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Curse of Superman

Anyone who is fan of 'superman' knows how powerful and genuine, he is but just in fiction. In real, 'Superman' is just an imagination of it's creator but as a kid, i always dreamt i could fly like him 'up up high in the sky'. Anyways, i fly around a lot in my dream and i feel like superman when i get sensation of being flown within that part of world. I watched almost all movies Superman I,II,III,IV played by Christopher Reeve and they're so wonderful. After that, no major release of this character has been seen until the latest "the superman returns" played by Brandon Routh. Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh, these two actors looked so similar and i felt they're lookalike to each other. Christopher Reeve died few years ago and his untimely death, it has it's own cause, be it superstition or not. Many believed that there is curse behind this character. Anyone who acted as "superman" had been engulfed into so many troubles. T

My need for speed

Lately, i felt my PC being little clumsy even after a whole day of defragmentation, startup file customization etc. And, the list of hidden processes growing which i hardly could terminate because of it's utility. My old system with configuration like 2.2 GHz Intel Processor on 845GV ECS motherboard running a very old video card Geforce 5200 128MB with 512 MB DDR-SDRAM and couple of PCI cards on it. On storage, it's 80 GB harddisk with 6 partitions. Running windows XP with lots of background programs sitting as icons on taskbar,it's like more than 20 icons, definitely slowing down my PC down. So , my definite need for speed started to grow. There were two options infront of me : A) Either stick with the same old configuration except partial upgrade(like some more memory) OR B) Upgrade the Entire System. Sticking with Option A was good for me, because i was short in budget. If i would have opted for Option B, i'd have Core 2 Duo compatible board with latest PCI-e slo

Mail A bullet ??????????

I was just surfing around when i came upon this really funny site. Well the basic idea here is to threaten your foe by Sending a bullet through mail . You can even write your foe's name in the bullet (in two language) . Well the site has been created as a joke and it has been clearly stated in the disclaimer section. " The threats created by this script are not serious. They are an artistic statement following the recent threats of politicians in the Netherlands. project-euh cannot be hold responsible for any serious fears or threats. If for some reason you have a problem with this script and the mails it sends, please tell somebody. In case you don't know anyone, use the contact page. " You can send the bullet from this link :-

Google Talk MultiMessenger - A simple Trick

We've used MultiMessenger Like Gaim or some other thirdparty clients like that to access same IM(or many) network through many user IDs at the same time and from the same computer. Normally, we're not allowed to do but with the help of some third party multi-messenger, we can access more than one account or different IM account from single interface. In Google Talk, for this multi-messenger purpose, there is a little trick. I've two Gmail Ids and while One is Logged it, to connect from another ID, i apply this in run(click Start->run): Syntax: drive:"(Google Talk path)" /nomutex eg: "c:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex and second instance of Google talk will start allowing me to log in from there, second time from the same computer. Hope that helps to people who has more than one Google ID.

Playstation 3 officially launched in India

Blue-ray Disc,Wireless controller,60 GB hard disk,internet Connectivity, 40 times faster than PS2,watching movies/video, music, play old as well as new games and more and it's priced approx. NRs 63984 without taxes. Now, this is expensive than XBOX 360. Masaru Tamagawa,MD of Sony India, saw lots of potential in India for it's PS3 console and hence it's launched few days ago. PS3 60 GB edition has already been launched in America, Europe and now in India. The only way to get this thing in Nepal is to use Indian transit. Only few companies are interested to launch their products in cities like ours or may be countries like ours. Since, our economic conditions and market niche are not according to their suit. We're the most suffered since we've to import them, cover all those transport cost along with taxes and without enough authorised support. If they get damaged,we've no support but to give it to some third-class repair center. That's why buying branded prod

Work-In-Progress, Solar Powered Handset

Its really fascinating to witness the upcoming technology with old concepts which in return gives more comfort and ease of use. Who would have guessed some company manufacturing Cellphone based on AAA sized battery? and now, Motorola, is in a process to give it's cell phones an ability to squeeze power from the heat of sun rays. Well, it'd be LCD powered Solar panels. It's not a wonder coz we've been using Solar powered Calculator already during our SLC's math exams. By the way, it is to note that LCD will be turned on and phone will be charging its battery from Solar power. Seems quite a fiction but yeah, it'll soon become reality and needs no power cable to charge.

