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Google Operators List

Looking at Bittertruth bro's post about Google search i felt the itch to list all the operators i know. I hope this will be of some help to people who want to know further after reading the Navin bro's post . Operators for Google Search site: Used to search within a site. You can see deatils about this operator in Navin's post. cache: Used for searching cached version of a site. Details in Navin's post. link: To search pages which point to specific URL. If you search then your results will show pages that contain the URL filetype: or ext: These two operators are use to search for specific file types. If you search for Nepalinux filetype:odt the search will show open office document containing Nepalinux info: or id: These are preety handy operator as you can search many information regarding a Website. If you search for then you will see results that include the cache of meroguff ,similar pages like meroguff, page

How do you use Google search??

Google is ubiquitous. I still remember the day when I first searched on Google. It was in it's infancy and what grabbed my attention was it's simplicity and faster search results. Before Google, I was engaged with Altavista. Altavista had that huge directory like yellow/brownish interface and It was quite an overwhelming for starter where to start and search. Today, when we mean searching something online, Google has become the standard for searching. Though it looks so simple and vulnerable, overtime, it has grown to become as huge as 'kragen', it's tentacles have reached to that extent that to reach there, We've to furnish our searching skill even more. I still consider myself not an advanced searcher but I don't hesitate calling myself beyond the normal searcher. I've seen people searching on google with simple keywords. Most of young people search internet for music and if they want some bands mp3 to download, what they do typically is for ex: &q

Do you like rainy season?

Past few days, It's been raining here. And, it's just raining. I don't like rainy seasons I dunno why but whoever I asked, I've never met someone who has said he/she doesn't like rain. May be I'm the only guy who doesn't like rain. It hailed sometimes .. bad weather, I don't like it(view from my place) But, today, it did stop for few hours. After a tiresome trip to San hose and back to home, I took my usual evening walk and roamed around the Wharf. I saw Sea Otter floating on the water trying to break some sort of shell,may be for it's dinner which it might have picked from the surface below the sea. And, a Sea bird trying to steal it's prey, that was awesome and I managed to capture it in my camera. Hope you guys like it. That's how I spent weekend today. Back to home rushing, it was drizzling and now, by the time I'm writing this post, it's hell of a rain outside. Damn!! I hate rains. Bunch of Sea Lions at the Wharf, taking res

The Legend of the PINK LADY aka the Umbrella Man in Santa Cruz

The very first time, I came here in Santa Cruz,CA few months ago, I did notice one very eccentric person slowly walking in downtown,pacific avenue back and forth. He's walking just inch by inch and anyone would guess that to cover 100 meter distance, It would take whole day for him. When I first saw him/her, I couldn't figure out if He is He or She but later I was told it's HE who always dresses up in Pink colored clothing. He's therefore called the Pink Lady. Since, there is a pink umbrella with him all the time, he's also known as Pink Umbrella Man of Santa Cruz. I didn't care much before because I thought he was just another Whacko. But around a week ago, I saw a cartoon published on local news paper on him and I was thinking 'wow, he's on newspaper and people makes money by drawing his cartoon, wow'. ... Just a few days ago, I walked with my friend to downtown and suddenly the Pink Lady became our topic of discussion. From her, I came to know

Extra-ordinary moon from North Pole

Today, I was having a little chit-chat with my father and unconditionally he showed me one photo. The photo was like from some dreamland. I couldn't believe it. He told me that, that was how Moon looks from north pole. Upon asking more, he told me that his friend gave him the photo and he collected it as souvenir. I just couldn't believe. Because, I felt, if moon came that near to earth, then only God knows what would happen next. I've never ever seen the moon of that size and I've never been taught that moon would look that big from some part of the earth. I searched on Internet and I found the exact photo(which is below). We all know that in North Pole, there sun never sets for whole 6 months. And, I found people writing that the following picture has been taken during the month of June in North Pole, where sun is getting ready to go down. And, that Magnificent view of Moon was captured. That was their views. Quite convincing!! This is how moon looks from north pole d

