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Bad Economy

These past few days, news are not that good enough to read that's popping up in my inbox. It really shook me when Google sent me an email stating that their overall Ad marketing business is not doing good whatsoever. We know, it's the bad economy to blame, stock market not doing good and lots of other bad news which is gradually affecting the entire world's economy. To be specific on my regard, I figured out why my adsense click rates are not earning as much as it used to. Because, advertisers are not making money to spend on their Ads. So.. Whatever, they assured with the new ideas to be implemented pretty soon. Hence, I'm waiting for that. I used to hang that small social network widget for bloggers on my blog's right hand sidebar. It was Blogrush widget . It pretty much brought some interested readers on my blog.But they recently sent me an email stating that they are shutting down their service. To my dismay, they've written something like as if they'v

Latest threat stealing confidential data

October 29th, is so-called Internet day. It's the day when people say Internet was granted for public. There came many news of hacks/exploits and online miseries along with the days of the Internet started. Computer Virus and it's transformed forms have become very hard to detect now-a-days. Surfing web pages, reading online news, watching movies, all your regular online stuffs that you usually do and you might not even know that the Trojan had already been installed and stealing your vital informations to hacker. Latest Microsoft Vulnerability would allow any hackers to do the things easily that's mentioned above. The only way around to this problem is to download relevant patches from Microsoft website immediately. Click here for the patches for your system. One particular strain of malware, which exploits this security hole, the Gimmiv.A Trojan, enables its creators to take complete control of the compromised system. Once a computer has been infected, the Trojan sta

Unknown Presidential Candidate 2008

This morning I was readying for work. Somebody called me and told me that I'm on News Channel. I thought it was joke. Then after some moment, next phone call came in and told me the same thing. Confused and dazed, I turned on the TV and what I saw repetitively was astonishing. I quickly took out my camera, captured it's video footage and it's posted right below(Check it out): src: Hem's post .

Obama Vs McCain

I never really cared about political issues because that really didn't matter us. What mattered was only to the leaders and nothing much. But, with what I've seen in America, I found that the whole story is different. Leaders are absolutely accountable towards the general public issues, esp Democrats. I'm not being biased favoring my article towards Democrats. I'm writing because, that's what I felt, saw and read. Republican would've never thought that their attack on IRAQ would bring curse on country's economy. If it would've been like what they might have expected, then, time now could be seen favoring them. But their bad luck and the unluckiest decision, which led their name and fame in mud. They are American too and they don't dare to think harm of their own country as some people allegedly accuse them because war on IRAQ went way more costly than expected. As such now, the tax which could've been used in developmental works and wonders bui

World's smallest bodybuilder

Off the beat post, it's about the world's smallest bodybuilder ..Aditya 'Romeo' Dev. This mini man got into bodybuilding just for a cause. The cause that you and I find enough to get into bodybuilding. You see RAMBO/ARNIE, you want muscles like their and you hit the Gym. That's the cause, I'm talking about. Aditya is an avid fan of Salman Khan and he most of the times acts/dresses/dances like Salman . He doesn't get behind giving out Salman's dialogue. He's 9 Kg in weight and he lifts 1.5 Kg dumbbells. Pretty impressive huh? If I see just his picture at first, it looks like he isn't dwarf at all but if he's with others,he then looks distinctive. He hails from Phagwara,India and he's all the time the center of attention. People peek into gym to see him bodybuilding. He is training under the guidance of Ranjeet Pal. Following is his latest video footage released on Youtube this very September,2008. Thank you for reading m

Is Google's Android enabled phone an Ultimate mobile phone?

I'm not sure about that(question on this post title) but whatever it is for now, it's surely creating lots of buzz. Some said, it's a big brother of iphone in terms of usability and some even said it's an iphone killer. Till now, iphone has been the most prized possession for mobile phone fanatics. I really didn't fall for Apple's most marketed item call iphone. Now, with the recent launch of Google Android phone marketed as G1 phone, I'm so happy that we've choice other than iphone. Moreover, there are so many reasons to be under contract with G1 than iphone. -iphone ripped off first lot of their consumers. -iphone sells most of it's softwares/plugins at ridiculously high price. -iphone overhyped the touch-screen technology than it really should. It boasted as if it is the first one to research and develop the touch screen. Many still believe Apple developed touch screen which is false. -iphone divides it's customers into high and low cla

How would I look if I were born back in those days??

Have you ever imagined how would you look like if you were born in those old days? Lets try to make some assumptions. If I were born on those times, most probably, I would be looking like some of these pictures below. Check it out. Well, that's all me. And, in 2008, I look like this below: Actually, all those images above are sourced from this picture from 2008. So, if you want to check how would you look like then, check this site: Have fun. Show me yours. Thank you for reading my post.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 digital Camera

Instinctively, I'm an artist. Photography is also a form of art. I jumped onto it some 3-4 years ago. Since then, I've been taking random shots. But with great tools, comes great carvings. Indeed, I recently purchased Panasonic Lumix FZ28 two weeks ago. Took me almost 1 week to adapt with itself. I was excited enough when I got it and managed to take video of unboxing Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 digital camera. Taking shots with this camera is privilege. Great shots indeed. I've managed to take some of the shots with this camera. I was truly amazed to see the results. I've left my rants on this camera over my other blog. Click here to see the images that I've taken with this camera. Thank you for reading my post.

Believe it or not: UFOs

Last year,on this very month I wrote about UFO . Actually, one Indian Channel broadcasted live UFO sightings. Personally, I was amazed to see that. Before any Indian Scientists could figure that out, it was gone and nobody could find anything about that(may be it's on top secret files piled up). What I was shown on TV was some bright light bulbs like objects on the sky then. I recalled last years incident, and am here with some pictures from year 2000-2008 which shows the sightings of UFOs. Believe it or not, it's upto you. None of these images are digitally manipulated UFO spoofs. September 11,2002,Eastern United States September 22, 2004 - Waupaca, Wisconsin September 29, 2001 - Hungary Summer, 2003 - Trout Lake, Washington, USA Unknown October 19, 2003 - Bagdad, Arizona October 21, 2004 - Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, USA October 30, 2000 - Bellevue, WA, USA September 5, 2003 - Goodwood, West Sussex, United Kingdom September 7, 2004 - Zion Nation