Windows XP in NRs 210 soon

A Recent Announcement made by well-known philanthropist Mr. Bill Gates indicates, later this Year, Windows XP and all other Microsoft Office applications will be available for just as low as Rs 210(mere $3). This plan is targeted for students and developing countries like Ours. The Windows XP and other softwares will be of stripped down version. In a question for the availability of Windows Vista for price as low as $3, Orlando Ayala, Microsoft's senior vice doubted if it is going to run properly on low end machines of general public. So, for the time being, Windows Vista Starter Edition won't be available. People steal because they can't afford the price to buy the product. Now, country like ours where people couldn't offer to pay for legal softwares, this step of Microsoft would definitely cut down the piracy as well as inclination towards Open Source projects too. Since, Windows XP and other Office app will be available at such a low price, who would buy pirated crac


Bluetooth is a wireless technology named after Denmark king HERALD BLUETOOTH. Sony Ericsson, a swedish,mobile manufacturing company owns Bluetooth Technology.Bluetooth lets wirelessly send/receive a files across the devices. The range of the bluetooth is not very high while transfering files. It's just around 20 meters or so. Connecting bluetooth device to another bluetooth enabled device is pretty easy. Enable bluetooth service on both devices and they recognize eachother. Now, sending files is as easy as cakewalk. Select Transfer method as 'bluetooth' and rest is easy. For eg.: One bluetooth-enabled phone can be connected to another bluetooth-enabled phone this way. For connecting bluetooth phone to Computer has a bit different procedures than phone to phone procedures. Bluetooth Phone would need a bluetooth support in other end,i.e on PC. Definitely PC would have a USB port, so, we need a USB bluetooth dongle to give PC a Bluetooth Support. When both sides have Bl

How Past Had Seen The Future Of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

This stuff is kind of old but still is really interesting. I read the whole text in just 40 minutes . Yes it was that interesting. Hope you will like it too . ===== CAN MACHINES BE CREATIVE? ===== We naturally admire our Einsteins and Beethovens, and wonder if computers ever could create such wondrous theories or symphonies. Most people think that creativity requires some special, magical "gift" that simply cannot be explained. If so, then no computer could create - since anything machines can do (most people think can be explained. To see what's wrong with that, we must avoid one naive trap. We mustn't only look at works our culture views as very great, until we first get good ideas about how ordinary people do ordinary things. We can't expect to guess, right off, how great composers write great symphonies. I don't believe that there's much difference between ordinary thought and highly creative thought. I don't blame anyone for not being able to

My Tips and Tricks for Faster Windows XPerience

These are my very few personal tips and tricks for faster windows XP. Hope it helps other somehow. .Optimize Internet Connection in Windows XP. .For faster XP .Manage Virtual Memory .Quickly change Folder Settings Optimize Internet Connection in Windows XP. 1. Start->run and type 'gpedit.msc' without quotes 2. Expand 'Local Computer Policy' 3. Further more expand 'Computer Configuration'-->'Administrative Templates'-->'Network'-->'Qos Packet Scheduler' 4. Now, under 'Qos Packet Scheduler', double-click 'limit reservable bandwidth' option and enable it. 5. On 'Setting' tab, change 'Bandwidth limit %' to 0. By default, 'Bandwidth limit %' is set to 20 and that's because QoS(quality of service) services reserves 20% bandwidth for it. Disabling this service won't either help. The best bet is to enable this service and set 'Bandwidth limit %' to read zero. I'm sure


What makes SuperComputer a super Computer? Unlike fictional heroic character SuperMan, there do exist SuperComputer. The unimaginable processing power of such computers is what make them super from other normal computers. The followings are few of the facts based on SuperComputers. 1. The performance of supercomputer is judged using the LINPCK benchmark, introduced by Jack Dongarra. 2. Blue Hene is the nickname of the new supercomputer from IBM that would be 1000 times faster than Deep Blue. 3.The four most powerful supercomputers in the world are owned by government agencies or universitites. Japan's Earth Simulator Center is listed as the world-record holder at 35.8 teraflops. 4. Seymour Cray, creator of high-end computers, whose vehicle was tested against accidents by his own systems, could not save himself- he died in car crash. 5. A supercomputer executes a single program much faster than a mainframe. But mainframes are considered more powerful because they support more

How viable is 'Scrolling Text AD' on TV channels being displayed by Local Cable?

