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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 to all of my readers. My 2007 year had been the worst year of my life. And, i wish nobody had days/months or say year like that. May this coming New year 2008 bring all the happiness and joy to your life. GOD BLESS ALL OF US. ahhh.. 2007 introduced us so many innovative products and technology. I was like WOW when i came to learn about them. We all know, according to Moore's law, every 2 years, CPU's processing power will get doubled. But, these days, every 6 or 8 months, some bits of power is being constantly added to processing power of computer. So, it's not much of concern to me to state some high speed latest CPU and feature-loaded motherboards as the best product of the year or so. From single CPU to, Dual Core to Core 2 Duo to Quad core CPU, need for more power and speed is growing. I know it's going to grow more and more till the day when every common home user is not messing around with today's Super computers. I've also seen and rea

More Funny pictures on my blog

One more addition to FUN section. Really, hilarious, absurd pictures. Hope you would enjoy. The Great Expecation Perfect signature for forum and CMS What could be linux then?? any idea?? That's britney posing for ALLURE mag Her bald head has grown hair.. woww

Men and Women: Shopping!!!

In terms of shopping, guys are just straight forward but about women??..i found something which is just as true as it could be. NO OFFENSE!!! Please

$85000 Cell Phone Bill a Month???

What would you do if your cell phone's bill for one month exceeds $85000. Well, technology is boon for many of us but curse for people like Piotr Staniaszek(22 years old Canadian) who was oblivious to the rising bill of his phone. It's not because of the calls/SMS he made back and forth, it's because, he used his cell phone as modem and downloaded tons of stuffs off the internet. Thinking good of what he did, he kept surfing but downloading more and more. He never ever thought of the bill he got. "Here, I'm $85,000 over and nobody bothered to give me a call and tell me what was going on." he lashed out to his phone company. He normally was paying not more than $150 a month for his cell phone use(without using phone as modem). WOW..that's way too much for me. Unlike, I paid only around $20 per month to MeroMobile(privately owned telecom in my country) which gave me unlimited internet and downloads. I used my cell phone as modem then and it was good service.

Arabian blogger jailed

I don't know, why and how, i feel some kind of connection with the bloggers around the world. When i read news about bloggers being victimized, some sort of unhappiness engulfs within. I'm writing about a blogger who's jailed practically for no criminal reasons but just for blogging, blogging against his own society's dirt in the hope he could make people aware and bring some good changes. But alas!!! The only guilt of this Arabian blogger, and IT professional Fouad Ahmed al-Farhan, 32, was that he criticized the extremism society of his autocratic government. We all know how restrictive and abusive muslim society is. And, he is victimized, his freedom to speak and write has been abused. He didn't write for terrorism, he didn't promote illegal activities what he did was he wrote against the negative things about political leaders. Critically analyzed his own system,wrote to make people aware of what's wrong and what's right. He tried to lit the ray of h

Me and My blog's New look for the New Year

Finally Christmas season is over but still New year season is just in front of the door. I really needed a change, change in terms of my blog's look. And,it was kindda boring to see the same common outlook whole year. I was trying to find new Look for new year. I stumbled into many sites and links for the new skins but couldn't find one that could satisfy my need. And, i didn't have time to learn and design my own theme. Finally, i found a new skin suitable for my need. I'm 'blue' lover and it's been favorite color for whole life and it still is. The most noticeable thing about this skin is abundance blue. It gives me some sort of internal sense of pleasure and relaxation. For me, blue is normally an emblem of peace,calmness and serenity. Since my nature as a human being resembles much to those attributes i just mentioned, i'm unknowingly related to this color and i'm glad that i chose this skin,customized it the way i want and thanks Erica Akira, wh


During these holidays, i'm working on moving to new server and i'm designing new template for my blog. I'm extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused by that. Please don't forget to Visit Back. 48 hours is my estimated downtime projection. Hope you'll keep up with me. THANK YOU , my dear friends and beloved ones. Happy Holidays!!! Seems like i won't be having enough free time cos i'm totally going to be engulfed by Santa Claus and New Year season. So, it's clear, i won't be doing anything to change stuffs on my blog for now.

