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Microsoft sues more alleged Hotmail spammers

Microsoft has filed two lawsuits over the past weeks looking to crack down on spam on its Windows Live Hotmail network. The "John Doe" lawsuits were filed against unknown alleged spammers who had been sending large quantities of spam advertising debt relief and adult Web sites to Hotmail accounts. Microsoft alleges that a company doing business under the name Consumer Solutions Network sent "misleading, deceptive, and unsolicited commercial e-mails advertising debt relief help to Windows Live Hotmail account holders." The spam contained subject lines such as "Michelle, accounts over the limit," or "Robert, Payment not received," the suit alleges. Consumer Solutions Network, which could not be reached for comment on this story, operates several Internet domains including,, and, according to Microsoft. Microsoft has also sued unnamed defendants for sending spam that pro

Warez lord got busted

Raymond Griffiths, British national living in Australia was extradited to US to face piracy charges against him. He led a group called ' DrinkOrDie ' which was the part of piracy world. It was founded in Russia in 1993 and was dismantled in 2001 following raids on it's bases of operation worldwide. U.S. Attorney Chuck says 'whether committed with a gun or a keyboard - theft is theft '. Now, he'll be jailed for 51 months. And his crew are being seeked upon for the same charges.

Apocalypse!!! is this for SURE??

Few days ago, people beaten him up just for misleading themselves, the foolish sheepish inhabitants of Kathmandu. His fault was that he publicly declared, that there would be enormous earthquakes in Kathmandu which would kill thousands of people. When nothing happened(something was happen though, his swollen face structures on TV News clearly showed them), people put their rage on him. Now, we really don't know if he was right or wrong but still he is claiming from the cell, and warning us ' see till this ASHAR 26th '. I wasn't really caring his statements. As soon as his prediction was to take form, nothing in Kathmandu happen but something bad was happening in our neighboring country Pakistan. Flood,Wind took many lives there. Next day, it was the headlines. Anyway, that's not my concern. Now, these days, i'm getting chill on my nerve because, i've been reading/listening news of apocalypse not only from the mouth of that so-called TRISHUL BABA, but also

Archive of more than 20,000 books digitized and free for use.

Anyone who contributed towards the digitization of books, thanks to them. Though, i'm not quite a book reader, there is immense usability of keeping books in digital format. We can use it as reference in future and am pretty much sure, it helps us save cutting of trees and forests for printing those books in hard form on and on. There are so many peoples around me, who are very fond of reading books,novels etc. I'm not sure if they like reading it on computer monitor for long or so but to see the current context, life is going digital. I mean today, nobody can lead a way of living without being digital. Carrying Cellphone, laptop is must to exist in today's official scenario without which dreaming about world is almost impossible. From the paper oriented conventional office environment, thanks to digital era, now it's not unusual to see paperless office. I was quite happy when the Information and Communication Minister K.B Mahara, few weeks ago stated that he would pu

Sites you'd Love to bookmark

How vigilant are your senses? Get a test here. I had hard time getting things done in correct manner. This Grappa will certainly soothe your emotions. Try it out. It's easy being inventor after reading this site. One can start making scientific(physics,chemistry,biology) wonders fun way.

File Sharing on Ares

File sharing across the networks is not a new thing these days. Even a kid with internet access knows how to send and receive files,programs etc. File Sharing is different than downloading. Because, File sharing involves simply two parties where uploading and downloading takes place at the same time. That means any two persons with online connectivity can share their harddisk's contents. Imagine what would happen if similar group of people starts to gather and starts sharing files. A network for file sharing would form. Previously, the sharing of files was based on centralized system. That means particular server was put into extreme usage. Download was possible only after making request to server. Remember the Napster?? that's how it works. But, after it shared music mp3s, it was ceased to exit by MPAA and various other organisations related to music industry. They accused them of loss of billions of dollars. I don't know how they calculated that figure but yeap, it was l

