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Dalai Lama's computer hacked and credit cards stolen

How can malicious softwares go undetected for more than 2 years in a computer, especially of those high profile organization's? Ain't they supposed to be higly secured and regularly monitored? Today, a news broke from Canadian News networks stating that more than 1,295 computers in 103 countries of high profile people and organizations have been breached. All the vital informations have been compromised. The culprit, 'GhostNet' a 'Cyber espionage' network seemed originated from China according to Canadian Researcher Group. The Group also revealed that Dalai Lama was one of it's target. On a similar note, there is Google's blunder circling around the globe about it's search cache which revealed more than 22,000 credit card numbers along with cardholder's addresses,phone numbers and all other minute details. Out of it, 19,000 card numbers were still active. These card numbers belonged to US and UK citizens. US's were outnumbered by UK&#

Why Google is forced to blackout street-views of UK?

Last week, I didn't know much but read very few words about Google's explicit display of people walking by in streets and alleys of UK. The news was just as boring as hell but the same evening, I read Google were forced to pull off those streetview images off it's Google Map feature which let people browse the cities and view the pictures of it. It felt little strange to me then because, Google were never forced to do something like that for some stupid reasons. Its reasonable that Google has shaded out certain areas on it's map because of national security issues. It should completely hide all those regions which could be easily exploited or which could be used for malicious purposes. And, it has been doing that for good sake. If you've read news before when Google Map was reasoned for Mumbai Bomb blast, when Google Map is cussed and proved evil in the eyes of smugglers(whose smack-harvesting field was destroyed by security folks who took help of Google Map), then

Top 10 IT locations in the World

Recently, Australian Tech Magazine 'PC Authority' covered following cities as the world's TOP 10 IT junction. Check it Out. 1. Silicon Valley Undoubtedly, San Jose, Sunny vale and San Mateo County is considered 'Silicon Valley' because all the major league of IT companies are headquartered in these areas. You name it, it's all here. HP, Sun, Oracle, Apple, Cisco, Google, Yahoo, Intel, McAfee, Symantec, AMD, eBay are few to name. Not only that, Silicon Valley has the long history for the development of IT industry. 2. Taiwan I used to think, Taiwan is the only place where Computer RAM are fabricated and produced. Eventually, I was proved wrong but the truth is they've grasped the huge market in RAM manufacturing. Taiwan is established in the areas of consumer technology, enterprise technology and semiconductors and produces around 80% of the world's laptops and a significant proportion of other computer components. Among the big names calling Taiwa

Gmail adds "Undo" Option for any mail sent

I don't make much mistakes but I've seen people cussing themselves like 'darn it', 'Oh shit!!!', 'What the f** did I do", .. these are some of the common phrases that you must have heard once in a while when they make mistakes. When it comes to sending emails, I thoroughly check twice before hitting 'SEND' buttons. Lots of people don't do. For them, here's the life saver feature that Google has recently added to it's Gmail. It's 'Undo' feature. It's not activated by default. First, activate it. - Check out the top most area in Gmail after logged in, click 'Settings', click 'Labs' and enable the 'Undo' feature. (click the image below to see how it looks) Once activated, sign out, sign in. Voila, the 'Undo' option will be right there as soon as we send emails. I tried to send dummy email..welllll.. to myself. As soon as I clicked 'SEND' button, I saw 'Undo' link. C

Internet Explorer 8 released but..

I was heading to my work but before that, instinctively checked some news and read Microsoft released their much expected IE8. They cut off their 'beta' tag off it. Way to work, I was thinking about it's features. Back to home in the evening,I opened up my VMware(sandbox for me), I fired up the firefox and downloaded IE8. It looked very beautiful and installation required me to reboot. I was in an ecstasy to ditch firefox and carry on with Microsoft's latest IE8. They have this new features like Search Suggestions which retrieve information as we type,another feature called accelerators let us preview online services just by pointing mouse at them,another feature called suggested Sites which is discover websites based on websites visited and lot others focused on security issues. As I went with surfing sites, it felt pretty cool, I checked their other submenus under Tools menu and things that they've changed, to be true, all the ideas seemed borrowed from here

Apple: Good News and Bad News

Few weeks ago in UK, four years old Apple Macbook exploded for no reason though nobody was hurt. I was kind of astonished that how could highly acclaimed and expensive Apple Macbook explode like cheap-shit. It's just 3-4 days ago, Apple Ipod touch exploded in a Cincinnati youngster's pocket and nearly burnt his package. It could've rendered him useless man for his life. He should thank his luck, he was left only with melted underwear and leg burns,nothing happened to his crouch. His mother is suing Apple for selling high-priced third-class product. The mother is asking for $150,000 total plus attorney fees for the child's bills and emotional distress. This is indeed not a good news for Apple and it's fan or whoever owns Apple's product. Their reputation is at stake. Somewhat Good News for iTunes users, Apple removed their very unpopular DRM feature off iTunes software . DRM(Digital Right Management) was their way of protecting songs which never let a

Here comes the battery which charges in 10 seconds

Lithium ion batteries pack in so much energy in them, so they are mostly used on portable electronic devices. We can get hours of operation. This is well known truth, one obstacle though; charging the battery for few hours to get devices work for hours. That was totally uncool. Not anymore now, scientists have come up with a way to charge the battery in 10 seconds and you are good to go for hours of operation. Seems like too good to be true but that's happening. Dr. Cedar and group with MIT are to be honored for this invention. They believe that this will definitely gonna bring the big positive changes in lifestyles and the consumer market. Electrically chargeable cars are the one going to be the most benefited from this invention. Way around here and there,I also discovered that there is huge power consumption to charge battery up in 10 seconds which I personally think is abnormal. Don't know if this is just a factsheet or myth, but this site claims that it'll increas

How to spoil a nicely done photo

It's been a while that I've not posted anything under my blog's fun category. So, here it goes. These shots are obnoxious in a sense, something turns a normal looking snaps into subject of laugh stock. I-pooood This one is for ladies craving for some bendover 1,2,3,4 and Gawd.. where the hell did mr islander come from whatta contrast!!! one is sunbathing almost naked and other one taking dip with clothes on???huh Some spontaneous smiles are scary like shit...proof?? look at the third girl in a row and mr. smiley(must be thinking himself Mr Tom Cruise giving such a laugh) Future and Present: Saga of every woman's Vaginal Itch .. well, that's a cute face..ummm beware of jerk like this,.. here comes the winner Don't you think somebody just poked something in that SOB's ass blessingss... Thank you for reading my post.

