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Showing posts from March, 2008 : Contact Lenses at the best price

Now and then you can hear reports about how people have got serious eye infections by wearing contact lenses , this can be very misleading since the risk of getting an eye infection by wearing contact lenses is minimal if you just use the proper instructions of handling your lenses. Some basic tips that always should be followed are: - Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses - Clean your contact lenses carefully before putting them in their lens cleaning case - Never use the lens cleaning case more then three months at the time and clean the case after every use - Never use any other type of liquid then the lens solution your optometrist have recommended - Never use contact lens when swimming - Never change the type of contact lens without consulting with your optician before. For example switching from monthly disposables lenses to daily disposables. Even though the quality of contact lenses always are improving, persons using one day disposable lenses are less likely t

Somebody paid me to hack password

I didn't know that I was totally lost within these past few weeks until someone special pinched me with her rightful words. Was I so lost? I think Yes. Last two days, it's been even more of the busiest day of the month and heck of a challenge for me. There is one financial organization located on downtown which is just some 10 minutes walk away from my residence. There is one peculiar situation and mystery out there that I'm asked to solve. One of the employees of that company, ripped off the company, stole all the cash. She knew that 4 close-circuit Cameras are constantly monitoring her. How dare she did that? That was something first stroke in my head as soon as I was briefed the whole story upon reaching the scene. I asked what was my job and they wanted me to break the password of the software of those cameras which is responsible for recording all the footages. This is something smartest thing she had done. She changed the password and nobody has access to any video re

SPAM in a Box

"Hello! my name is Sohna i saw your profile today and i became intrested in you and i will like to know more about you and if you can mail an email to my mail address i will give you my is my mail address( ) hope we can move from here.waiting for your mail to my mail address above. Sohna " Message-ID: <> Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 12:28:47 +0100 From: "Christy Dema" To: Subject: Hello! MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="----=_Part_2592_3878538.1206530927382" Return-Path: X-OriginalArrivalTime: 26 Mar 2008 11:28:54.0297 (UTC) FILETIME=[92BCB090:01C88F34] This is one of a hundred mails that I receive over the course of months. The reason I particularly chose this mail to disclose on my blog is because, it was using Gmail account as a sender's email address. The header info of this mail prove

Guaranteed Traffic for your blogs and sites

As soon as you start new blog, you need some exposure. Before that You must have one thing in mind. Initially, blogs were designed to be strictly personal, it was just like personal diary of someone. So, it can be a very personal site for writers looking to express their innermost personal thoughts. But time has changed, bloggers want readers these days, to reciprocate their views. If you choose to share your blogging thoughts, you will want a steady stream of readers for your blog to be successful. More exposure to your web blog means more readers. Therefore, start submitting your site to all search engines. Start with major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. I urge you to manually submit yours site on these 3 sites. But have you ever thought and realized how tiresome it is to submit your site/URL all over those search engines , one by one?? It's one hellava time consuming and hectic step to follow once your site/blog is setup. Here is a solution, a software to automate an

200 Ways to recover data from a crashed Hard Drive

All of a sudden your hard drive crashed, now what?? Even more, you forgot to do regular backups. It's just a few seconds away from your hairs being snatched(of course, by yourself), your face being turned pale and red. Don't worry this is an ebook which contains some 200 tried and proven methods to bring your hard drive back into life and get all your data backed-up. Download link: 200 Ways to recover data from a crashed Hard Drive

This weekend at San Francisco Golden Gate

Had a wonderful weekend as usual,captured the moments in my digicam, just back from the trip, and uploaded pictures(I usually don't like my pictures myself but anyhow, I took few of 'em and uploaded here) right away on my PC. Seems like a long time that I've been out of touch with my blog but despite my weary condition now, I'm posting..ahem(flashback).. wow.. quite an excitement to put a log of wonderful trip that I had with my family. Destinations were San Francisco(SF) Golden Gate and SF Botanical garden along with Japanese Tea Garden. SF Golden Gate is the extraordinary work of engineering done some hundreds year ago. I read some of its historical briefing out there and it's really intriguing. Spent few hours there, weather was so nice, cool breeze blowing, I could feel the air, smell it perfectly and the moment of bliss that I felt within my bloodstream just by staring down at the Golden gate from up above the sea level, at mountain was awesome. I really felt b

What Kills a Blog?

