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Apple iPhone Unlocked Successfully

Aug 26, 2007 1 comments
A 17 years old George Hotz showed each and every steps on his blog regarding how to unlock Apple iPhone.

iPhone still is restricted only to US. Since Apple has tie-up only with the American AT&T company,with this guy's unlocked iPhone, it could be used with any other service providers. This means, any network provider can fit inside this much hyped wireless device.

George Hotz, 17, holds an iPhone that he has unlocked and is using on T-Mobile's network, Friday, Aug. 24, 2007 in New York. Hotz has broken the lock that ties Apple's iPhone to AT&T's wireless network, freeing the most hyped cell phone ever for use on the networks of other carriers, including overseas ones. (AP Photo/Jeff Christensen)

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nivetha said…
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But I cant find.From yours I got unlocked apple iphone.Thank U.

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