I announce my New Blog

Past few days, I was busy as dog to start my new blog. Actually, the domain name was bought around a year ago and since then, I just experimented with it with nothing useful to tell about. I was actively participating in this blog of mine(meroguff) and still I am. Now on, I'll be maintaining two blogs at a time. Meroguff will be more focused on everything related to tech,fun,reviews,gossips and so, whereas will be strictly and strictly related to tech only and I'm glad to see that within a week of working on it, I'm getting lots of visitors. I didn't even promote my blog at all and visitors are already flocking in. I submitted my blog to one blog network site today and it's waiting for approval. I'll do this in coming days with other network sites too and I'm sure, will draw the attention of many. visitor stat,today The major difference between Meroguff and would be

How to recover data from your computer

Ramola's computer was working fine yesterday. But this morning, her computer stopped working. What she saw on her computer screen was just dark blank screen. Nothing, not even a BIOS details. What could've gone wrong? She called his friend Kevin, who's bit techie. He visited her leaving all his work. He checked her PC and finally told her, her motherboard's capacitor is dead. She was worried about her data on her harddrive which were more important to her. She wanted them at any cost. Kevin took out her harddrive which fortunately was working, Kevin backed up all the data off the harddrive,burnt it into some optical medias. He even changed her new motherboard and luckily same drive worked for her without hassles. Ramola had to pay some $100 dollars just for getting her data backed-up. But how did he do that? I want to thank Jim Owens for providing me with his best selling ebook called 'How to recover data from harddrive' and thanks Jim for letting me distribute

Do you watch Wrestling TV Channels (WWE,RAW,TNA..)?

I love wrestling as a game and I've learned myself many trick moves just watching them. I thought it was only me, but seeing this video below, I'm proved wrong. This thug didn't know that the victim was a diehard wrestling fan(who gives him nice backdrop). Thank you for reading. Keep checking for more stuff.

Smart buyers buy at SAVEBUCKET

Hey, how much do you pay for any products in the market? Do you pay whatever it's labeled on products?? I've faced many awkward situations when I really wanted to buy something but didn't have enough money to spend on. Later, it's no where in the Market and while sitting on the couch one evening, I read news of low price sale of the same product. Moreover, (jeez), it's somewhere getting sold, not even in my nearest retail marketplace. You really gotta see my face at that time. My intention is not to presume that there are all people as unfortunate as me, however, if you are not seller, then the situation I've mentioned must have come through your life at one time. I bet on that. With the advent of e-commerce technology, millions of people shop online. Many of them are paying just like the way, I've mentioned in above paragraph. Paying retail price. My focus is to let my readers know about how effective it would be if we get the same products at much much low

My consolidated views on Gaming History

Be it kid or old, everyone loves games. No matter how professional they are in their field or to which extent they pretend as mature or grown up, there is a kid always inside who become kid with their kids playing games. Do you remember playing Pacman or say Tetris for hours? What about Super Mario in Mushroom Land? These are my all time favorites which just run fine on my cellphone's game emulator, now. Just trying to recall how these wonderful games have been developed overtime. I grew up playing mario on NES system then. Gradually, the 8 bit gaming changed to 16 bit ,to 32 bit and so. When I recall those days, it really makes me feel go back to that time and have fun again,whatever.. ..In 1952, A.S. Douglas created the first graphical computer game. It was a version of Tic-Tac-Toe , programmed on the EDSAC vaccum-tube computer, which had a cathode ray tube dsiplay. It wasn't truly a computer game but William Higginbotham created what might have been the first vdeo game, in

Ashop Commerce

People do pay the cost for owning a web host space/services/features and domain name. In addition to that, they are burdened with extra expenses for setting up their site,putting flesh and muscles to it. Believe it or not, the money they pay to some professionals to set the site up, it's exorbitantly much much more than they pay for owning the space and domain space. Some are adventurous enough trying to figure out things themselves and they try to setup online store for themselves. That's the invitation to the lots of troubles,time wastage,headaches,not properly working site interface, unprofessional look et cetera. Why am i writing all these?? Because, one can't deny the existence of online business. If you buy things from ebay and amazon, then you are already acquainted with the power of e-business. Do you think you can't make sites like one of them?? Do you think you'll have to spend thousands of dollars trying to learn how to setup online stores like that? Well