Sunita L. Williams : First Indian lady to break all Space records

Yesterday, Indian channels elaborately aired the live telecast of Atlantis Shuttle landing on earth. The specialty of the show or say the main attraction of all Indian channels was Sunita Williams, an Indian Astronaut. I came to know she broke couple of previous records like she stayed 6 months alone in space and she did longest space-walking(spaceflight). Before no female astronaut were able to do that. Yesterday,she's the center of attraction. It was amazing experience to witness how a dot like thing in blue sky turned to flying metal bird Atlantis shuttle. In wholesome, it took around 16 minutes for shuttle to land on earth from space. It was supposed to land on Florida airport but due to climatic change, it has to change it's path and land on California airport. While entering earth's atmosphere, shuttle has to go through immense resistance causing lots of friction to it's metal body which has special scientific coating to prevent burning down. Even after landing on

Full web page view in mobile phone screen: Opera Mini 4

Opera launched a beta version of Opera Mini 4. Needless to write, Opera Mini is a free mobile browser. The new feature of Opera Mini 4 is the full display of a web page. Previously, it was partial view of the page, where one has to scroll left,right,up and down to surf. With this new release, one can see all page at once but since the screen of mobile devices are very small and one can't properly see , there is a handle provided with this new version with which zooming in and out of the certain portion of the page is a kids play. It's in beta. To check its features, And to try it in phone, go to on mobile phone. To try it in desktop without installing it in phone, we can check the simulator to find out how it works. It's here Opera Mini 4 simulator

Over 300 Best freewares

This site gives over 300 best Windows freewares. It's categories are nicely laid out and one can find immediately what he/she needs. From the site: "What started as the freeware Top-100 for Windows XP, currently contains over 300 excellent free programs for both XP and Vista. As we don't want to change our name everytime the list gets longer, we keep calling it 100‑ There are 15 software categories to choose from, so there should be something useful for you, too. You won't find trial versions, spyware or malware. Only the best hand-picked freeware available, just one click away. Because the best things in life are free! "

New: Microsoft for Mobile Users

Microsoft story : Accessing Microsoft services from Mobile devices would be much more fun and entertaining in coming days. I still checks my hotmail mails in my mobile phone from and there is no issue with it. But according to Microsoft, the users are going to experience rich features on mobile phones. Right now, it's limited only to US citizens. GPRS phones can use the same site and from there access a variety of Microsoft online services such as Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger. For supported phone models and other lots of info, one can hop in here.

Web Operating System

There was a 'hallah(rumor)' of Google Operating System few months ago. I was wondering what it could be and searching through net and i came through strange era being used in net.. Web Operating System. Web Operating System is something which mimics the real Operating System like Windows, Linux in interface and there are small sets of utilities which we can use to perform our day to day stuff like saving files, keeping records,logs, etc. The difference is Web Operating System would still need the Base Operating system because it loads off the web browser. So, without web browsers, lets not imagine it's existence. I tried couple of webOS, i couldn't verify certain features on my browsers because those webOS needed POPUP-BLOCKER to be set free which i didn't like and quit of thinking about it. I found one webOS which is called CrayThur( and it's pretty usable and not so complicated to use either. Just signup, get activation code and start personal

Mobile Association of Nepal (MAN)

We've heard of CAN (Computer Association of Nepal). Now, there is Mobile Association of Nepal (MAN) formed few days ago. I don't know what these MAN will do. According to their press release, MAN is formed considering the benefits of Mobile phone dealers, Mobile Phone Users and Mobile Phone Repair centers. They are planning to conduct a show like CAN InfoTech in coming days. I don't know what their SHOW would be like but let's be hopeful.

Nepal Chat

There are very few chatrooms in Nepal to talk online. The egoistic impressions of the chat moderators are the most disappointment thing for most newcomers. Keeping those things in mind, following Buddha's serenity and path, all the new chatters are warmly welcomed and there is no definite theme but to spread message of peace,brotherhood and friendship all over the place. Let's make new friends, let's chat on anything. Click here to Join the MeroGuff Chatroom Instantaneously WARNING: Users are encouraged to Register their nickname. Issue this command to register their nick. /ns register password email Next time, users have to identify their nick with this command: /ns identify password Only Registered users can send Private messages to each other. And if Anonymous Users want to share Private messages, issue this command on their nick: /mode user -R +R is ON by default to prevent harassment in PM(Private Message) . Sponsored by:

