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Israel Defense Forces started YouTube Channel

Israel forces bombarded Hamas Military Camps killing hundreds in past few days. The battle is still on. As noticed and in their words, they are now preparing for ground attacks to eliminate extremist Hamas. They setup YouTube Channel to show the world what's going on in realtime during the war. Some of the videos are of aerial bombardment, while some of them are loading weapons, sending enforcements and heavy tanks to the affected zones. I missed to see that one particular video which according to them has been deleted by YouTube due to violation of terms and conditions. The deleted Video alone collected more than 10,000 hits within few hours of uploading it. The channel was started on December 29th, 2008. Their is a strong chance of this channel being completely wiped out due to the content it's broadcasting. Thank you for reading my post.

Listen to Free Music

This is my unbiased review on Here in, nothing is related with Pandora,a Greek mythical lady who unleashed the evils by opening the evil box. Rather, is a flash based free streaming music service in today's context. They offer free and high quality streaming music but at the cost of commercials splattered all around their site. For me, It doesn't bother me at all but for some, it might be annoying hence could turn them into Paid Listener from Free. My Experience with Those are my stations in is something which you get easily hooked up within minutes and never want to get over of it. When I first checked this site, it offered me to type in my favorite artist name, or my type of music genre etc. and afterward it created a station based on that. Now, this part is so cool that it's playing only the music that I opt for. Nothing much, nothing less. It's that easy(comparing to those other services

9-Year Old Microsoft Certified Professional

If you've missed my old post on Child Prodigies, I strongly recommend to check that. This post is all about yet another child prodigy from India. Her name is M. Lavinashree, 9-year older who passed the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam and became the world's youngest Microsoft certified Professional. It is learned that she is now working out for the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Exams. Back then, when she earned an award for extraordinary recital of Tamil Epic According to the sources, she is exceptionally brilliant and managed to set couple of records before too like reciting all 1,300 couplets of a 2,000 year-old Tamil epic at the age of 3. Annoyed and dismayed, some people didn't miss to curse Microsofts curriculum being so easy to beat. One thing is for sure, this little kid needs practical here and there if she really wants to keep up with what she has earned. Otherwise, it would be nothing more than a memorized degree with zero practicability.

LONG LIVE.. Windows XP !!!

I was supposed to write this post before Christmas but due to the state being so occupied, I couldn't do much and writing things little late. Last year, on one of my posts I've written that Microsoft would be discontinuing licenses for Windows XP by Jan 31,2008 . Eventually, Microsoft changed it's announcement and moved back from what it said before. They've been distributing new licenses ever since and Jan 31,2009 was set due date for expiration of XP License distribution which again was extended. For obvious reason that Vista is still nightmares for many of the old XP users to adopt. Microsoft has extended the licenses for distribution till May 20,2009. It looks like XP is not going to die pretty soon. For reminder,support(including patches/security updates) for XP will remain till 2014 as per their announcement. Personally, I've never felt Vista that ugly as what most of the people have been reporting continually. But, I confess that at some point, I had

Serious Security risk in VLC Media Player

I've been favoring this open-source media player VLC Media Player on most of my concerned blog posts. And, I know most of you guys been using this media player as your favorite one. According to German Federal Agency for Security in Information Tecnology(BSI), a security hole has been discovered in the VLC Media player. Problem: Attackers can exploit this vulnerability using rigged Real Media files (file ending with 'rm') to install malicious software onto the user's computer. The victim has just to open the manipulated multimedia file. Which version of VLC Media Player is affected??? VLC Media Player versions prior to release 0.9.8 are affected, BSI reports. The software maker has fixed the problem for Version 0.9.8, but to date has only made the source code available. Solution: All VLC Media Player users are advised to remove the file libreal_plugin.* manually from the VLC plug-in installation directory. Or Download the latest VLC media Player to be on safe

Internet Outage!!! Do we have choices??

Believe it or not, india, Egypt and many of other middle-east countries were having internet outage. What the heck is internet outage? just like power outage when big ISPs are not being able to deliver it's internet services to it's clients for some unknown reasons, then it's Internet outage. I wasn't sure that internet line was traversing under water till the news came which said that due to some undersea fibre-optic cable cut that occurred in the Mediterranean caused huge internet blackout(outage) all across India,Egypt and some other middle east countries. Now it said that it has caused huge business loss during these two days to figure out what was the problem, esp to those companies whose business backbone totally depended on Internet Infrastructure. Then, I started imagining, Gosh,.. that was a real terrific incidents. That incident showed us the glimpse of what could happen if we don't have alternatives, havoc it could create. In my locale, VOIP compa

Holiday Shopping???? Go Online

Online shopping gives so much options than the real life shopping. If you go to a store, you are just limited with their products and usually left with no more choices except wandering here and there, .. that’s heck of a trouble. Unless something comes up, you should decide not to buy anything in malls/stores but online. Some of the reasons that I found Online Shopping is far better than shopping in Malls/stores are: Bunch of mindless fools waiting(after unhealthy sleep) outside the store before dawn. 1. No Stampede related death. No fear of being trampled by those stupid crazy assholes who sees nobody being run over by but only HDTVs,frigging Ipod,etc tagged with discounted pricing.. I wish they knew what Online Shopping is all about. Look at these people, how sheepish are they. Last month, the similar stampede trampled and killed a person in Walmart. 2. Savings on Gas,Time and Energy. You don't have to recklessly wander here and there. When you enter mall, you are full of

Microsoft released patch for the deadliest IE vulnerability

A serious Internet Explorer flaw could allow attackers to gain access of computer using remode-code-execution methods. Yesterday, Microsoft announced to release the fix and here it's the fix for the problem. Click the link below to download the latest IE7/IE6/IE5 Vulnerability patch. MS08-078 - addresses a vulnerability in Internet Explorer (KB 960714) Thank you for reading my Post. hacked