Real questions and stupid answers

Girlfriend : "...And are you sure you love me and no one else ?" Boyfriend : "Dead Sure! I checked the whole list again yesterday". Teacher : "What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?" Pupil : "A teacher". Waiter : "Would you like your coffee black?" Customer : "What other colors do you have?" Teacher : "Sam, you talk a lot !" Sam : "It's a family tradition". Teacher : "What do you mean?" Sam : "Sir, my grandpa was a street hawker, my father is a teacher". Teacher : "What about your mother?" Sam : "She's a woman". Teacher : "Now, Sam, tell me frankly do you say prayers before eating?" Sam : "No sir, I don't have to, my mom is a good cook". Patient : "What are the chances of my recovering doctor?" Doctor : "One hundred percent. Medical records show that nine out of ten peopl

Nepal to go REPUBLIC

Finally some rays of hope seems digging in. My country has gone through lots of turmoil. It was indeed a time for some initiatives,some change. I really hated top leaders for making my country their playground of their own benefit and selfishness. I always wondered, why couldn't they stand up from their party and do something for country? Country's benefits should've been their top-most priority than Party's. But whatever, finally, i see some hope. Because, to save their grounds, they have to go with people's decision and they passed an agreement to declare NEPAL a people's country, Great Republic Nepal . It's gonna take some time though. Because, there had been so many good promises made and laws passed but not implemented properly. After further cabinet meetings, date for Constituent Assembly Election would be fixed and the first meeting on the Election will stamp the validity of Republic Nepal. For now, Nepal will be declared 'Republic' on papers

How to remove " " browser Hi-Jack Worm

" " seems to be recent headache to many of the users within the country(NEPAL) and some part of the world around. Instead of calling it Virus, i would better call it "Browser HiJack worm". It couldn't infect my Vista and when i checked the Code of ' ' Browser HiJack worm, it wasn't serious threat. Instead it was coded to remove couple of known malwares(ravmon,sxs,winfile,run). look at the code below If Fso.FileExists(Drives.Path & "\ravmon.exe") Then Fso.DeleteFile(Drives.Path & "\ravmon.exe") End If If Fso.FileExists(Drives.Path & "\sxs.exe") Then Fso.DeleteFile(Drives.Path & "\sxs.exe") End If If Fso.FileExists(Drives.Path & "\winfile.exe") Then Fso.DeleteFile(Drives.Path & "\winfile.exe") End If If Fso.FileExists(Drives.Path & "\run.wsh") Then Fso.DeleteFile(Drives.Path &

Microsoft has surprises : SilverLight and IE8

Microsoft's main focus for 2008 would be SilverLight and IE8 . And the recent news about IE8 passing ACID 2 TEST is creating lots of hypes/expectations among IE fan and equally among other users. How would IE8 be? What is ACID 2 Test? The people in the picture below are the IE8 developer team. They've answers for most of the queries. And, SilverLight?? this is Microsoft's launch against FLASH content on web. One may assume, Microsoft is daring to become strong competitor against FLASH. Flash has taken 95% of web market? will Microsoft be able to exist? Time will tell us. (Those IE8 developer team were Interviewed. Click here for their interview video.) But for now, i didn't find anything new in Silverlight. I tried Silverlight and it just allowed me to play and pause only. Silverlight has lot lot more to improve. Actually, i came to know about Silverlight from this site I've been a huge Jackass movie fan and i regularly check their site and i fo

Some of my Photoshop tricks

I've seen couple of these effects all over the net and reading all the lamest comments on those effects made me try my hands on it. And, i thought i accomplished to some extent without following any complicated how-to's/tutorials. These are some of the effects i did. My transparent Toshiba laptop, messy desk and book "CYBERSHOCK" by Winn Schwartau behind I expect humble comments on following effects too. RUNNNN FOR YOUR LIFEEEE .. (my father the GIANT) Giant in the Garden(My brother) Threesome myself

Supersize Me

Morgan Spurlock,director of Academy Award-nominated 2004 documentary film 'Super Size Me' puts himself into 1 month straight consumption of McDonald's fast food without exercising regularly. Anyone who is sticking with McDonald should watch the following movie. It came to my attention when doctors here told me about the realities of Fast food. My cholesterol level had gone up and caused a bit of arcus formation in my left eye. I was allured to fastfood in America and whenever i got time, i ate those burgers. It's okay now. I stay away from them. And, i came across this wonderful documentary after searching online. For healthy life, i also found to walk 6000-10,000 steps. Very soon, I'm getting one of those nifty gadget called Pedometer for myself. Besides i've a message for my Nepalese readers, if you are thinking good thing about Fastfood in USA, stop dreaming and help yourself by ignoring them. I'm not against any company or their products but when it

