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Anatomy of a BlackHole

The most intriguing and mysterious phenomenon of the universe is a BLACKHOLE. Often known as the remainders of the dead stars ,black hole has unimaginable gravitational force where even a light cannot escape. To understand Blackhole, i've a small animation (inside) which will make anyone have clear understanding of a Black hole and the theories behind it. CLICK HERE FOR THE BLACKHOLE ANIMATION and DESCRIPTION ON IT

if i was born 10 years before...

if i was born 10 years before my age would have been 24 it would have been best day of my life when i would marry her and make my wife The way she looks way she walks i love everything cause she rocks her black long hair and that charming face when she's near the heart beat escalates but i don't know who is guilty here to send me on earth after long year though i like i can't love her it is so bitter but this is the truth i can't get what i prefer i really hate this...... :: if i was born 10 years later i would have been 4 and that's better it would've been carefree life for sure, this cute little girl making me allured i really like the way she dances the feeling is different of these trances i can't stop staring though i want to her lovely smile riveting it's damn cool but i don't know who should i blame for this i am 14 now she wants to be my lil sis though i like i can't love her it is so bitter but this is the truth i can't get what i

Internet BlackOUT within few years

Researchers say that within few years, Internet could reach at one certain state where it couldn't handle any data transfer at all. That means, we wouldn't be able to surf internet at all. If we see back to those old days and just think for a moment, how internet has been evolved, then as Google said once, internet was not really designed for TV. I mean, it was just a page and the links to another pages and so, which was termed as 'hypertext'. Gradually, images,sounds and animation started to take over the internet world. With this, different web applications appeared and recently wide implementation of Flash on Internet has changed that face of internet. With this flash scripting technology, people are sharing enormous amount of videos and movies online. YouTube is one example. Millions of hits(videos gets downloaded/uploaded) every day for videos. There are companies which broadcasts streaming TV and audio(music/fm etc) online. With the rise of peer-to-peer, people

My first ever driving lesson

Everytime,everything you do, starts from first attempt or say every new thing you try/do is first time for you. And more and more repititive attempt makes you perfect in everything. But there is a different taste and amusement in your everything first time. You'll never feel that amusement in second times and gradually, it fades out. I felt that zeal yesterday, that was concoction of fear,excitement and hastiness. I really love to try newthings in life. And, i'll keep doing that for ever. The point:::-- Yesterday, i took a driving lesson from my father. And, i drove around a mile back and forth. This was my first time driving ever. I hadn't touch steering before. But somehow I managed to drive for 1 mile(veterans, please don't laugh at me ). I still have so many things to learn. First I really need to build my confidence and i'm sure that eventually, it'll grow. Next time, i won't be that scared. I took a lot of online help on driving before i actually

My RoboPet

I've always been fascinated by robots. And, it's great esteem to own my first robotic pet. May be the robotic toy that right now,i'm talking about is not new but few years old. Because, i saw it then in "Biswa Ghatna"(local nepalese TV Program) about this robotic toy. Back then, it was awesome but still when i bought it today, it's awesome. There were other Robotic toys(robosapiens and so) which were very expensive to own and could be programmed through PC from USB port. Being dog lover, i chose RoboPet. RoboPet is name for Robotic Dog. The things i liked about it is, it can virtually do all things that a real dog can do except pee and shit. I really had a great fun trying to understand and play around with it. In fact, i didn't have any intention to purchase this thing. It was a sudden buy because, we were searching for gifts for my aunt's daughter whose birthday was today. So, we purchased this thing for her actually, and i thought to buy one for m

Something about Cellphone

Cellphone is ubiquitous. Without Cellphone, it's hard to keep in touch with your family and friends. I discussed about mobile technology before. Lets discuss about the cellphone itself and it's jargons. 1. Bell Labs conceived the idea fo the cellular phone in 1947. 2. Citizens of Norway can submit their tax forms by SMS. 3. Catholics in the Philipines are not allowed to confess their sins via text messaging because the Bishps feel that e-mail and fax confessions are not secure enough. 4. The Nokia 5160 series included an edition with Disney charaters Mickey,Minnie,Goofy, and Donald. 5. CDMA technology uses multiple channels simultaneously. It does this by assigning each user a code that is used in the multiplexing of data. 6. Michael Faraday's exhaustive research into whether space could conduct electricity had an incalculable effect on cellular phone development. 7. Cell phones went public in 1997, when Chicago began public cell phone trials with 2000 customers. Ja