"The Web bot project " and the year 2012

Did you know that each word you type and save on your blogs or forums or discussion boards (wherever on Internet), you are contributing to shape the future. I,as a blogger, felt good that when I was enlightened with a wisdom that I'm at least helping to create prophecies. You too are contributing. Be it Nostradamus or Einstein, they had always been foretelling future(based on their mathematics and calculation)that was far way beyond their times. It's still subject matter of controversy that things closely turned out as of their predictions. If you ask me, when I study their analysis to present context, It forces me to believe all those controversies, all those predictions, all those prophecies. Once I read some predictions of Nostradamus where he wrote somewhere about the demise of entire humankind but before that he'd written some of the things like humankind has to go through terrible phases like incurable disease, losing self-conscience, disaster, natural calamities et


Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) is organising the 14th Can Info Tech 2008 from January 29 to February 3 at the Birendra International Convention Centre (BICC). At a press conference Friday, President of CAN Biplav Man Singh said that the event would contribute to highlight the importance of Information Technology (IT) and also generate widespread awareness regarding its benefits among the general masses. Singh said that most of the countries were able to enhance the trade sector in the global market via the effective use of IT. 'We should adopt the new and latest IT which has immense potential to link the business and trade sector competitively in the international market," he added. He said that Japan, Korea, India and other IT related company would participated at the event along with their own new and latest IT. General Secretary of CAN Rajan Raj Pant said that more than 3,00,000 visitors were expected to visit the event. A total 279 stalls are available at the exh

The World's thinnest notebook "Apple MacBook Air "

Few days ago, Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs unveiled his latest Macbook series notebook called 'Apple Macbook Air'. Never showed much interest on Apple products other than Apple iPhone, this Apple Mackbook Air is even more astonishingly thinnest notebook I've every seen till date. Steve Jobs announced that Apple Macbook Air would even fit inside a normal Envelope and when he said/showed that, It was unbelievable. It was extremely thin and when measured it's almost somewhere between 0.16 - 0.76 inch. It's not even an inch. According to him, other so-called thinnest notebooks have compromised on display(low display screen),keyboard(resulting miniature keyboard),processing power(low processing speed), and so to achieve their kind of thinness on their notebooks. But, his Apple Macbook Air delivers all latest features with no compromise on anything. Apple Macbook Air specifications are as follows: - 0.16-0.76 inches thickness - 13.3 inch widescreen backlit displa

Buy Quality speakers at Half the price

I came across a site called which is selling quality loudspeakers at about half the price than retailers do. You may be wondering why half the price than retailers because, they are directly dealing with consumers cutting off all the middleman involved within. And, It helps in saving extra money to spend and I think it's very nice offer for consumers like us who is looking for great quality speakers at reduced price. They're no less than other big names in retail markets. The same speakers would cost double the price at retail than this site is offering. And, I'm planning to get one for me. Since, I don't have one good speaker for my computer right now, I'm planning to get one of the PC speakers for myself. One of these are most suitable for me and quite affordable too. People looking for other kind of speakers like Bookshelf speakers , In Wall Speakers , Outdoor speakers etc are also available. In fact, if you visit their site, - An online backgammon is about all time favorite Backgammon board game. Roll the dice and may be you are the next rich guy in your town if luck is with you. Yeap, this online backgammon lets you have the maximum probability of being winner if you play it virtually with other thousands of available players online. If you think you are lucky or even if you think you are not, but want to give one try, this is for you. The only thing that drew my attention about this site is that it's for online play. I mean, you are not limited with one particular area or group of people or so, in fact you can play with players from all around the globe. The horizon has expanded with the advent of online gaming. And truly, gammon-world exceeds the expectations. If you are wondering where to start, how to start, don't worry. Just download their software which is at their main page, it's quick and as soon as you install and launch the program, register yourself. It's one simple step. The sof