Muni Bahadur Shakya

Nepal's ICT (information communication technology) sector has no dearth of genius people. Muni Bahadur Shakya is such a figure whose innovations fetch pride and kudos both at the national and international levels. Known as Bhismapitambah (a famous character in the Mahabharat epic) in the sector, Shakya has pioneered in several IT genres. Microcomputer (1979), development and integration of devanagari (Nepali scripts) into computer (1983), development of basic input output system (BIOS) (1982), establishment of computer manufacturing plant (1995) and Nepali-versioned super computer and robots (2006) are among his innovations. When he made super computer last year, a large number of people especially young students, made a beeline at his factory that displays his new inventions. All the day he had been busy briefing about them. "Everybody wanted me to tell about the super computer and I really enjoyed in furnishing the curiosities of the curious students," Shakya recalle

"Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer " releasing today

With the advent of the computer and it's prowess, now, impossible is becoming possible not only in real-life application but also into portraying ones imagination into nearly life-like visually appealing scenes and effects within the movies. Now, it's hard to differentiate between real and unreal. Many years ago, the superhero characters which were just limited to mere comics books and stories being unraveled only on the flip of pages, has come to nearly life-like experiences. Movies portrays the depiction of real life happenings. But with fantasy and sci-fi movies bombarding the stores, it makes us feel if that's for real or what after we watch them. But whatever, i must give hat offs to those great effect gurus and computer geek who brought us this wonderful viewing experiences. Batman,Superman,SpiderMan,X-men,The Spawn,The Phantom,Fantastic Four etc.. these all are into movies now. And today, June 15, 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer' is releasing all o

Yahoo! Photos moving to flickr

Yahoo! photos is moving all it's contents to flickr . Now, there is an ultimatum for all the current Yahoo! photo users either to download all the photos, or get all the photos mailed through CD or move all the contents to flickr at one click. There is still time for them to do this by Sept 20th of this year. In case, if someone is reluctant to move only to flickr, there is another alternatives i.e to other online photo sharing portals like Shutterfly, Kodak Gallery, Snapfish or Photobucket. One can move at one click on these new locations. To know more about Yahoo! Photos and why it is moving, click this link

Rat Bite incident in Chinese McDonald restaurant

यो समाचार चाँहि चाइनाको हो। त्यँहा विश्वकै सबैभन्दा ठुलो रेस्टुरेन्ट सन्जाल भएको McDonald Corp ले २९० डलर जरिवाना तिर्नुपर्ने भएको छ। खाना खाने सिलसिलामा रेस्टुरेन्टभित्र एकजना छात्रालाइ मुसाले टोकेपछि लापरवाहीको कारण देखाइ स्थानिय बेइजिगँ अदालतले सो जरिवाना आदेश दिएको हो। त्यही ठाँउ जँहा मुसा काण्ड भएको थियो नाम नखुलाइएकी ती चाइनिज छात्राले खाना खाँदै गर्दा सानो कदको एउटा सेतो मुसो पाइतालाबाट तिघ्रा हुँदै सँवेदनशील अँगमा पुगेको र किटिक्क टोकेको बताइएको छ। उनलाइ ठ्याक्कै कुन भागमा टोकेको हो खुलाइएको छैन। मलाइ अचम्म लागेको चाँहि त्यो मुसा त्यँहा कसरी छिरेछ। McDonald जस्तो ठाँउमा त्यस्तो लापरवाही त हुनु नपर्ने हो तर पनि खैर यो सब कुरो सुल्टी सक्यो। तात्तो-न-सारोको कुरा किन लेखेको भन्दा चाँहि मलाइ यो समाचार अलि विशेष लागेर पोस्ट गरेको। माइन्ड नगरुम है साथी हो। यदि कदम-कदाचित ठुल्ठुला कम्पनीको प्रडक्टमा केही विक्रिति फेला परेमा राम्रै भरपाइ पो पाइन्छ त साथी हो।

Chatting habit killed a man

Internet chatrooms are filled with chatters of all kinds. Some take it as fun, some take it as an educational purpose and some took it damn seriously. Kevin Neil Whitrick,42 years old Bristish, an electrical engineer by profession, father of 12 years old twin, hanged himself to death after being provoked by other chatters in the chatroom. Kevin Neil Whitrick whose nickname was Shyboy-17-1 in, was found to be living solitude life after the split with her wife Paula and involving most of his time online chatting. It was also found he had a serious car accident many years ago and he was not fully recovered. The connections of all these issues are being joined with his suicide. It was believed he was drunk all the time and the evening he died, he was drunk that time too. It is one of the chatter who informed police about all this incident after he saw Kevin Hanging himself and dying in the webcam view. Some thought it was just a hoax but somehow someone managed to call cops and

Free Domain name, myth or reality??

