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UK Visa Office in Nepal hacked,embassy email login/password compromised

Well, the title is not just to draw attention of my readers but it is just the part of whole news and it's the reality. Someone with the name DAN EGERSTAD(swedish) who calls himself Freelance Security Consultant(infact, he is the guy who hacked embassies's senstive login details all around the world. He's truly a hacker and he calls himself some Security consultant. I think after this he surely will get that job, best of luck for him) published usernames and passwords for more than 100 email acccounts of various embassies and governments around the world. He posted all this sensitive login details few days ago on his blog and now, it's not there at all. He deleted that post. The post read this way which will return NOT FOUND if you visit out of excitement(drop your excitement..plz :) May be he's afraid of federals,CIA or interpol getting behind h

$24,400 for a cellphone

Vertu(Nokia Corp.'s Subsidiary) is producing and selling limited edition of 60 phones each priced at $24,400. The phone "The Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60" is created to celebrate sports-car maker Ferrari SpA's 60th anniversary. According to company representative, the phones are hand assembled using top-of-the-line stainless steel and titanium components, as well as leather from authentic Ferrari suppliers. People would be paying money for it's craftmanship and high quality branded material used for it. Paying $24,400 only for a phone is out of reach for middle-class like us but it's for sure, someone diehard fan of ferrari or celebrities gonna own this one for sure as a status symbol.

USB 3.0 is new standard

Started off with USB 1.1 standard to now considered USB 2.0 as the fastest USB standard is going to be deluded very soon. It's because, new standard USB 3.0 is coming on its way very soon. USB is so ubiquitous that i'm sure nobody needs it's whole definition. We know it as a Universal serial bus(USB) in an unabridged form. If we see carefully,almost all addons like digicam,portable harddrive, portable media players,mouse,keyboard, network card,wireless adapter,mobile phones, almost every tech gadget use USB standard as a medium to connect to each other. It won't be exaggeration if we call this current time as USB era in techworld. Before i start blabbering more on USB. Let me reveal some important things that i know. When USB was first introduced, i didn't care much about it. I only knew it's bandwidth is faster than serial ports in motherboard. I used to think why would anyone need 12Mbps USB mouse just to move cursor on the screen. But today i know, to get : Work of personal vision based on the art and craft of thangka

I think now, i'd be able to blog frequently. Finally, the project that i'm involved into is over. is what i've been doing all this week. Don't forget to check it, how it has been done. From the site: "The Tibetan word "Thangka" refers to the flat cloth on which paintings are produced and by extension to the images and paintings themselves. The Tibetan art of Thangka painting is at once a folk, traditional, and sacred art: folk because it is an expression of what is essential to the Tibetan people's culture, aspirations, and principles of living; traditional because it is taught, studied, practiced, and produced according to an established, precisely transmitted body of craft and contemplative knowledge which is, in turn, a vehicle for the essence of Tibetan Buddhism; and sacred because its form and content make of this phenomenal world a manifest "bridge" to, or expression of, the inconceivable, primordial, ultima

Let's be proud of being Nepali

Prashant Tamang, an Indian of Nepalese origin, once again gave Nepalese around the world reason to be proud of our glorious past. By profession a policeman and singer, Prashant is the first contestant of Nepalese-Indian origin to win the coveted title "Indian Idol 2007". Native of Tungsung, Darjeeling in West Bengal, Prashant Tamang is the only son of Rupa Tamang and her late husband, police officer Madan Tamang. He has one sister. India's modern history is not complete without calling up the names of many brave and talented Indians of Nepalese origin. Many of us are unaware that the composer of India's national anthem and the song 'Jana Gana Mana', was the late Capt. Ram Singh Thakur, also of Nepalese origin. During the Indian Independence Movement, thousands of Nepalese and Indians of Nepalese origin fought the colonial British Raj and sacrified their lives for the freedom of India. Nepalese Indian martyrs Major Durga Malla (executed in Old Delhi Jail, near

Enough of a Day!!!!