Entrecard really made me write some words

Entrecard is a site which according to them acts like a real business card but for online world of bloggers. You just drop your card to whichever blog you visit and blogger behind the blog will get you noticed. It's been almost 2 weeks for me ever since I used Entrecard. The response is good. Besides, the blog has to be the Entrecard member to be able to drop or get dropped. Signup is a cakewalk. The fuel of Entrecard is the entrecard credits. When you signup, you'll start with zero credit and to earn credit, it's simple. Drop your card to every blog which is displaying Entrecard Widget. Each drop you make, you'll earn one credit. So, if you drop your card to 100 blogs daily, you'll earn 100 credits daily. Simple!! It seems quite hectic and time consuming though. Now, advertising plays the role to earn quick credits. If some advertisers come and place their adverts on you, you'll have to approve the advert request. By doing so, you'll earn some quick entreca

Computer Education in Nepal

Now the world is progressing much more in science and technology. This is the 21st century where the demand of the technology is more. Information technology made the world smaller and smaller because people can access the whole world from one part of the world. They can shop and get information of the world with one click. Our country Nepal is quite developing in Information Technology. Nowadays in Nepal different college have started teaching information technology courses to the students. From these courses, student can compete with the international market in IT field. Nowadays, from class II computer education are given to the students in some schools. But the education system of our country is aged. The courses that have been collapsed from the international market are being used in our schools and colleges. To participate in international market, our education system should be changed and the new system should be raised. From class II to Bachelor level students get bored learnin

Ask ' 2008 US Presidential candidates ' techy way

Found a really neat interesting site which will actually try to tell you things about 2008 US Presidential election. If you are planning to think who is right or who is wrong or If already have best candidates in your mind, may be you would like to think..umm one more time .. by chatting with 2008 US Presidential candidates online?? Backed by artificial intelligence(AI) software based on Zabaware's award winning Ultra Hal engine, the site has been incorporated with transcripts of all the presidential debates thus far. If you are discouraged to find that this is not even a real chat session with the candidates(when i wrote 'techy way', i really meant that jeez), don't worry, all the answers you need/get are as authenticated as you've imagined. The candidates on the site will be bot and they'll answer your questions. Select with whom you want to start dialog,hit your questions and there you are. I found this interesting because

Born Genius - Extraordinarily Gifted child

Today, i'm posting something out of topic. My topic today is about very unique yet normal human beings. Someone truly has set a notion "Some are born Genius". And, i agree with that. I mean, these extraordinary human beings are none other than the people at their very early ages. I really really wonder how did they achieve such a talents which require ages/years of practice and dedication. For other, it's just a child's play but for child,a mere 6 years old kid himself/herself?? indeed for them too, it's a child's play either. And, when that happens, they usually draw attention of many and we start to think themselves as some gifted people, as some prodigies.. I'm featuring some 7 young talents from hundreds. They are very unique and you'd love to see them. Chelsea, 6 years old is a great pianist. She doesn't need any notes to look at and play. Indeed an extremely talented girl. Richard Sandrak,now 11 but, something

Flickr is having a massage

I was about to check the referral image to Flickr and when i tried to open, Flickr is like having a massage. Ha ha ha, what a humorous way to make people feel good even if they don't see their photos hotlinking to their sites/blogs. This downtime normally won't last more than an hour(may be few hours) to my knowledge and i was fortunate enough to experience their downtime. Whatever, it just made me laugh when i saw that ' Flickr is having a massage ' ha ha ha. what an imperative way of implying they are having technical difficulties/server maintenance/data center moving blah blah blah. Whatever, i liked their idea. what do you say?

Chinese blogger murdered

Chinese government officials(city inspectors) beat to death a Chinese blogger(Wei Wenhua,41) who filmed their confrontation with villager in Central China. This has created a kind of flaming issue in Chinese Internet Chatrooms and forums condemning the cowardly act. And, this has alarmed the advocates of press freedom. An international press freedom group, Reporters Without Borders, protested the killing. "Wei is the first 'citizen journalist' to die in China because of what he was trying to film," the group said in a statement. "He was beaten to death for doing something which is becoming more and more common and which was a way to expose law-enforcement officers who keep on overstepping their limits." In the response, it is said government fired all those involved into the incidents and informed further investigations are running. Wei Wenhua(blogger) A scuffle developed when residents tried to prevent trucks from unloading the rubbish, local news(Xinhua) s