My first Hiking and Thanks Giving day

Today, it's Thursday. And it was wonderful Thanks Giving day. BUT... early in the morning, we thought to go for hiking on the mountains. Well, the venue was located to 20 miles away west from our residence.It's called Wilder Range State Park. We drove for 10 minutes and we reached there. I looked up and it was huge mountain. I was told that we have to hike back and forth that mountain. It was almost 4 hours walk. At first, i was so reluctant to hike that long but once i started, i couldn't stop myself and wished i could hike second time too. It was wonderful wonderful experience today. We walked all the way from the ground to up up on the mountain, we crossed from the jungles and walked on and on. The energy was immense because of the beautiful weather and the aroma inside the woods. That kept me walking without a weariness. I even took a short run for approximately 500 meters. My father was bit astonished to see my energy level. During the whole hiking, i was the first wal

Write in Nepali without Nepali Unicode installed

Google Indic Transliteration service helps us to convert Roman characters to the Devanagari characters used both in Hindi and Nepali. Though this Indic Transliteration is mainly based on Hindi devnagari, it's undoubtedly useful for converting into Nepali devanagari too since both hindi and nepali have the same syllabic script for writing. Therefore, it's useful for us(Nepali) too. The usefulness of this online Indic Transliteration is that you don't have to go through the hassles of installing Nepali unicode software. So, anyone without Nepali Unicode too can use this service and start writing in Nepali. You type words phonetically in English script and it would get correctly trasliterated. For example: typing 'Mero' would be मेरो. In addition to that,if the word is not what you desired, you'll be prompted to select most probable words you are trying to write. It's way too good. I tried other online unicode writer, but found this one quite useful. Thats it.

What happens if a Meteor hits Earth

This one is real scary imagination. What happens if an oversized meteor hits earth? Please have big breathe before watching it. I think whoever did this, they rightly calculated the catastrophe it would bring. May be the entire dinosaurs era were wiped out because of some incident like this. Japanese Documentary on what happenes if Meteor hits Earth

My Google PageRank!!!

Did you know who are the masterminds behind google? Well,.. it's Larry Page and( i forgot the another name... )Serjey Brin( after little google search, i found Brin ) PageRank is named after Larry Page and he's the one who first thought of the first sleek super search engine. Anyway, to get detail idea on Page Rank's working pattern, again.. GOOGLE it. But, if i've to describe briefly, Page Rank shows how popular your site on the basis of number assigned to it. Google's pagerank is limited to numeral value of upto 10. If some sites have 7/10 PR, they are extremely popular. and someone has 0/10, that site is not popular and not optimized for google. I can't say that for just released sites. There is exception for newly launched sites. PR has to be earned, it's not something to be assigned or given. If my site has unique visitors growing day by day and the backlinks to my site is not fake but quality content-rich, then my PR will grow. High numbered PR also sh

ERD Commander 2005

When Winternals launched ERD Commander 2005, it was the PC technician's best friend. It is still PC technician's best friend. What can ERD Commander 2005 do? ERD Commander, as i wrote earlier, is a set of tools used to repair PC refusing to boot(Be it Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/Vista). ERD Commander gives access to all the files on a non-working PC. With this, one can recover the precious files to other storage media. There are various tools which are the most important ones to take care of corrupted file system. Where can i get it? Winternals(a company)once existed and it used to sell ERD Commander 2005 as it's product. Now, Winternals offerings are no longer available for purchase. Because, Microsoft purchased the company. However, you can download(approx 62 MB) it (ERD Commander 2005) from the links below: OR Once you get the file, unrar it and burn the image iso file into CD using N

