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This weekend at San Francisco Golden Gate

Had a wonderful weekend as usual,captured the moments in my digicam, just back from the trip, and uploaded pictures(I usually don't like my pictures myself but anyhow, I took few of 'em and uploaded here) right away on my PC. Seems like a long time that I've been out of touch with my blog but despite my weary condition now, I'm posting..ahem(flashback).. wow.. quite an excitement to put a log of wonderful trip that I had with my family.

Destinations were San Francisco(SF) Golden Gate and SF Botanical garden along with Japanese Tea Garden. SF Golden Gate is the extraordinary work of engineering done some hundreds year ago. I read some of its historical briefing out there and it's really intriguing. Spent few hours there, weather was so nice, cool breeze blowing, I could feel the air, smell it perfectly and the moment of bliss that I felt within my bloodstream just by staring down at the Golden gate from up above the sea level, at mountain was awesome. I really felt blessed to see those historic inventions proudly built. Really impressive , you know? This Golden gate has been featured on many documentaries and movies and many photographers make living out of it, just by taking breath-taking snapshots of this gate and surroundings.

Later, we moved to Japanese Tea Garden. This place was small heaven on earth and literally gave me the feelings of being at somewhere in Japan. Some small bonsai trees and plants were there to grab peoples attentions. There were multi-story temples and some trees were fabulous and the blossomed flowers, ahh.. that was way romantic and enough to take away all your griefs of your tired muscles and legs. There was small shop selling Japanese items and my brother got hooked up with some sort of sword, if I'm not wrong that was KATANA. He wanted one of it badly unless my Aunt told him that he can get it at very cheap price in our own downtown stores.

It was pretty tiring, we walked whole day on those beautiful places, it was somewhat small hike but we forgot all our grief and muscle pain because of those delightful sceneries. Finally, we thought to take a walk inside SF botanical garden, the most romantic and cool park I've ever seen in entire California till date. May be I still have so many places to visit yet but, till date, awesome.. botanical garden was just awesome, small ponds, sea gulls and mallard swimming on, small creeks, and squirrel wandering just nearby you, pure green grasslands.. it was nothing but some fantasy lands come true feelings for me.

By the time, I started to starve at max. So, had lunch in one chinese restaurant, felt revived and this time, I walked a lot and felt more energized. Day passed and had to come back,.. wow.. it was an awesome weekend for me.

The following photos(can be enlarged upon clicking) are the memoirs of the day:

Way to Japanese Tea Garden, I found these beautiful birds floating and took shot of 'em

Another shot of the same location above

These flowers shot that I took inside Japanese Tea Garden

From the mountain above SF golden Gate

this is curious george, I mean my brother.. ha ha ha that shot which I took, doesn't he look like flying?

That's me and behind? it's SF Golden Gate

SF Golden Gate view from mountain

Somewhere on the way to SF, exit to restroom(Do I look Blessed??)

Inside Japanese Tea Garden

SF Golden Gate from inside a CAR

a glimpse of a beautiful Jap Tea Garden

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Webster Twelb said…
navin! I guess we both had a wonderful weekend?

BTW, you can be an awesome photographer...i love the shots..especially the one with your brother. ^_^
Navin said…
wow, yeah.. that's true.. and I'm an amateur photographer. btw..
Unknown said…
The photos are awesome Navin I enjoyed each photos especially the one with birds and the flowers in the tea garden....
Great work taking the snap shots.
Navin said…
Thanks for your nice comments christian, I wish I could read your blog too buddy. !!!

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