Build Your Life Over My Ashes

Life couldnt be harsher and i have no reasons left to live Fear of death exist no more and i have no emotions left to feel Break me into millon pieces and burn my rotten soul Or throw me into burning flames throug a millon meter hole Not that i am leaving you feel me within Build your life over my ashes to forgive all my sins My shadow is scary because it reflects me in my own eyes your pain i can see take my sahdow away from me even though i will feel cold poke my eyes till i cant see where to hold Not that i am leaving you feel me within Build your life over my ashes to forgive all my sins Stop my breathing till i suffocate and die And leave my corpse to rot and to be eaten by the beast of the skies Make my death painful still no pain i will feel Cut me into pices so your wounds can heal Not that i am leaving you feel me within Build your life over my ashes to forgive all my sins Poem by Nirav aka Speed

Sir Edmund Hillary died at the age of 88

Sir Edmund Hillary,88, was rushed to Auckland City Hospital(New Zealand) after a heart attack but passed away this morning at 9 am. He was the great adventurer and humanitarian who set the world's first ever record together with Nepalese Mr. Tenzing Norgay Sherpa to scale Earth's Highest Peak Mt. Everest(Sagarmatha) in 1953. Sir Edmond Hillary Right now, New Zealand is in deep shock and paying tribute to him. He was a hero of New Zealanders and everyone in the country considered him as a role model. He often described himself as a modest guy but we know he is the emblem of great bravery. He ended the debate of who reached the summit first by revealing things in his book 'View from the Summit' where he'd written things which he publicly denied to say. "I continued cutting a line of steps upwards," he wrote. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa "Next moment I had moved on to a flattish exposed area of snow with nothing but space in every directi

New Improved Nokia N95 coming soon in America

Nokia N95, a strong contender to Apple iPhone, is coming in American markets with a bang. Nokia announced, the optimized version of the popular Nokia N95 will carry a feature to support 850/1900 MHz (HSDPA)high speed downlink packet access. With that, high-speed connectivity will be possible even on Mobile phone which equals or even exceeds the speed of home aDSL connection at some point. So, i would suggest people to try N95 since it has now 3.5G standard. Some Asian and European markets already have N95 with 3G standard where they could use the video telephone services at ease. But with this new 3.5G protocol based Nokia N95 targetted for America's market, it seems obvious that there will be some impact very soon on mobile phone markets. Features-wise, Nokia N95 comes bundled with 5 megapixel camera Carl Zeiss optics lens,one-click access to Flickr and Vox,8GB of internal flash memory, a 3D graphics processor with ability to play all latest N-Gage 3D games, GPS, and a 3 inch QVG - One step ahead in personal home care and nursing services

Anyone looking for home care,nursing services for themselves or their beloved family members or relatives has better option i.e provides extensive services related with home care and nursing options. With it, one can find the nearest home care/nursing solution near his locality and get the care options that are available. Either the person needs special medical attention or just some residential care, he/she can be adjusted on any care options according to his choice. Be it Residential care or Nursing homes, it's based totally upon the willingness of oneself to choose from. Just visit , enter your zipcode and you'll be shown the nearest home care destinations. That way one can easily search for care homes that fits special requirements. Thats why is also a comprehensive care homes search engine and a great source of vital information on social care. It also has options based on finances. If some

Latest MSN messenger Worm/virus spreading like wildfire

What are MSN messenger Worms? How to recognize them? How to remove them? How to prevent them? What are MSN messenger Worms? Any kind of worms/virus spreading through the use of Microsoft's IM client Windows Live Messenger/Msn Messenger, is MSN messenger worms/Virus. Normally what happens is if the system is infected with MSN messenger worms/virus, the only threat is that user's information is at risk. Previously, I've seen vicious worms which could transmit the data from the infected computer to worm writers. Besides, the threat level is low unless you don't share important informations across the MSN contacts. How come latest Antivirus softwares are not detecting them? Antivirus is not always the solution for variant nature of worms/virus which use IM networks(protocol). I'm writing variant nature, because, everytime, the worm writer puts the new name to it's worm. So, the worm gets new name more often and it goes undetected even by latest Antivirus softwares.