अमेरीका अनुभव

नेपाल फोन गर्ने थरि थरिका माध्यमहरु छन । ति मध्य धेरै मैले पत्ता लाइ सक्या छु । यदा कदा साझा डट्कम मा समेत यस बारे छलफल गर्या भेटीन्छ । मेरो पहिलो कार्ड Link to ALL बडो राम्रो थियो, तर तब सम्म जब तेस्ले काम गर्नै छोड्यो । मरी मरी ५ डलर हालेर एउटा कार्ड किन्यो, ४० मिनट कुरो गर्‍यो खत्तम ! अझ मोबाईल मा गर्ने हो भने त १५ मिनट ! भन्न चाँही यि मोरा हरु ले you have 5 dollars र for this call you have 1 hour 27 minutes remaining भन्ने रे, दिन चाँही आधा भन्दा कम ! थरि थरि का कार्ड चहारियो, rocket, international, star, india call, asia call के के हो के के ! कल् गर्दै जाने क्रम मा मैले एक दिन ज्ञान प्राप्ती गर्या भएर, यस् बारे तपाईं सबै लाइ बाडी हालौ न त भनेर यो शिर्षक लेख्या हो । calling card चलाऊन मैले उहिले नै बन्द गरी सक्या छु । अचेल yahoo messsanger जोडयो, webcam र mic जोडयो, अनि धित मर्ने गरी कुरो गर्‍यो, अब कहिले काही computer नै उचालेर फालौ जस्तो त लाग्छ नि तर के गर्नु, पैसो पर्या कुरो ! खासै भन्ने हो भन पैसो चाँही सुको पर्या होइन ! मेरो पहिलो फ्री खाट जस्तै यो कम्प्युटर पनि फ्री मै आ हो

Gmail Inbox mails dissappearing mysteriously

Jeneane Sessum writes in her blog that her Gmail inbox has been completely wiped out. Is it technical flaw or something else? It's not only Jeneane Sessum, but there is a entire thread and forum dedicated to discuss why people's Gmail inbox mails are dissappearing. To get more idea on it, .. check Sessum's blogpost here :

How to save yourself from phishing scam and other online crookedness

One day a businessman Mr. Hari Sir(who doesn't have much grip on computers) who used computer for accessing his online bank details,checking important mails and market survey, found his password is not letting him inside his accounts. Out of frustrations, he tried everything possibly he could imagine and do but to no avail. Could you imagine situation like this?? When our personal informations, login details are no more secured and could be easily compromised. Around a week ago, all of a sudden, my brother's email address stopped responding to his regular password which he usually checks in with. The computer he had used was the secured one,because i personally set up all the firewalls and latest updates on antivirus software which turned out to be of useless crap. How were his passwords stolen? Recently, Alicia Keys Myspace account had been an issue here. Whoever visited her profile on Myspace and clicked somewhere on the page, were taken to forged infected site which aske

Microsoft Surface

Backed by 25 years old technology 'Multi-touch' limited to only selected groups and organisations, Microsoft is planning to launch something big commercially in coming days. It's called Microsoft surface. Announced on May 29,2007 at D5 conference, Microsoft is planning to make it available in the global market scenario by the spring,2008. When i first heard and read about this technology, i was so tempted to use it and i still have that wish to see this technology in use, someday..umm.. Microsoft Surface - How It Works Surface is essentially a Windows Vista PC tucked inside a black table base, topped with a 30-inch touchscreen in a clear acrylic frame. Five cameras that can sense nearby objects are mounted beneath the screen. Users can interact with the machine by touching or dragging their fingertips and objects such as paintbrushes across the screen, or by setting real-world items tagged with special barcode labels on top of it. Microsoft Surface (Codename: Milan),

Printer Storage!!!

