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World Wide Weird

Some of the world wide weird things to share; What happens when you give camera phone to your kids on their birthday Smart photoshop gimmick Bay of E-fraud This is what blogging is all about.. Where to fit in 5 inch??

Upgrade Terror

How often do you upgrade your computer?? Are you still using that 4 years old system with so-called upgraded components in it? How about your experience in hunting hardware stalls for USB PCI slot when you could easily get that on newer system? Are you trying to search for old but new hard drives/memory or any other components for your old system?? Well the reality is we don't really want to get over of what once were things of pride and possession. Lucky them...who don't want to use computer for more than email and document typing. But there are people who just don't want to be left behind. They suffer most, they are kind of obsessed with the newer technology. To be true, majority of people who are somehow attached to technology fall in this group who want to use latest gizmos, be introduced with latest tech charm, if not affordable then somehow wind up using their low-end version. No matter what, they want to experience the latest tech whim. Moore's law descri

Security Tube ???

These past few days.. sorry, few weeks, I got so damn busy that I almost forgot that I've things to write online too. Whatever, coming to the point, I'm going to talk about a site which might interest you. , as cheesy as it's name sounds, this is definitely worth a look. The reason being the stuffs full of security related and awareness. If you really are aware of how online things work and how secure you are being online, then you might want to look upon this site full of U-Tube style videos repository. Some of the video titles are really intuitive like: How Do Spammers Work? IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) Basics Internet Worm Basics Encryption Basics and lot more.... Most importantly, they've fun section too. I checked that first and seemed they've so far collected some of the funniest videos online. There are some categories like; Coding | Tools | Basics | Fun Make sure you check them all. It's really educative. Thank you for reading.

Easy way to Remote Connect Two Computers

Networking two computers within a home is not a big deal but what about remote-controlling the same PCs within your home. I know, it is lots of hassles. By remote-controlling what I meant is controlling every UI(user interface) of second computer from the first one. In most cases, What you would end up doing is; setting up some sort of VNC server and client, lots of configuration and going through trials-and-errors and finally it seems working. Next reboot, it has got some problem.. phew.. If you are easy enough and big fan of Microsoft fan, may be you'd end up trying XP's Remote Assistance or Windows NetMeeting. There are still so many things you've to set by yourself to get things working. All those minor firewall issues and setting/acting up as server and letting other to join as guest/host.. phew.. big trouble again. I've seen this 'windows remote controlling' giving up at critical situation or may be it's beyond my understanding and right now complainin