VMware goes freeware

When i tried VMware Workstation Trial many months ago, it wasn't free but when i tried it then, i was astonished to see that it was so reliable and feature packed. The concept of VMware is to utilize the computing resources without affecting the existing OS's own usability. VMware is the virtual machine/operating system(OS) under any other parent operating system. For example, i've Windows XP installed and i want to try Windows Vista or any other OS distributions like open-source Linux. In that scenario,i could use VMware and install Vista without crippling my windows XP. VMware is a standalone software under any Operating system with the capability to store the other operating systems in it and virtually, we can swap to OS to OS in seconds. This is very helpful for programmers,beta-testers who want to check their softwares under very Operating systems. And, that is how the final product is released. Had it not been there, one has to have several machines installed with

Toshiba presents First HD DVD-RW Qosmio G40 Notebook

Right now, i'm writing these words from my Toshiba Satellite laptop. And, i'm equally excited to learn that the same company is the first ever in the history of computing to release the Notebook with HD DVD-RW drive. I'm sure, people will read the fact sheet in coming decades like "Toshiba released first Notebook with HD DVD-RW drive". Before i rattle on about this humongous beast, one can have a quick look at it's specs: Toshiba Qosmio G40 Notebook( i could've described in words but some things look good when it's sorted/listed) -HD DVD-RW drive -17 inch WUXGA(1920 x 1200) VGA -2.2GHz T7500 Core 2 Duo processor -Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT GPU -400 GB hard drive(2 x 200 GB drives) -4 GB of System RAM -2 HDTV Tuners -1 HDMI-out Now, the possibilities are immense. Watching high quality HD movies/programs is possible in notebook portable computers. I came to learn that one could easily record the live transmission and shouldn't be really worried about th

iPhone turned into 2 mega pixel video camcorder

Someone with the alias "Drunknbass" from MonsterAndFriend has released a unique iPhone application to record video at very high resolution. Right now, it's only able to record 5 seconds of video at 10 fps. But, the development is in process to build the updated application which would record unlimited video at 45 fps. Whatever, it's a nice hack. The following software is the right tool if you want to experiment with your iPhone and the following video shows how people are using their iPhone as HIGH resolution Camcorder.. Download iPhone camcorder App password for rar file: Related links:

iGoogle : my new iGoogle theme

So many people still look at me with dazed eyes when i tell/inquire them about 'iGoogle'. fine, they know google, but igoogle??what the heck is it? Google is for searching things online and they feel proud and content when they say so as if they had known all of it. But satirically, they've no idea on what is iGoogle. When i tell them, google is not only search engine but it's also a complex mathematical and scientific calculator(just disclosing one of google's tentacles, i know google is huge OCTOPUS even larger than 'Kragen' someone has dreamt of and my blog alone would be insufficient to gossip around all of it's features - 'wink''wink'), i become the laugh stock of the crowd. I don't mind and i don't care. Well, coming to the point, i'm writing about iGoogle. Google has offered us a lot, (mentioning about google page - i really don't like it, very less monthly bandwidth, not even enough to share my files with my chums.

Unix admin tried to axe power grid

A California man pleaded guilty Friday to charges that he shut down the datacenter responsible for managing the state's electrical supply. Lonnie Denison, 33, is now facing as much as five years in prison and a $250,000 fine after admitting to breaking a glass cover and hitting the emergency "off" switch at the California Independent System Operator (Cal-ISO) data center in Folsom, California, on April 15. By doing so, he shut off the power in the datacenter. He was formerly a contract Unix system administrator at the center. Cal-ISO is the nonprofit organization that manages California's power. By knocking these systems offline, Denison effectively cut the state off from the energy market, leaving California vulnerable to blackout conditions. No blackouts occurred, however, because the data center went down at 11:23 p.m. on a Sunday -- a time when electricity demand is typically at a lull. "If this deliberate shut-off had occurred in the morning ... things w