आजकल टिभी केवल वालाहरुले गर्नु गर्या छ। चल्तीमा रहेको च्यानलहरुमा भरपुर 'स्क्रोलिङ टेस्क्ट' विज्ञापनहरु दिएर मस्त छन। कसैले केहि भन्दैनन कि के हो, तर मलाइ चाँहि त्यस्तो विज्ञापन त्यो पनि महिनामा पैसा तिरेर हेरेको च्यानलमा आँउदा खै चित्तै बुझ्दैन। मस्तले यसो च्यानल हेरुम भन्यो , irritate नै हुने गरि विज्ञापन दिएर हैरान। मलाइ त उहिले VHS Player मा भाडाको हिन्दी चक्का ल्याएर हेर्दा 'पान पराग'को AD स्क्रिनको तल्लो भागमा आएको-आइ गरेर बौउलै बनाउथ्यो। अहिले फेरि त्यही 'ट्रेन्द' केवलवालाहरुले दोराका छन। अब कि त महिनाको पैसा कम गर्नु पर्यो कि त त्यस्तो विज्ञापन हटाउनु पर्यो। शिकायत गर्दा खान-लाउन बाटो नै त्यही भन्छन। के गर्ने हो अब? स्क्रोलिङकै कुरा गर्दा 'नेपाल वान' च्यानलले 'breaking news' भन्दै के स्क्रोलिङ समाचारको ट्रेन्ड चलाको थियो, अहिले सब नेपाली च्यानलले त्यस्तै नकल गर्या छन। यसो रमाइला गीत आइ रा हुन्छ, आधी स्क्रिन त त्यही 'स्क्रोलिङ समाचार'ले खाइ दिन्छ। कस्को गीत रहेछ हेर्नु खोज्यो, ढ्याप्प छोपिदिन्छ त्यो स्क्रोलिङहरुले। कहिले त टाउको म

Google Talk - Host of all other IMs like Yahoo,MSN HOTMAIL,IRC etc. HERE's HOW??

Most of Gmail users still don't know about google's 'Google Talk'. 'Google Talk' is an instant messenger for Gmail users. I think instead of rambling myself more on it, it's better to check The reason of this blog post is " to make Google talk intereact with hotmail users ". I mean how to enable Google Talk be able to send/receive instant messages across different other IM networks like AOL,YAHOO,MSN. So, if i want to talk to my hotmail ids from my 'Google Talk', here are the steps .(but before that i'll brief the synopsis of this tutorial. -I came to learn Google Talk is built on the Jabber protocol. -We'll be using IM client based on Jabber protocol other than Google Talk. -On that IM client, we'll be using our gmail account settings. It's possible, since Google talk runs on same jabber protocol as i wrote earlier. -from there, we'll connect to other Jabber server, which allows us to connect to

Gmail Tips

Gmail Tips - The complete collection Click the above logo for all Gmail Tips you never knew or unaware of The topics covered in above link are as follows: Gmail Tip #1: All About Labels Gmail Tip #2: 'Check' Your Messages Gmail Tip #3: How to Maintain 'Notes' Gmail Tip #4: Formatting Your Name Gmail Tip #5: The 'Plus' Side of Gmail Gmail Tip #6: Define a Signature! Gmail Tip #7: Quickly Addressing a Message Gmail Tip #8: Working With Lots of Email Gmail Tip #9: New Mail Notification! Gmail Tip #10: Some Tips About Conversations Gmail Tip #11: Connecting Securely Gmail Tip #12: 'Archiving' Explained Gmail Tip #13: Some More About Conversations Gmail Tip #14: What Happens To Sent Messages? Gmail Tip #15: New feature! Highlighting on/off! Gmail Tip #16: New feature! View or Download for attached images Gmail Tip #17: Advanced Search - View Multiple Labels Gmail Tip #18: Some Forwarding Idiosyncracies Gmail Tip #19: Advanced Search - 'Query Words' Gm

STAR WARS movie on command prompt

Here is a fun watching 'STAR WARS-the movie' in command prompt. Believe it or not, it's true.. 1.Start Command prompt 2. type the following exactly on prompt: telnet (eg. c:\DOCUME~1>NAVIN>telnet 3. Hit 'Enter' Key. 3. Now witness the fun. (Note: Make sure it's stable Internet Connection, not a fun in slow connection as low as 14.4 kbps dialup, but runs well in 56 kbps dialup :) Btw, it's such a fun watching this text-based animation.

