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Wipe your harddrive files permanently

ND Data Wiper is one hellava light-weight but very efficient software to delete data permanently from windows. I've reviewed many softwares like this. This one is awesome addition to the list. Give a try to this software. Select drive and scan it, you'll see zombie files that you thought were deleted. What the heck? You know, this is really helpful if you are disposing your old computer and getting new one. Even if you format your old harddrive, with professional tools it's still possible for someone to take a peek onto your old files and stuffs. Look at the screenshot above? It just found the files that were deleted permanently. Now, with this software you can actually delete them permanently in real. I don't want to limit you with this only piece of software, make sure to search for efficient tool in coming days, when you think of disposing your old computer and it's data for real. If that's a whole lotta hassles, destroy your working old harddrive.

Highway to speedy computing experience

Unarguably, today's world is hooked up. Every computer that is sold gets connected to super information highway instantaneously. Gone are the days, when someone bought one and put it as a showcase putting not much into use except some gaming,office printing and stuff like that. World is changing, everything is dynamic. Now, even small electronic devices are hooked up to vague network of information galaxy. GPS,gaming devices,cellphones are just the mere examples. Now, nothing is left disconnected. Most people are still not happy with the ways how they are connected to this information highway. The war of Internet browsers and ever-speeding changing in Operating Systems, need for upgrades and the cost that it comes with while tackling these new things are hard to manage and sometimes, we've to live with it. Few weeks ago, I posted a video which is satirical on how rapidly a consumer has to face a computer upgrades. It's only consumer who suffers most. That was that point

Experience Tabbed Windows Explorer

We've seen tabbed browser windows. So far I remember, Opera started the concept and later on other browsers like Firefox,IE and their variants followed the same. Firefox did surely proliferated the easiness of tabbed browsing. QTTabBar is one dynamic software for every window user using Windows Explorer. Sure enough it is influenced from tabbed browsing concept. But QTTabBar is all about the tabbed exploring of your files and folders within Windows Environment. QTTabBar works exactly the same way like those tabs in Firefox. You can close Tab,duplicate tab and more. This simple freeware tool when installed will definitely increase your efficiency. No more separate windows and cluttered taskbar. Windows has it's 'Group Similar Icon' feature to unclutter the taskbar but that's pathetic in front of QTTabBar in terms of usuability. Lets discuss how to use QTTabBar and what it can do for you. (You can download freeware QTTabBar from here .) After you've downl

How to surf Internet on your Desktop computer using your GPRS enabled phone

Not a blog as wholesome, but one single page of my old blog managed to draw over whopping 19,000 unique hits(and growing). I was astounded to see this figure and learned that this particular page has actually become extremely search engine friendly page. The page that I'm talking about is below: Click here to check my extremely popular old blog link I wrote an article about 'how to connect GPRS enabled phone to Computer or Laptop' from my then local phone company's prospect. And lots of people are searching the same keywords which land them to my old blog page. I get tons of emails asking me how to connect their mobile phone to laptop and so. I've to answer them and usually refer them to my old blog page when I'm too busy. One big mistake I did was I didn't put any image and it really made some of them not read my article and when they wanted some precise answer, they reached me through mails and comment box. I've been writing them back to read my that a

Thai Cuisine and Culinary service in Santa Cruz and Bay Area

Besides fixing computer and networking issues as part-time work, I also do design web sites and stuff like that. Recently, I got so occupied with one project that I even forgot to respond those valued mails that I receive daily as compliments seeking my advice. I really get lost when it comes to track mails. It's now regular 20-30 emails(not spam) seeking some sort of my attention. I'm sorry if you're reading this message and I urge you not to feel ignored. As usual, I'm deviating from the main topic. Talking about the recent project, It's all about Thai Cuisine and recipes. I had to finish this site as soon as possible. Therefore, contributing every few minutes after work, I managed to complete it today. I wouldn't call that job done at soonest. But anyway, it's completed. When I came here, my taste buds were looking for typical hot and spicy food. Here, American foods are not so hot and even the hottest meal feels flat. That's why I usually took Mexica

Google Sued by an Italian Company

Google is a big company now. It's now almost symbolic to the term 'Internet'. Even if it's profit index is going up and down, mostly likely it's making huge turnovers every year. Needless to write, It's one of the biggest fortune companies in the world. With that written, every here and there, we read news about Google getting sued for some compensations. Sometimes, we read news like 'some couple sued Google just because they clicked their homeyard driveway picture and put it on Google maps' and sometimes Google sued for some kind of illegal content sharing on one of it's Franchise-network. I mean the reasons to sue are almost baseless and look like a way to shell out some million dollars from big fortune companies like Google(Remember?? Microsoft getting sued every here and there?? Now it's Google's Turn). Recent news about Italian media company Mediaset pressed charge against Google's Youtube for sharing their content publicly. Mediaset