Somewhere on my old posts, I've written about the fact that says every 3 seconds a new blog is born and at the same ratio blog dies too. The reason I'm digging that out of my old post is because, I'm concerned about why do these blogs die and What causes newbie bloggers to drop the idea of blogging. Most often bloggers complain that after a great start, a year later their blog is as dead as can be. This is a common problem that almost always revolves around a small list of common mistakes made by the blogger. A blogger can sit back and expect the blog to do all of the work for him or her, which is a terrible way to approach blogging. A successful blogger would tell you that great blogging takes a certain amount of dedication and hard effort to make it work. You have to put effort into a blog to sustain it, especially after the first month or so of completing the design. Many people work so hard during the initial design phase that they get lazy after it is complete. T

New MSN messenger Virus referring malicious sites

I was online today, suddenly someone who was offline or someone whose contact I've deleted long time ago sent me a link out of no where. The link was something like; What would you do if you get links out of nowhere or from your closest friend? Would you click them without waiting? I wouldn't . But there is a strange itch that goes on my spine always, that is to play with malicious scripts. So, the next moment, I loaded up that site. (Please don't try that by yourself). The site was null. I didn't get any message neither from my anti-spyware nor from my firewall(I prefer COMODO firewall). So, nothing much happened to my system. On top of that I already had updated Windows Live Messenger few days ago and all my systems regular updates. So, buddies, always update at least once a week, update your system files. Because, virus writers are always on set to use different strategies. This time, they are using referral link on msn messenger So, when you visi

Speed up your Entrecard drops easily

(Note: If you don't know what Entrecard is all about, then may disregard this post. But, if you are interested, then visit Entrecard or have a read on my Entrecard Reviews: Review I Review II) If your blog is popular and there are hundreds of entrecard fans following to drop cards, then you don't have to worry and make an effort to drop 300 entrecard drops daily. BUT, if you need a quality visitors, then you would visit the entrecard members blog and drop your cards. This is the first step you've to do when you sign up at Entrecard or probably for ever until you get some recognition. You know the way you are dropping your cards, it's pretty time consuming. I must emphasize again, it's really really time consuming. What do you do normally? -Go to the Entrecard dashboard and find out whoever dropped their cards on yours. Then most probably you'd right click on their 125 x 125 entrecard and select 'Open in new Tab' or so. - If you think yourself extra sma

How to access blocked or banned sites using Proxy sites

Internet censorship is everywhere. Your office, company, school, country or institution may impose internet censorship. So, it looks like you can't view the sites of your choice from these places however if you know how to bypass such limitations and read banned/blocked site, it'd be charm. Usually, using google's cache feature, one can have a look at those sites but what if google itself is banned. There are some posts I've made on this regard. If you search my blog with the keyword "anonymous", then you'll be shown with the detail articles on it. That means, there are many ways to bypass such limitations. Using proxy sites is the most easiest way of bypassing such limits. Here are the proxy lists: * (I use this one for breaking rapidshare download limit as a free user) * * * * * * * *

Which of these two birds is a female?

Which of the two birds is a female? Below are two birds. Stu dy them closely..... .... See if you can spot which of the two is the female. It can be done. Even by one with limited bird watching skills. .......... ....... .... .. . | ----------------------------- So, WOW, you figured it out.. WOW Great!!! ----------------------------------------- Hey, did you know that A brand new store has just opened in New York City that sells Husbands. Yea, husbands.. ladies!!! ehehe "You may visit this store ONLY ONCE!" There are 6 floors and the value of the products increase as you ascend the flights. You may choose any item from a particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you CANNOT go back down except to exit the building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. On the 1st floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 - These men have jobs. The 2nd floor sign reads: Floor 2 - These men Have Jobs and Love Kids. The 3r

Have you switched to Digital Camera?

Believe it or not, majority of people are still using old film-based cameras. Years passed, people got rid of old polaroid to a nice 35mm manual camera for all of their photo needs. The time they changed, the picture quality was crisp and the colors were far more vibrant compared to the old models. It's time to switch again, because, digital era has already begun and we must sooner or later adopt it. Now, if you ask me, why it's time to switch then, the reason is obvious. Film-based cameras are loosing their grounds when breathtaking and faster operations are being easily performed by digital cameras. You may be reluctant to abandon your 35mm rig, but the time is right. Digital camera prices have dropped and the digital photography offers some very strong advantages over film. First, digital photography provides better photos. This is probably the strongest suit for digital options. Pictures have greater clarity and colors are unbelievably vibrant. Digital cameras can prod

YouTube down in China

As I was thinking, YouTube is blocked inside chinese territory. After the recent ongoing unrests in Lhasa,Tibet and different provinces of the country, the videos disclosing the chinese atrocities were spread like a wildfire all over the online media sharing sites. YouTube is at top for sharing videos and it exceeded over 9 billion viewing only in the month of January,2008. This massive online media broadcasting site is blocked due to it's top ranking reputation for online video viewing. On top of that, chinese also manipulated search engines so that the search strings results would go to different sites. We also know, how hard for news reporter to get in Lhasa and collect news for now. This shows that they don't want world to know what's going on. I suspect that they might even shut down ISP all over the affected places in coming days. Thank you for reading.