Alternative Rescue Browser

Yesterday, all my browsers crashed for unexplained reasons. I tried no matter how hard but couldn't revive those browsers. My unwillingness to reboot the comp(i type/say 'comp' for computer)just to see the browser start working again, led me to something else. I used to type "" in windows explorer's address bar when all my browsers crashed. But, yesterday, even Windows explorer refused to load. As soon as i started Windows Explorer, it crashed. Now, what i did is ,i opened Notepad(start->run->notepad or WinKey+R ). -Clicked F1 key -and clicked at the top left corner icon(Document icon with a Question mark) of the help window, -there selected 'Jump to Url'(if it's Windows XP with no SP, it could be 'Go to URL' or something like that) -and typed my web address starting with http://... now, a page loaded within that help window. It saved lots of time for me. It comes handy when all browsers crash and nothing wor

'Truth Serum'

Long time ago, i was confirmed that myth like 'Truth Serum' never worked. But, few days ago, in one movie i saw someone being injected a 'Truth Serum' and later, disclosing all the secrets within. It was like movies are projecting baseless hypes as truth and living up to the fiction only ...or what? So far, i learnt, 'Truth Serum' is nothing but an advanced form of sedative. In Nepal, we've our very own natural 'Truth Serum' called 'Jaad-rakshi'(जाँड-रक्सी).Once a subject intakes our very own 'Truth-serum'(जाँड-रक्सी),he starts telling all his hearts secrets even if nobody cares to ask. To see the real life experience, places like Pub/hotel/restaurants(bhatti) are enough. But the most important thing is how much truth is he spitting out. If a boozed person tells a truth, i guess more than 50 percent of it is overhyped. for eg: a middle class looking drunkard may end up saying he has 10 crore rupees in his bank acccount and could do an

Is Microsoft Windows XP getting old??

Today, the surveys show that Windows XP is the mostly used operating system. Regardless of this, Microsoft wants PC vendors to stop shipping computers with Microsoft Windows XP. It seems the strict method to promote their Vista Operating system. Will it be possible for PC vendors to stop shipping computer with XP? May be it'll reduce the number of buyers because to my view, nobody would want to invest into something which gives so many compatibility issues. Suppose, today, if somebody buys a system with Vista installed,imagine how much trouble he has to go through. Almost all softwares running elsewhere would be incompatible to his system with Vista. It'll somewhat restrict him/her to do things only to that machine. Not only that, he can't buy products or peripherals which would be incompatible with Vista. This means, it will take some more time for Vista to become widely accepted. For the time being, due to high system requirements,huge cost of investing,incompatibilitie

Uploader got fearsome punishment

Lately, i read a news about sharing illegal movies,mp3,application and it's consequences. Buying pirated movies/softwares in jewelcase and downloading them off the net, they are same thing for them who are launching projects against these illegal piracy acts. To their words, evenmore it's same thing like stealing others property in reallife and the convicted will be charged with the same punishment. Last year, 23 years old Grand Stanley from US,Virginia who was sentenced to five months in jail and three years of supervised release,just for running the Elite Torrents. He was an administrator of it and let thousands of leechers/seeders do their sharings. Mark the word 'Administrator', he's the main boss there. Now the recent news when i read, it's even more fearsome. 24 years old Sam Kuonen of Columbus,Ga. who faces upto five years in prison, a fine of massive $250,000 and three years of supervised release.His punishment will begin this July 16,2007. His crime

Best Games Ever

These are some of the best games ever sold and played. Lets forget about the recent 3D games and lets recall the games those were sold billions in numbers. These games created history to say. I still remember most of these games so playable during my childhood. GTA is my all time favourite. It's nostalgic to recollect memories of old pixel-based super-duper hits. Other addictive list goes on with Super Mario Bros,Tetris,Street fighter etc. ------------------------- Year: 1972 Game: Pong Publisher: Atari ------------------------- Year: 1978 Game: Space Invaders Publisher: Taito ------------------------- Year: 1980 Game: Pac Man Publisher: Namco ------------------------- Year: 1985 Game: Super Mario Bros. Publisher: Nintendo ------------------------- Year: 1986 Game: Legend of Zelda Publisher: Nintendo ------------------------- Year: 1987 Game: Tetris Publisher: Alexey Pajitnov ------------------------- Year: 1991 Game: Street Fighter II Publisher: Capcom ------------------------- Ye