Ashop Commerce Shopping Cart software review

Gone are the days, when a business firm had to think 10 times before setting up his/her online e-commerce business. Gone are the days, when seller had to spend hundreds of dollars to a middle person just for designing his/her online store. People do pay the cost for owning a web host space/services/features and domain name. In addition to that, they are burdened with extra expenses for setting up their site,putting flesh and muscles to it. Believe it or not, the money they pay to some professionals to set the site up, it's exorbitantly much much more than they pay for owning the space and domain space. Some are adventurous enough trying to figure out things themselves and they try to setup online store for themselves. That's the invitation to the lots of troubles,time wastage,headaches,not properly working site interface, unprofessional look et cetera. Why am i writing all these?? Because, one can't deny the existence of online business. If you buy things from ebay and amaz

6455 unique visitors a day

Yesterday, i wrote a post and that post alone got 6455 unique hits, this is the highest hits to my blog till date. That means, 6455 people read it. Except my 30 regular readers, rest of them were all the new visitors to my blog. Hits on my post skyrocketed because, i fired the issue which was contemporary,later became hot issue and almost all Nepalese netizens searched Internet with the almost same combinations of keywords: "Nepalese site hacked" "Nepalese government site hacked" "Nepal hacked" ..... And, my new friend 'nepsydaz' at 'digg' dug my post and it was actually, diggDotcom at the first of the search result(diggDotcom has higher PR than mine ..geez, it's definitely gonna come first). So, whoever searched on above keywords they saw diggdotcom first and almost 90% visitors flocked into my blog after they'd been through the digg of my new friend 'nepsydaz' My statcounter stat shows 6455 unique visitors/7094 hits/30 ret

Nepalese Government site Hacked by Iranian Black Hat Team

Nepalese government has always been disgrace towards it's people. They pass the budget and they don't put it to right use. They buy tons of computers and spend lots of country's money on it. And, they use it just for personal email and playing games during their "Raja ko Kaam , kahiley Jala Ghaam" time. They didn't put much concerns towards online security. Yesterday, a very talented group(Wanter, Kinglet,$mart,!inf3rN.4Il,Echo) tagging themselves as Iranian BlackHat Team hacked . This group though very talented were fully motivated towards bad intentions, defacing every loophole websites they could find. Mostly big companies,government sites. While defacing Nepalese Governmeent site, they put some message like this Right now, may be some moron ministers and his cabinet members or office fellows must be amusing on this incident. For them, it must have been a good subject of gossip for whole day. damn them!!! After sometime, all the content

My First Kiss

I was feeling different that day. It was not like that i had never been out with a lady before but still she was different. It wasn't even a date actually. I just asked if she would like to visit me in the afternoon at my workplace and we could maybe go out for a coffee. I never thought that she would say yes until she gave a thumbs up. Most of the gurls i dated before were blind dates whom i met over the net and they never contacted me after 2 or 3 dates. But oh yeah with her it was a different story. I can never forget the first time we met. I was returning from my college and she too boarded the same mirco bus as mine. She was lilttel freaky because she sat down beside me and she was breaking her fingers and talking to herself. For some unknown reasons i was kindda amazed with this somewhat stupid act and i said " You look beautiful when you talk to yourself" . I dont know how she had felt but i did see her cheeks getting red . Before she got off she handed me a cheat

Wonderful Day!!!

It was wonderful day because today for the first time, i was in some social gathering of my own. Previously, i used to go to such occasions which were actually for my father and I just used to hang around and talk with his friends. But, today, this was my first ever social gathering here in Santa Cruz and i enjoyed it a lot. I just can't explain the moments in words but i really did enjoy the day. Sad part, Merium and Evan, they are leaving back to their country. (I wish the bird were in the middle when i took the shot) Merium is Doctor in France,very adorable lady, sober and somewhat enigmatic but i usually enjoyed her company when we were assigned certain assignments to complete in class. She was busy working for some refugee centers in Santa Cruz and now she's leaving after 8 days. Son of this queen of magnetic smile is waiting for her. I just wish her best of luck and happy reunion with her family. And EVAN, wow.. she's such a cute lady who is quite expert in presenting