Past few days, i am not being able to update my blog regularly, reason? it's obvious, it's new place and i've to learn so many new things. Tradition,culture and people, they all are different here. Rules and regulations are another aspects. Besides, i'm on revamp project of one old website of my father. That's taking my lots of time. Technical aspect is okay but writing/editing, they too are being done. So, it's time consuming. Have been working on it as soon as i landed on this country. When i finish the site, i'll put some words here too. So, i was preparing and designing those web stuffs, suddenly, father told us to get ready. What else,we got ready and headed towards 3 hours long drive to San Francisco. The place where we lived is called Santa Cruz. It's located just near the sea and at evening, it's glowing to watch the wonderful sunset. And from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, driving is 3 hours. We drove by the coastal area watching all the seas

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Prashant Tamang -A Nepalese in Indian Idol 3

CONGRATULATION !!!! PRASHANT FOR BEING INDIAN IDOL Here in US, we don't have Sony channel, may be there is but the region where i am, we don't have. Whatever ... am glad to hear that PRASHANT became an INDIAN IDOL. Update(Sept,12 2007): Prashant Tamang in Boudha Prashant Tamang is becoming sensation day by day as the final decisive day is approaching nearer and nearer. For his support, lots of people are convincing people to vote for him. People are relating his victory with nation's pride which i don't like. Besides, the communal attachment for him is growing day by day. It's only we mongolian face supporting him in Nepal. Like in Dharan and other different place of our country,people has put his banners, posters showing support for him. Yesterday, it was no moon day and i was lighting butterlamps in front of BoudhaNath stupa and suddenly i saw, there is huge banner of Prashant Tamang. Tamangs of Boudha has done this admiration for him. Normally, we see portrays

How i Connected my wi-fi Laptop to Desktop PC with the help of D-Link Router

Yesterday, i went to local downtown shopping center with my Father. He had lost his At&T cingular phone back there in Nepal. He suspects some CHOR(thief) taxi driver must have done that since he lost that in Taxi. He deactivated that service then in Nepal since it has roaming service all around the world. For me, At&T is good because yesterday,in downtown mall of San Francisco,it's local agent provided extra SIM to my father and they activated the suspended service. He put his SIM to my N70, i profiled it according to his choice and it worked great. Back to home, i was thinking how to hook up my laptop with my father's aDSL broadband connection. I've been used to wired networking, cross-cabling and straight cabling, all the color-matching of individual pair of colors so that it could work in switch/hub for straight cabling or cross-cabling in direct connection between two PCs. In Nepal also, we've router to meet the need of wireless connection for home but i nev

Most Hilarious and funniest TV ADs on Technology

These are some tech ADs which are the most funniest when i watch them now. These are from old days which is now just a mere history. Have a look at yourself how people are jumping to promote their product and how nerd are some people. Steve Ballmer sells Windows 1.0 MS DOS 5 Upgrade Promo Video I had to delete these video embed from my blog because, these video embeds were causing trouble to my blog. Whenever i opened my blog, some [type mismatch] message come over and created irritation. please check those videos here -->> click here .

Lufthansa Airlines to carry Broadband internet by the end of this year

On Sept 14,2007, when i was leaving my country on a plane, i really didn't know much about the luxuries am going to have on board. Those cute air hostesses serving diet foods on regular interval is something i really appreciate. Besides, the video watching sucked bigtime. I had 3 flights and one left me with much impression. It was CHINA airlines from Thailand to Taipei. Seats were very comfortable and moreover we had that little geeky touch screen attached with the seats where i could play games,watch movies(i guess recorded and customized by the airlines itself), and view GPS position of the flight realtime. The only thing i felt lacking was Internet. Back to home in San Francisco, took rest for couple of days due to jetlag. And now, finally i'm back to normal and adapting to environment out here. I was still wishing if those flights would have internet access so that i could do online things, reading news,chatting with buddies,checking mails and so. Well, Lufthansa Airlines(

My Trip to San Francisco, USA

14 Sept 2007 -> Today is my departure date. I'm leaving my country Nepal at 2 pm. It was a very busy,hectic and tensed moments since morning. Almost all my relatives,friends and family members gathered to see-off us. At around 11:00 am, all of them were there. It was a huge crowd out there. My mother was crying like baby as if she is not gonna see us ever. But she's is mom and may be she is going to miss us. Her eyes were swollen due to crying. Since it's flight(Thai Airlines) at 2:00 pm, we've to get to airport around an hour earlier but thinking the 'Teej'(Nepali Women's festival) and the Traffic Jam it would cause from the Boudha to Airport route, we already headed towards Airport at around 12:00 pm. Still we couldn't make it in time. It was worst JAM i've ever seen. We stuck for an hour in that JAM and later someone let us know about the shortcut. We followed that route and in the way, requested Traffic police to have way for us and they let