Harddisk of old time

Since our school days, we are taught generations of computer and so we learnt about vacuum tubes, which were as large as room or even bigger than a compartment to say. But , what about Harddisk. This is a mere 5 MB harddisk used during 1956. But considering our brain which is equivalent to only 1 or 2 MB for storing information(as i read somewhere), 5 MB was indeed an adequate option for information storage at that time. Now, i possess 80 GB while there are already 200 GB to 750 GB harddisks in the market.

iAXE USB Guitar

After getting to know about USB fan,USB Light(torch),USB monitor, now it's time for USB electric guitar, 'iAXE USB Guitar' . For just around Rs 7100(without tax), a full-fledged electric guitar can rock on. Unlike any other electric guitar,iAXE USB Guitar has a USB port on other end with full compatibility to Windows XP and MAC OS X as well. This full size Electric guitar with USB port, needs no external amps, directly plugs into computer and can function as a traditional electric guitar if connected to a standard guitar amp. The guitar needs the bundled software to work in full pace. Audacity software which allows multitrack recording and Guitar Combos software simulates various amps/effects with equal ability to play mp3,wav,aiff and ogg for backing tracks. USB port on Guitar Now, this is i call innovation. I really liked this USB electric guitar. Somewhere in my previous posts, i had a topic something like "HAIL USB.. " and same goes again.

नेपालको 'ब्रिज कोर्स' (Bridge Course in Nepal)

२०६३ को S.L.C हिजो अस्तिमात्र सकियो। S.L.C सकिन साथ अहिले Bridge Course को बाढी नै आएको छ। च्याउ सरी उम्रिएको अव्यवस्थित institute हरु र तिनले निकालेको भद्रगोल विज्ञापनको मारमा पत्रिकाको समाचारहरुले पर्याप्त स्थान नपाएको देख्दा दिक्क नै लागेर आएको छ। अझ कुनै-कुनैले त आफुहरु १९-२० वर्षदेखि नै Bridge course को सेवा प्रदान गरेको रे। यो पढदा त उदेक लागेर आयो। यो कसरी भो? मैले २०५२ सालमा S.L.C दिदाँ न त्यति खेर कुनै Bridge Course भन्ने चीज थियो न कुनै च्याउ उम्रेको झै instituteहरु । त्यो १९-२० वर्षको गफ दिनेहरुले त २०४६ सालको जनआन्दोलन भन्दा अगाडि देखिनै पो त्यो सेवा देको सुन्दा त 'गजब छ बा' जस्तो लाग्यो। विश्वबिधालयको भन्दा पनि पुरानो इतिहास तिनीहरुको? यस्ता गफाडीहरुले S.L.C. को व्यापार गर्ने भो ठानेर यसो समाचार पढुँ भनेर अर्को पाना पल्टाको, त्यहाँ त झन अर्को पटके instituteको 'खबरदारी' जस्तो सुचना पो र छ। तिनीगरुको सुचनाको heading नै कस्तो, मानौ तिनीहरु कुनै औपचारिक आधिकारिक सरकारी निकाय होस्। तल :- Cuttings from a local daily त्यो पढेपछि के लाग्यो भने Bridge Course सञ्चा

Richard kissed Shilpa Shetty

Yesterday(April 16,2007), i was watching news channel. Suddenly, i was shocked to see Richard Gere forcibly handling Shilpa Shetty and kissed on her cheek. At first, it felt, 'what the heck' but the nuisance Indian News channel, they kept repeating the same scene on and on. Needless to say,Richard Gere is veteran Hollywood actor and Shilpa Shetty, the most scandalous indian actress. Her popularity rose after the 'Big Brother' show Scandal. Now, this Richard kissing Shilpa has become another mischievous scandal. Richard kissing Shilpa They were on some sort of AIDS awareness Event. It's apparent, the funding to help victims was brought with the help of Richard Gere. May be that's reason of his presense their. And Shilpa let him kiss her. It was friendly kiss. Not even a french kiss. But there were already the agitation across the roads, protesting the act, burning both Shilpa and Richards effigies. Those people were protesting just because Richard kissed Shilpa p