I used to have an old damaged printer. I wish i could have put it into some use. What other uses could an old useless printer have?? (Please click 'read more' link below for more) VOILA!!! src:

Seagate ships virus-laden hard drives

If you bought one of Seagate's Maxtor Basics consumer hard drives recently, check it for viruses. Especially if you're a gamer. Seagate is warning that a "small number" of its Maxtor Basics Personal Storage 3200 hard drives recently shipped with the Virus.Win32.AutoRun.ah virus , malicious software that "searches for passwords for online games and sends them to a server located in China," according to a note posted on the Seagate Web site. Only drives purchased since August 2007 are affected, Seagate said. The hard drive maker is blaming an unnamed subcontractor, located in China, for the problem. Seagate said it learned about the problem from anti-virus vendor Kaspersky Lab. According to published reports, Seagate has had problems with Maxtor Basics drives sold over the past few months in the Netherlands and Taipei . On Monday, the Taipei Times reported that Taiwanese distributor Xander International had discovered that 1,800 Maxtor Basics 500GB hard dr

My past Weekend!!!

Past weekend, i had a BLAST. It was the most funfilled moments in Santa Cruz. From home, we drove to BigShur. BigShur was around 2 and half hours drive from home(Chestnut). The only thing it surprised me is that BigShur is a town but it didn't look like a town for me. There were houses,small motels,shops which looked like some temporary spots on turnouts but i was wrong. It were these small shops and motels near main roads, on every half mile which as a whole was town. Before i went to Bigshur, i was thinking it must be settled on wide valley like ground surrounded by small beautiful mountains. That wasn't the truth. Oh.. before heading to BigShur, whole day, we enjoyed our lunch at our relatives. Deejay and Sonam were two cute bro and sis with whom i passed quite entertaining time. They were both bright and funny. Andd.. later, in the evening back to home, i did enjoy at fun park which is just 15 minutes walk away from home. I finally touched the sea. wheww.. it's cold...t

Everything about Telephony

These are really interesting facts about how the information and communication technology has evolved. Starting from Car-Sized mobile telephone to now slimmer than pencil width and shorter than palm,cellular phone, is something to really wonder about. Let's operate how it has evolved and what are the terms and technology used till date. 1. A soft modem is software that performs modem functions using the computer's CPU rather than in modem hardware. 2. A Yagi antenna, also known as a Yagi-Uda array or simply a Yagi, is a unidirectional antenna commonly used in communications when a frequency is above 10 MHz 3. Bluesnarfing is the theft of information from a wireless device through a Bluetooth connection. 4. Bluejacking is the practice of sending messages between mobile users using a Bluetooth wireless connection. 5. In computer jargon,'cocooning' is the act of hiding oneself from the normal social environment , which may be perceived as unfriendly or unwelcome. 6


Set out on July, 2005, BIGNEPAL has left an impact among all the Nepalese living abroad and within the country. It is acting as the network hub among all Nepalese who are spread out of their motherland. Interestingly, BIGNEPAL as an internet domain has been created by a Nepali living in United Kingdom. We, Nepalese, always love our country irrespective of corrupted leaders ruling our country and defaming it's all good values. BIGNEPAL has stood it's ground on this regard. So, what is BIGNEPAL? Good question. BIGNEPAL, literally, is a domain (as i wrote earlier) To write about, well, it's the concoction of every online activities one could be involved into online. There is a reason behind this. To bring all Nepalese into one place, to share our Ideas,knowledge, to make new friends, to promote Nepali connection worldwide utilizing the latest technology available and so. That doesn't mean, it's not limited to Nepalese only, anyone who love

My another rambling on Halloween

This post is supposed to be made on Nov 1 but i got little disoriented due to my other businesses in real life. Trick or Treat!!! this is one single phrase that is so popular among people during Halloween season(Halloween is always on Oct 31, no matter on which day it falls). I really have no precise idea on what Halloween is and why it is celebrated(i think one can search wiki for that). I'm sharing my own experience of this festival here in Santa Cruz. I even don't know how it's celebrated all across the United States. One thing i came to know though, is that it's not limited to USA only. I mean other people from other countries also celebrate this festival like UK,Some European Country,etc. What i saw is people put the Pumpkin outside their houses,pumpkin carved in such a way that it looks like some funny smiling character. Obviously it's made hollow from inside and dim candle light lit inside, it's clear after evening. Kids wander around their known ones ho