This is my last post

This is my last post. So far, i've posted so many things on different topics. Many people appreciated it. The proof is lots of emails i get thanking me for putting up some worthwhile topics. I really don't know what motivated me to blog but it's just the transition from paper to computer. I used to write my things on paper but with this blog, i'm doing things completely on computers. My lots of habit have changed overtime. And i don't regret. This is also my last post because, now on i'm not writing any words for this blog. So many topics came into my mind and mostly i put my thoughts which is tech-related. Being fun-loving in nature (though at first, i'm bit reserved but once getting to know each-other, i'm a wild animal) my most of the blogposts are also dedicated towards humor and satire. I also wrote lots of topics criticizing different subjects which we come through during our day to day life. Bottom line:- This is my last post for my blog. I thank

Pen which releases paper to write on

You've Pen but you don't have paper to write on?? don't worry, this pen has paper on it too. This pen can load 2 feet long paper in it. Refill it, scroll up and there is paper for you to write. Quite interesting pen to own. This $35 pen is very scientific. I used to dream of something all in one thing. This is one of my dream come true thing. Watch how this pen works

Nature's beauty

Did you think walking naked in jungle is safe?? Be warned!!! Nature is watching us and they do copy us. How did they imitate us? here are the proofs!!!!

Don't Do Signs!!!

Improving your accent?? be ready for these tongue twisters

Every morning repeat these tongue twisters and you'll have any accent you want at your command : ) If you pause for 500 ms(half second), repeat from the beginning again. Start.....! Peter bought a butter, The butter Peter bought was bitter, So Peter Bought A better butter, To make the bitter butter better. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood as a wood chuck would if a woodchuck could chuck wood. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Which witch wished which wicked wish? ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Did Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers? If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked? ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ She sells sea shells by the sea

Linux mouse and unique Mobile phone strap

Nothing special and geeky but this mouse may interest someone who is linux fan. Optical USB mouse with scroll wheel is something common with any other mouse. The only thing that differentiate it with others is it's look. The penguin look. This is a mobile phone strap which flashes the light when in ringtone or vibration mode. I think it would be cool to put the phone in vibration mode and see the light blinks when someone calls. Different colors of bulbs are available and it's avaiable for $12. Few years ago, in Kathmandu too, people were so crazy about putting those lighting stickers in the back of their mobile sets. It costed around Rs 150 back then but so many people complained about poor network coverage, fast battery drainage and health risk. I don't know if people use it these days too. But this light bulb strap looks bit different and it's working only under two band frequency(1800/1900 MHz) on GSM phones.


I've always wanted to own Archos Portable Media player. It's features were so damn good since the time i knew that it existed. My wish list notes filled with it's early old devices(which were so new and fancy back then).. when i look back, read them now and at present i make a grin myself thinking how fancy these were on those days. Now, it's already hard to imagine owning it. They were kindda obsolete but when i made note, it was something so desirable to own. The latest Re-incarnation is ARCHOS 704 WiFi portable media player. It's my new wishlist. Price is $249 and i assume it'll go down more and more in coming days. If we spend extra bucks, we can expand it's horizon of services it gives back to us. But still at price of $249, some middle class in US think it's pretty cheap and affordable. Comparatively, it's cheaper than it's other competitors. That's the bottom line. I've watched it's video someone describing and showing it fr

Techy tech around the world

Intel Sued by DualCor California-based ultramobile PC firm DualCor Technologies sued Intel of misappropriating the DualCor trademark, last week. Did you know DualCor is patented trademark other than Intel's?? I didn't know but just came to know that DualCor was in an effort to get the trademark since May 2004 and officially, the U.S. Patent and Trademark office granted the trademark in July 2006 to DualCor. Intel knew all this and still they marketed their Intel 'Dual Core' PC a year ago . Now, Dual core has become very affordable, it's Core 2 Duo's time and right now, Intel is marketing it's Intel Quad core CPUs. Will Intel pay the compensation to them who is suing them?? Time will tell us. After all it's cut throat competitions all over the globe,not only in this business but in every kind of businesses. Apple gives $100 back to iPhone customers. Strange but truth, Apple created lots of hype for their most wanted first mobile phone venture called