Patch Tuesday Vs Exploit Wednesday

Latest microsoft patches can be downloaded off They've the latest emergency patch for .ani animated cursor files under Windows Vista. Besides,Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool also takes care while tackling such threats. It's a small-sized independent tool to remove the most recent and hiking threats under any operating system running Microsoft windows. Couple of time, i've used it on Windows XP but couldn't detect the threat. May be, my system was not infected. But, to keep this tool handy is a wise work and regularly updating the Microsoft system with hotfixes is must. Because, as we know, Microsoft is number One in the business and most of the crackers/black-hat hackers/exploiters target it most than any other operating system. More they infiltrate, more stronger the Microsoft's security. Microsoft has a very strange trend of releasing the software/OS patches on a particular date. It's called "Patch Tuesday&quo

Grand Theft Auto IV

It's the most hyped, much expected, latest incarnation of Grand Theft Auto Series Which has not released yet. This game is being developed by Rockstar Games and according to them, it's scheduled to be released by the end of this year,2007(precisely on October,2007 for XBOX360 and PS3). They started this series from Top view to third-person type free mode off run gaming. Personally, i quit playing Grand Theft Auto first part, because, the TOP view(or sometime it's called Bird View) really sucked. But after Grand Theft Auto(GTA III) 3, i changed my mind. Even more, after i played as a character called CJ(carl johnson, if i'm not wrong) in San Andreas, i'm much into it. This game is damn addictive and could give anyone an excellent gaming experience. My verdict, if to give, it's the collection of every individual game one could experience. I can drive vehicles, fly planes/copters, ride motorbikes, play pool, ride boat, everything.. for fun part( i say),there are lo


It was speculated that the release of PS3 20 GB across the globe but officially, it's discontinued. Now, whoever got the PS3 20 GB, nothing to fuss about but for them, who is dreaming to get PS3 20GB, it's something to concern about. The reason, umm... they say, it's because lots of people wanting to get 60 GB PS3 rather than 20 GB. So, they discontinued the manufacturing of PS3 20 GB edition. By the way, PS3 has not reached Kathmandu yet. I'm much eager to see it's gameplay. And really don't know how much would be it's price. But, i can guess, something similar to 30 to 40 thousand buck.

Mero Patro

Mero Patro is a mobile software which shows Nepalese Calendar on mobile phone. This program works on any mobile phone which supports JAVA MIDP. If a phone can execute '.jar' type of files then it surely will work. Author of program told me that for latest updates and download, it's to check I had written something about Mero Patro on my previous Post but somehow it seemed lost in the middle of it and i thought it deserves separate post for it's description. So, anyone if would like to check dates on Nepalese calendar on their mobile devices,then this little software by Anup Shrestha would come very handy. Thanks to Mr. Anup since i'm using it on my N70 too. It's very nice little software of 10kb. I wish author would put major Nepalese Holidays bookmark on it, ability to put schedule notes or something like that but i see, it would need lots of work and may be better off with some price tag on it, if so. :) Anyway, it's s


Montage-a-google is a simple web-based app that uses Google's image search to generate a large gridded montage of images based on keywords (search terms) entered by the user. Not only an interesting way of browsing the net, it can also be used to create desktop pictures or even posters. (This is how this site describes about Montage-a-google) One has to put the certain keywords for search and based on those keyword(s), this Montage-a-Google will create a montage. A very beautiful and fun way to create something pictorial. I entered a word 'boudha' and this is what i get. A montage on Boudha. Isn't it beautiful?? My Boudha Montage(Click for larger screen) To get your works done, click By the way, the person behind this Cool project is digital designer Grant Robinson,New Zealand. To see more of his interesting projects, click And yeah, don't forget to try

Personalities on Tech Field

1.Bill Gates home was designed using a Mac! 2.The most frequently occuring company name or trademark on the World Wide Web is IBM. 3.Apple programmers named a beta version of a novel software application 'Sagan', in honour of the renowned astronomer Carl Sagan. Sagan sued Apple, and won the case. 4.On Bill clinton's last day in the White House, his departing aides played a curious practical joke on the incumbent president, George W Bush. When his staffers arrived, they were astonished to find that none of the building's computer Keyboards had Ws 5.Bill Gates computer-geek image was established well before his days at Microsoft. Steve Ballmer, a college buddy who later became that company's president, recalled that Gates never put sheets on his bed, and once left for vacation in the middle of a thunderstorm-with the windows and door wide open. 6.Bill Gates once said," There are people who don't like capitalism, and people who don't like PCs. But there


