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Wonderful Day!!!

Dec 12, 2007 5 comments
It was wonderful day because today for the first time, i was in some social gathering of my own. Previously, i used to go to such occasions which were actually for my father and I just used to hang around and talk with his friends. But, today, this was my first ever social gathering here in Santa Cruz and i enjoyed it a lot. I just can't explain the moments in words but i really did enjoy the day. Sad part, Merium and Evan, they are leaving back to their country.

(I wish the bird were in the middle when i took the shot)

Merium is Doctor in France,very adorable lady, sober and somewhat enigmatic but i usually enjoyed her company when we were assigned certain assignments to complete in class. She was busy working for some refugee centers in Santa Cruz and now she's leaving after 8 days. Son of this queen of magnetic smile is waiting for her. I just wish her best of luck and happy reunion with her family. And EVAN, wow.. she's such a cute lady who is quite expert in presenting herself by making facial gestures. One thing i noted about her is she always has a logical questions to ask for and i always thought " why didn't i notice that?.. wow" She is German and she is here with her husband Alex. For her, it's nice vacation but i could feel somewhere,that she's quite not happy to leave this place either. At the same time, she's quite happy and anxious to see her homeland. I could see her zeal. And,it was nice meeting with her husband Alex today. I enjoyed talking with him too because co-coincidently once he had been to Nepal and sharing memories of Nepal during the conversation elongated our informal gossips.

I just wished Merium and Evan good luck. And, i wish both of them have wonderful life in their homeland.

It would be injustice to Jennifer if i don't mention her name. She is the mind behind this whole get together event. For me, she's a tactful brilliant event organizer. And, i was like WOW when i came to know about her that she's a Graphic Designer. Moreover, she's kindhearted and very helpful girl. Whenever something comes up, she usually takes the initiative and makes thing happen. Had it not been her effort, i would have never experienced such a wonderful day today. Thanks to Jennifer!!

And lastly, thanks to JOE. For me, when i saw her for the first time, i promptly felt something that i've seen her somewhere. My subconscious took me to the day when i was watching one romantic Korean Movie. There was an actress who was exact copy of Joe!! it's just i don't know the name of korean superstars. else i would've written the name with whom she resembled so lot. JOE, if you hadn't given me a ride, i would have been walking 20 minutes in such a sunny day. Could've been such a hectic moment for me when i would have reached the spot.

Lastly, talking about myself. umm.. my look has changed a bit. I mean the hair-style makes people look totally different. and i think i look very different to myself than before.

and the following photos, they are taken by my camera which is very dull at taking low-light photographs.

A bench and the beautiful horizon

Santa Cruz Light house

Birds flapping their wings to rise in the sky and swing across the region

Beach(Carmel beach)walk

Zoomed actually

With Aunt and brother

some of the links to my old photographs with long HAIR:


Nirab Pudasaini said…
You do look different ..... feels good to be back in here
Anonymous said…
you're right. Hairstyle really makes a person change alot :D
looks good :D
Navin said…
Speeeed bro, welcome back after long time :) yeah, i feel the same way. i think i look good with hair on. :), thanks :)
PRENA said…
helo navin.
sorry for long time no talking. internet ghar ma nabhayera kasto jhaou bhai racha.
anyways, libary ma alikati time dincha, so just checking your new entries as always.
ani you got a new haircut aswell? hehe, waaaaaa looks very very nice nice!!!
pictures haru pani ekdamai ramro!
good to see you are enjoying yourself.
will talk to you soooooon. i don't know when the internet is getting fixed. baba was saying next tuesday, but let's see ke huncha.
Navin said…
i'm calling BABA and requesting him, " please please please.. fix the internet.. Prenu is having hard time not writing her blog in time ">> ehehhehe

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