Latest Tibet News on China's brutal suppression

Past few days, I'm not feeling real good reading news about China's cruel behavior towards Tibet and Tibetan people. As a student, when I read history about China, they have a dark history within this 100 years. They annihilated their own people which reflects how narrow-minded and demonic people are them, and their communist thinking. With the barrel of gun, they think everything is possible. I'm not against their social and political structure, but it really triggers me to write when they impose some out-of-this-word rules on innocent people. The recent news on TV channels are very alarming, saddening and disturbing. His Holiness Venerable Dalai Lama thinks over 100 people already lost their lives but News channels are broadcasting unreal news, claiming only 19-20 deaths. May be they have their own restrictions to not infuriate the angers of certain group by providing the figures as low as possible in cases like this. But, What I think is the atrocities shall be disclosed

The World's smallest Car

It's neither toy car nor India-made Tata Nano car, that' I'm writing about. The car designed(60's design) by Cyril Cannell and Henry Kissack and made by Peel Engineering is just some 58 kg in weight. It's just about 1 meter long and 1.2 meter in height which looks like a small trolley moving itself. Amazingly, it's loaded with powerful engine, which drives a lot faster and gives mileage of 100 miles per gallon. One can drive this car along the sidewalk or easily drag over the path or narrow roads just like your suitcase trolley. Right now, the world's smallest car named 'the Manx P50 is on display in the Peel Town Gallery at the House of Manannan until Easter 2008, and later it'll be taken back to Manx Transport Museum, it's home. I don't know why it's not being mass-produced but definitely when I looked at it, it's one helleva mind boggling creation. The car you can carry and drag all around the place, The car which gives the revolut

Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame is much more dynamic and brilliant than conventional photo frame. You can have thousands of photos stored in memory card, have them display in regular intervals or customize them when to display or not. It's all upon you. You are the decision maker. If you love taking pictures and tired of printing them and enclosing them inside normal photo frame, then you'd have noticed how much time and money it would take. If you want to put new photo on the frame, consider the manual effort and printing charge everytime you do so. But, with this Digital Picture Frame , You don't even need to print. You can in fact just use that Memory Card of your Camera and display photos instantaneously in your Digital photo frame. You can use any memory cards that you've. Isn't that cool? Moreover, you can display Video with sounds too, and cool background music while photo slide show continues. With that said, it has built-in speakers too. You can have conventional wo

Optimize your blog for best search engine results

If you ask me, more of my visitors come from search engines. This obviously shows that I've optimized my blog to some extent which resulted it as a search engine friendly blog. Now, looking at above chart(src: google analytics which is monitoring my blog), it shows that more than 48% visitors come directly to my blog pages through search engines. Rest from other sources. You probably want to know how you can best optimize your blog for great search engine results. After all, most people stumble upon blogs when doing a search for something. If you use these optimization tips effectively, it may be your blog more people are drawn to. So, check these tips out and experiment with your own blog. Note what has the best results and stay with it. Change the other things around a bit until you get the results out of them that you want. Simple Content Many experts say that the best way to optimize your blog is to keep everything very simple. You can choose one quality content topic and

New Sex Scandal: Eliot Spitzer and Ashley Alexandra Dupre

This sex scandal which is all about Newyork Governor Eliot Spitzer and a 22 years old hooker is quite a buzzword these days. The day before yesterday, I saw television news channel covering the scandal news for long time where I saw governor resigning and apologizing for his scandalous deed. "Kristen," the high-priced(over $4000/hour service) hooker who privately dated with Eliot "Client-9" Spitzer last month at that Washington, D.C. hotel is Ashley Alexandra Dupre (though she was born Ashley Youmans), her real name, according to a New York Times report. According to her myspace profile , Kristen/Ashley is an aspiring musician who left home at 17 and has been in New York City since 2004. You'll listen to her song autoplaying as soon as you visit her myspace page and can see some potential in her as a singer/musician after listening to glimpse of her music. I came to know Eliot Spitzer is a democrat and this is sex scandal by another democrat(remember Bill Clin

Meet My Friends and My BlogStation

This is purely about my personal stuff. When I first came here in California, I was planning to enroll at local college to proceed my education further. I even went to the College and talked a while with the guy on the counseling section. The College is huge and it's facilities were student-oriented, scientific and advanced. There was subject of my choice. But, one thing shocked me,the enrollment fees. I was shocked even more when I found out that fees are different to different students according to their residential status. Enrollment fees were somewhat near $270 per unit for my choice of subject. And, guess what, there are altogether 6 or 7 units per month. Imagine the total cost to offer in one month, it's almost $1500 or more per month. How do I pay such humongous fees? This fee structure is for International students or alien students who come from their countries to study here, well normally, on student Visa. I asked him about any other choices. This is second time, I wa