I know it. Let them outcry.


Unknown said…
Even IDC claimed Android to cover 48% market share. See the 2011-2015 review here.

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