Kathmandu where they recycle everything

My little district in Kathmandu, Gairidhara, surrounds Nepal's main Saraswati Temple. Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of music and learning, and every year on her festival day thousands of kids flock to the shrine to get their pens and notebooks blessed. It's one of those neighborhoods where you can find just about anything, from skin-lightening cream to motorcycle seat reupholstering shops. This suits me well - because whenever I return to Nepal, I prepare to take advantage of a quality that has not changed a bit since my Buddha-shopping days: the Nepalese ability to fix anything. In the late 1980s, I delighted in snapping photos - admiring photos - of umbrella repair stands and disposable lighter refilling stations. For a few years I sheepishly brought my old lighters back to Nepal to be reconditioned, although I never got as far as umbrellas. Since then, I've abandoned all pretense of shame and usually fill a suitcase with items that would have to be thrown out, or re

What I think about Microsoft

Have you ever felt that the thoughts you've had sometime deepened inside your heart being spoken out by somebody else and all of a sudden, feeling like you're not alone having the same feeling when nobody had ever cared to agree with you what you said before? It has happened to me a lot at some point of my life. I've been having this strange feelings deepened within myself on why and how Microsoft keeps continuing it's OS legacy and when I read the last paragraph of someone name John Dvorak's article from PCMag, I couldn't help but chuckle. Nothing funny, but that's how I always been thinking about Microsoft Saga. It's human nature to chuckle for nothing, I guess. Here we go(excerpt from the main article): Microsoft preannounces a new version of Windows and gives it some weird name that initiates discussion as people try to decipher it's deeper meaning or what it references. Chicago,Longhorn,Blackcomb,7. The specification is revealed, with the goa

Apple PowerBook is the new timebomb

Apple PowerBook is the new ticking timebomb. As most of the Apple Fan believed their Apple computers as time-tested,highly efficient and far superior than others, it's a big punch on their belief. Last week on Thursday, as reported by The Inquirer , the Apple PowerBook exploded for no reason inside the office of local UK-based Marketing company. Luckily no one was hurt. This kind of incidents of self-exploding battery-powered gadgets are not new. Many reputed cellphones have exploded in the past. Few weeks ago, A Chinese man was killed by the cellphone explosion. As always, companies blamed on low-quality cheap battery used. But, what's up with this Apple Powerbook? That had genuine battery and it's one of the expensive thing of it's time comparatively. So much to pay for crap-happening like this?? Whatever,Apple is in the bandwagon after Nokia,Ericsson .. Thank you for reading my post.

Pornography kills human feelings

A recent study has shown that more and more underage are exposing themselves towards online porn. With the proliferation of online porn websites, now even a small kid as young as 8-9 years can access them anytime, anywhere easily doesn't matter if he/she has any idea of sex. Their curious nature could put them into risk or might jeopardize their health and future in some cases. Everyone who has advocated for sex education and somehow didn't care much about parental software/Guidance to implement inside their house, now is the time to buckle up and think seriously to prevent their immature kids getting into porn viewing. These kids who frequently visited porn sites tend to develop a sort of non-human feelings eventually; they take women as sex objects and men as sex toys. Lots of these porn websites are broadcasting unethical and socially disturbing and unacceptable sexual practices. Negative sexual attitude and unhealthy sexual behavior could be the outcome which could be psy

Microsoft readying for revolutionary breakthrough

Microsoft Office Labs has envisioned the way people would be communicating in the near future. They've created a video montage(see below) on how people would be using the devices and how devices would evolve eventually. As I checked this video, I was awestruck by the way Microsoft is preparing to change mankind's lifestyle. The video shows all the technologies Microsoft has in their pocket and which they think would be available for people within a decade of research and development. Video: Future Vision Montage Foldable display unit(digital news paper),transparent interactive walls, interactive surface, digital ID, revolutionary way of communicating, etc are just felt like cutscenes from some sci-fi flick but to be true, they are destined to be a reality in near future. Just give them, say 10 more years. You'll be seeing all this near you. src: here Thank you for reading my post.

My Acer Aspire One Netbook

Last week, I got my Acer Aspire One netbook in Blue Sapphire color with N270 processor. Atom processors are built for low-power consumption on portable devices. I was about to buy ASUS Eee PC with latest N280 processor but I dropped the idea of buying it because of it's 10 " screen size. I was looking for smaller screen size and this Acer Aspire One AOA150-1447 was unmatched. Asus is the only one to have latest N280 as a processor on it's netbook for now. Price factor wasn't a big deal, it was just $25 dollars more if I had pre-ordered but I'm so glad that I got my Acer Aspire One with such a nice screen size. Besides, it's extremely portable. This is me, unboxing Acer Aspire One Netbook The sound quality is not good enough right off it's speaker but with headphones, it's justified. I do lots of reading on this netbook, I do surf internet around the wifi spots and it's pretty cool to have it. So many people still don't know what are netbook