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Flood of ebook readers

Amazon pioneered the market of 'ebook reader' devices. It's 'Kindle' paved the way for other companies to come up with their own version of ebook reader. That brought the competition and then Amazon's monopoly is shattered. Thereby, it's compelled to marginalize it's price to accommodate itself with growing competition, I'm astonished to find some companies are selling one of these devices arrogantly for over $850. That's outrageous. We're experiencing the flood of ebook reader devices. Some of these ebook readers are listed below: Sony Reader PRS-700 COOL-ER Astak EZ Reader iRex Digital Reader Cybook Gen3 iLiad 2nd Edition Foxit eSlick Ebook readers are hot-sale these days because of it's extreme portability, easy to use features, and capacity to store thousands of books and articles in it. Just having a feeling of carrying multiple books in one-small-few-hundred-gram device is the main driving force making people spend. Th

Rent a Telescope

Recently I came across a site called which lets anybody to remote control high-end telescopes located in islands via computer. If you are astro-photographer, astronomy enthusiasts or anyone who just loves to star-gaze then, this is a definite visit. Hire telescope for some mere $50 per year and you can use it for definite period of time for whole year. I've seen people who has taken bunch of amazing cosmic photographs through this site It just takes time and patience to capture that moment. Who knows you could have that opportunity to snap something wonder in those galaxies. I'm trying it and it's very fascinating. There is one animated character 'Otto' who walks you through all the time. Sometimes soon, I'm gonna buy telescope to star gaze once I had enough turning my home computer into observatory. Thanks for reading my post.

Bing Vs Google dot Com

Over a month ago, I wrote roughly on Bing's potential against Google . To carry on with the job, someone has come up with a neat website for those of you who are still in the verge deciding which way to go. This site called lets you see your search results on one page. It uses both engines at one time. Actually, it makes your searches more efficient when you want to compare things on both. I've to be honest here, my 16:9 screen was far better to see results onto than my father's 4:3. Lets go to my own personal analysis. I tried couple of searches on certain keywords and Bing's were more accurate. Google simply outputted non-relevant results whereas Bing did the good job. Say, I started with my name(can click/see in the picture above) and I've to admit, Google didn't put my site on their radar. It's still showing the same old stuffs from it's cache. Ridiculous. With doubts I tried other keywords, say 'Nepal' and once aga

A Computer Virus

An animated projection of Computer Virus's life presented in a hilarious manner. I came across this animation and couldn't help myself to make it one of the posts on my blog. It starts with an animator sketching some stick figure and all of a sudden... Thank you for reading my post.

My Panasonic Lumix FZ28 Moon Close up Video recording

I've taken bunch of beautiful shots with my Panasonic Lumix FZ28 and many were amazed with it's output. To be true, I never had as wonderful camera as this one. I actually played around with expensive over 1000 bucks toys but Panasonic FZ28, I just fell in love with it. It's capabilities are enormous. I got up to take a pee as usual in the middle of the night, and the breeze(off the open windows) was so cool, as I peeped outside, it was moon's light I couldn't resist. Took a deep pranayama breathe in/out to enjoy the air, darted inside, got a FZ28 on my hand and outside started to shot Moon's pic. Then I Put the camera into Video Recording Mode, and before I hit the shutter-release button to record, I set the camera into Spot metering mode. If you don't know how to put your Panasonic FZ28 into Spot Metering mode, check this picture below: Don't know what is spot metering?? Read it here

It's been a while...

I was kind of disappeared from my own blog. It's very hard to put myself into so many things and yet maintain the things around. Life doesn't circle around one thing, there are so many things to take care of. Few days back, I tried to upload one Video of mine on YouTube and YouTube which usually took few minutes to audioswap, made me wait for more than 24 hours. Obviously, in their eyes, it was some copyright infringement act(so the audioswap...) even though I had put just a intro portion of the whole music. Here is one thing that I want to put light on something, YouTube's action could look good but believe it or not, I buy albums after what I hear on YouTube. Whenever, I saw some youtube videos with amazing music, I asked about it and later bought it off Amazon or eBay. There are hundreds of thousand doing that. They just go and buy the album if they like it. In a sense, YouTube is killing the marketing reach of music industry. But whatever. It's none of my busines