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Work-In-Progress, Solar Powered Handset

Apr 27, 2007 2 comments

Its really fascinating to witness the upcoming technology with old concepts which in return gives more comfort and ease of use. Who would have guessed some company manufacturing Cellphone based on AAA sized battery? and now, Motorola, is in a process to give it's cell phones an ability to squeeze power from the heat of sun rays. Well, it'd be LCD powered Solar panels. It's not a wonder coz we've been using Solar powered Calculator already during our SLC's math exams.

By the way, it is to note that LCD will be turned on and phone will be charging its battery from Solar power. Seems quite a fiction but yeah, it'll soon become reality and needs no power cable to charge.


Nirab Pudasaini said…
check that out my blog on the working of the solar energy ........ well it is do yourself of a solar cell but its is and also provides some information on the working of solar cells and photo electric effects (principal on which solar cell works)

i dont think that li ion batteries are going to be replaced for a long time. even fuel cells have been tried out in cell phones . but they cannot be made in small sizes as the li ion battries and while considering cell phones mobility is a must.

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