The official site of Sony Television's indian Idol show is not as impressive as other fan-made sites because of poor video quality,biased contents and reviews,etc. before hack Of all fan-made sites, was getting popular because of up-to-date content and high quality videos of every episodes. I don't negate the existence of other good fan-made sites made esp. for indian idol's recorded episodes but to some extent, indial idol fan living abroad were hugely impressed and kind of glued to after Hack The site is recently hacked by formidable devious black hats known as Fawaz. I don't blame the black hats who hacked the site but the owner of the site who poorly maintained his site and didn't put much of his concern towards the security of his site. If you don't want to have fate like that, go and secure your accounts with passwords almost impossible to crack, make it hard to compute eve

Latest Microsoft Internet Explorer security glitch more dangerous than ever

Microsoft is releasing unconditional emergency critical patch for it's Internet Explorer Browser tomorrow, Wednesday. The serious glitch in Microsoft's Internet Explorer allowed attackers to infect victims PCs without zero effort from Victim's part. Usually, it takes some sort of efforts from Victim's part like executing files, opening email attachments etc to trigger malicious attacks but this time, attackers have found a way to infect PC where there is no need of user intervention. Anyone visiting malicious sites forwarded by attacker and if worst, using Microsoft's Internet Explorer as a browser is infected in no time. On sandbox tests and surveys, Internet Explorer 7 is found to be the most affected browser but Microsoft claimed, all the version of Internet Explorer is equally at risk. Internet Explorer is one of the most used web browsews as compared to others. Microsoft urge it's user to update all the critical updates as soon as possible. There are

Software that can map dreams

A breakthrough technology has been invented to capture a person's dream and record it into computer screen. Some Japanese Scientists have managed to develope a software which could actually record a dream of a person in sleep. This is just the beginning and for now this technology barely reproduces simple images from the brain, this certainly is something which opened the door for possibilities to unlock people's dream and other brain processes. Till date, there were many books written on trying to figure out the mystery of dreams and it's meaning, which varied by authors. With this new technology, it's much quicker and obvious to figure out what's going on inside a person's brain. This is something unlocking the secrets of a person which she/he has been holding onto. As said, dreams are the result of one's past activities which brain perceives during sleep. This new technology will prove all of that and records in the computer format for playback. Thi


Some of the bizarre news that I've been reading these days which I think should share with my readers. A Japanese man settled in Canada, has chosen his life partner, not a human but a robot. He is an inventor by profession who spent all his savings to create something unique, a life like robotic AI doll. According to inventor LE, his life-like wife 'Aiko' is the perfect woman. Well, personally I've nothing to say on this. It's his life and he can live whatever way he likes. He has a choice to have dolls or real women to make love. src And, the 19-year-old Louisiana woman stabbed his boyfriend for not having sex with her. Whewww.. scary but true. Womennn.. these dayss.. duh!!! Devil in Disguise Early Saturday morning, the 19-year-old Brittany Philips wanted some sex from her boyfriend Todd Stewart,35 but apparently he was not in the mood. Tension grew, and see what had happened to this poor guy: src I've heard a lot that most of the actors are real st

India blames Google Earth for Mumbai Attack

This morning I read a bizarre news. Indian Court passed a statement to ban Google Earth. The sole reason being it's use by those terrorists who masterminded the plot of mumbai attack which killed more than 180 innocent lives and leaving hundreds wounded. I remembered similar incidents related with my country during Maoist Insurgency when Nepalese Government then banned the use of pressure cookers and cordless phones. Again, the reason being it's use by the rebels for ill purposes. Pressure cookers were used for making bombs and cordless phones were used for communication. As stupid as it sounds, the silicon giants India bans Technology Backbone for a reason which is not only baseless but hypocritical. Their incapable intel is to blame for all these massacres that took place rather than pointing fingers at the mediums being used. I agree that some sensitive maps are to be dealt in a way that it's not publicly available rather than cursing/banning technology. I've

Grand Theft Auto IV for PC

Long awaited GRAND THEFT AUTO IV for PC is finally available everywhere. It has been getting sold on store and online from the start of the last week of November 2008. Before the due date, I was reading many speculations about it's launch and have seen many online stores taking pre-order sale for this game. What makes this game unique is that it's extremely playable with unique graphic engine that any gamer could ever imagine to fondle with. When I played GTA 3 San Andreas, I was thinking this is the ultimate game of the games. I was right, it'll take you to drag-racing like experience to third person rampage around. This game tries to mimic the real life of one person in virtual world where extremely off-road experience, off-route mission and roaming around yet still so playable without any compulsive mission goals to follow makes this game a favorite time pass for many gamers. When I finished GTA 3, and during detour in real life, many scenes from the game looked and

YouTube in coming days

YouTube, world's largest video sharing network has been going through lots of changes these days. They rocked the world with their first ever live streamed video concert over the internet on Nov 22nd,2008. I was interestingly watching their 'YouTube' LIVE stream and it was more than fabulous. It was happening right here in San Francisco and whole world were watching them. It was something least for me. Then, they came up with Widescreen format for their all videos. That shows they are engulfing the latest 16:9 technology. Today, there are great widescreen hi-def 1080p video camera available under 150 bucks and with this, it's sure enough that Youtube would be flooded with videos of this format. In fact, it's better than old format. Soon after that, they announced they are going to upload/allow full-length movies in youtube which is awesome. There will be no more 9 or 10 minutes restriction for videos uploaded. Now, they are real strict about we