Site: Purpose: Nepali-to-English Dictionary. Creators: The Digital South Asia Library project (DSAL) together with the Digital Dictionaries of South Asia (DDSA) have instituted a plan for archiving and preserving their resources. Project: About the Digital Dictionaries of South Asia project The South Asia Language and Area Center at University of Chicago, Columbia University, and the Triangle South Asia Consortium in North Carolina are creating and disseminating electronic dictionaries. For each of the twenty-six modern literary languages of South Asia, a panel of language experts identified key dictionaries currently in print and selected at least one multilingual dictionary for each language. For the more frequently taught languages, a monolingual dictionary also has been chosen. After identifying the best available resources, the chosen dictionaries have been converted to digital formats. Usage: It's as easy as p

Yet another Telecom's Drama

A personal bitter experience by a user while queueing up to get Nepal Telecom's prepaid Simcard . (cutting of Kantipur Daily as of dated April 9, 2007)

SpyBot Search and destroy

"Spybot - Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively new kind of threat not yet covered by common anti-virus applications. Spyware silently tracks your surfing behaviour to create a marketing profile for you that is transmitted without your knowledge to the compilers and sold to advertising companies. If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you haven't intentionally installed, if your browser crashes inexplicably, or if your home page has been "hijacked" (or changed without your knowledge), your computer is most probably infected with spyware. Even if you don't see the symptoms, your computer may be infected, because more and more spyware is emerging. Spybot-S&D is free, so there's no harm giving it a try to see if something has invaded your computer." Well after that official description of " Spybot-S&D ", my own experience with it, is very good. This is the best Spyware,trojans,malwares remover till

'Certified for Windows Vista' logo

It's really unbelievable that the Products labelled 'Certified for Windows Vista' are having hardtime to operate under that system. Lots of news are making headlines regarding this that why products are being shipped with no working drivers to work under Windows Vista though they are tagged 'Certified for Windows Vista' out-box. The major issue is with the Graphics card. The new ATI Radeon X1950 GT and Geforce 8600 GTS as a Vista-certified graphics card without a working driver. It seems that either manufacturers' drivers are not yet tested/verified by Microsoft's lab or seems plainly the Window's negligence. The most irritants related with these drivers are the BSODs once these cards are installed. Normally, i thought those Logo meant, it is designed to work under the specified operating system. But seems, these days, it got it's meaning wrong. Lets see, if this issues will be addressed or not but right now, it's making headlines among the

IPOD killers

IPODs killed Walkman/discman. Now there is a series of IPOD killers in market. Microsoft Zune. The features include a large 3-inch QVGA (320x240) LCD screen, 30 GB of disk space, WiFi for sharing songs, FM radio, MP3/AAC/WMA audio playback, JPEG photo viewing, and WMV/MPEG-4/H.264 video playback. The Zune will also be compatible with the XBOX 360 for streaming multimedia and the firmware is upgradeable. In the future, the Zune will also allow video sharing. The Zune reportedly has a 13-hour battery life for audio and 4 hours for video. It's Nepalese equivalent cost would be around Rs. 17500 exclusive taxes. Creative Zen Micro Photo All the familiar features are still there, the easily replaceable battery, a standard mini USB connection, and the hold switch. There's also a choice of ten colors. But the main difference, of course, is the Zen Micro Photo's small-but-pretty, full-color OLED screen. It measures 41mm (1.6 inches) diagonally, can display 262,144 colors, a

First Person Shooter and Motion Sickness

FPS(First person shooter) games are one of the gaming genre. These games are biggest hit in multiplayer networked gaming field. Counter Strike is one example of FPS. B-U-T,my all time favorite is RTS(real time Strategy) game. All AOE series,Command and Conquer series, Microsoft Mythology series and last i played was Battle for the middle Earth, these are my type of games. The reason i like these games is because, they give me full healthy gaming experience. My gaming experience with FPS has always been very negative. Everytime, i played FPS games like Quake,Halo,Sin,etc i got sick for the whole day. It gave me the feelings of motion sickness similar to a bus-ride of long hours. First Person Shooter(game environment)model After many years, i tried to play a somewhat mixture of FPS and third-person-view shooter titled "Gears of wars" in xbox 360 but again, my eye-ball started aching, felt like nausea,vertigo all around. When i played during my schoolhood, a game called Wolf