Las De La Intuicion - New Music Video by SHAKIRA

New Music Video of Shakira. Stunning Get up. Needless to say , she is my favorite female singer. Las De La Intuicion - Shakira Music Video Lyrics ====== No me preguntes mas por mi Si ya sabes cual es la respuesta Desde el momento en que te vi Se a lo que voy Yo me propongo ser de ti una victima casi perfecta Yo me propongo ser de ti un VOLCAN HOY EL AMOR TAL VEZ ES UN MAL COMÚN Y asi como ves estoy VIVA AÚN Sera cuestion de suerte Chorus: Y creo que empiezo a entender (despacio, despacio, COMIENZAS A ENTENDER) Nos deseabamos desde antes de nacer (te siento, te siento, DESDE ANTES DE NACER) Tengo el presentimiento de que empieza la accion (ADENTRO, ADENTRO TE VAS QUEDANDO) Y las mujeres somos las de la intuicion Asi estoy dispuesta a todo amor Yo te propongo un desliz Un error convertido en acierto Yo me propongo ser de ti un VOLCAN HOY EL AMOR TAL VEZ ES UN MAL COMÚN Y asi como ves estoy VIVA AÚN Sera cuestion de suerte Chorus (x2) Las de la intuicion

दिमाग बिग्रिएका कलिऊडे हिरोहरु

This article is related to satircal notion on Nepalese actors. This was printed on Last year's Gai Jatra(Cow Festival in Nepal) special Magazine. These people call Nepalese film industry,KollyWood. As like with Hollywood,then bollywood and now Kollywood. The title of this blogpost is something like " Retarded Kollywood Actors" when translated into English. उमेरले पचास जोड पाँच पुगेर पनि नारायणगढतिरकी माइनस तीस बर्षकी तरुनीलाई जोई बनाउँदा छिप्पिसकेका छोरीलाई पोई खोज्न बिर्सेका साई शिव श्रेष्ठकी ठुली छोरी सोना श्रेष्ठ साईबर नेपालका ठिटाहरुलाई खोचँ र नदीमा लाँदै कपडा खोल्दै गर्न थालेकी छन् । त्यसै मौकामा चौका ठोक्दै डान्सर हिरो दिलिप राइमाझी सोनाकी बहिनी स्वीटीलाई गाजा खाँदै कहिले धुलिखेल त कहिले नगरकोट डुलाउन व्यस्त छन् । छोरी स्वीटीको चालामाला देखेर साइभत्त शिव श्रेष्ठलाई साक्षी राखी दिलीप रायमाझी गोडोको पानी खुवाउने सुरमा लागेका छन् । यता अभिनय सभिनय नगर्ने , खाली उफ्रनमात्र जान्ने निखिल उप्रेती सज्जासँग दिनरात मज्जा लिन थालेपछि कोपिला भाउजुको मुटु मिनेटमा १ सय ८० पल्ट

Google Hacks

Last time, i was having a brief chit-o-chat with Binay aka Kenshin and he was elaborately giving me an impression that google is the best thing on the net. I didn't readily agree with him because, it is the geek's tool and normal user can't do anything to find precisely what he/she wanted. That doesn't mean, i'm against google. I'm still with it and i say it's the best tool of everyone. Be it hacker, cracker, researcher,scientist,doctor or be it student or casual internet surfer like old grandma just trying to learn surfing net. It's everyone's favourite. It's not just information searching site. It's much more than that in case if someone didn't know about that. The main point of writing this post today is significant. It is because someone already did the coding in GUI and served us with the plethora of choices we can have with it. Normally, it's very hard to remember all those hardcore commands to give at google but it's easy w

My experience with Google Earth

Since few days, i'm having a no free time to get online. I was kindda stuck to my own personal life matters. I sold my Desktop computer. I felt guilt complex. I'm quite excited but at the same time, anxiety is eating me up. I'm having a fast bowel due to anxiety and excitement. I think this is natural thing but still, i'm not being able to convince myself. The fear of loosing someone near and dear, all the things to which am attached, my place.. these things are occupied inside my mind. But whatever, for 'best', sometimes we've to move on from 'good'. Prerana has been really an interesting human being who always supported me when i was in confusion. She let me know how she experienced when she reached UK. Similarly, Jyoti, my old college friend.. he also advised me couple of things which i must appreciate. And my cousin brother who has recently been to Euro Tour told me all new things about the western environment,culture and roads. I liked his photo