Today, i read one strange thing on Sudeep's Blog that is about " Getting Free Domain ". We can get free banner/AD supported hosting space with the ugly domain names appearing all the time in the URL bar. But about the domain, i was quit skeptical and am still skeptical. The site called is giving away free domain names as it claims boldly. It can't give you free space,but just a mere domain name which you must point to some other long URL link of yours. At first it may excite us but giving domain name for free, which we have to pay for normally,seems crazy idea. The owner of is Vincent Valentine as Registrant and the Registrar of this domain is the notorious godaddy. Now, the question, will Godaddy allow this man to give free domain names?? or is there any tie-up between them? may be Yes, else Godaddy would already have frozen his domain name. He also feared that if this project works, he could be rich else he could be bankrupt. That mea

EarthQuake in Kathmandu, Nepal

These days,there is a hot issue going on which is all about Earthquake. Peoples are making wrong/right assumptions, i don't know but making guesses about so-called upcoming destructive earthquake in Kathmandu. To my surprise, it's also said that within a specific time period, there is strong chances of witnessing a very massive destructive earthquakes. Map of our country, Nepal I don't know how this rumors got spread like a wildfire, but whoever you ask, i bet, they've heard this more or less. There have been minor earthquakes in past. But the most devastating earthquake in our country's history was of 1934 A.D(1990 B.S), nearly 73 years ago from today's time. This incident took place within the boundary of Nepal-bihar area and nearly 16,000 people got killed together from Nepal and India during those days. My grandfathers were kids during those time and when i ask them about that 'nabbey(90) saal' atrocity, they barely remember it. So, 3 generations hav

Google misused as a terror tool !!!!

Google Earth is a service provided by Google. It consists of the aerial photos of terrotories sent by satellites. Google Earth is growing and it's updating it's database with the aerial photos of every land,every place,every country it could get. This digitization of mapping of earth could benefit lots of people. It's equally helpful in sorting Geographic location. It's useful in implementing GPS(Global positioning system) too. But , who knew Terrorists could use Google Earth to plot their scheme. That happened when one Terrorist referred his cohorts to take help of Google Earth's map to carry out their terrorist operations. It came to know that the images provided them were unclear and so one of them advised to take help of Google earths images for clarity and full-proof operation. The incident is not so far, it's just few days ago when terrorists 'attempt' to explode the John F. Kennedy airport was foiled by US officials. Needless to say, Google is sti

Cool Dogs

Influenced by Yogi Ram Dev Baba, this dog is performing one of his asana.. "puff puff" Very Stylish dog-ass. We,human,wear glass in our forehead and this dog wears glass at back

Beware of fake Microsoft security alerts

With Microsoft's monthly patch release expected on Tuesday, scammers are sending out fake security bulletins that attempt to install malicious software on victim's computers. The e-mail messages claim to describe a "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer" that fixes a critical security flaw in the browser. It comes with a link entitled "Download this update." When users click on this link, they are taken to a server that attempts to install malicious software known as Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.avk. This Trojan software then attempts to reach out to other computers on the Internet in order to install more programs on the victim's computer. The SANS Internet Storm Center received its first and only report of the scam on Thursday night, but a second sample has also been posted to the Chinese Internet Security Response Team blog. SANS volunteer Lenny Zeltser believes that the criminals behind this scam may be gearing up for more activity.

Paris Hilton - Still in Jail

Crying out for her mother when she was ordered back to jail,Paris Hilton's cool, glamorous image evaporated Friday as she gave the impression of a little girl lost in a merciless legal system. Angry emails bombarded L.A officials after she was released without full sentence. Read more here

Change web page font quickly

I got few notes regarding the font size of my blog. For some, it's not visibly clear. Here is the workaround. Use your CTRL(key) + Scroll button (of your mouse) To enlarge font of any web page, CTRL + Scroll Up and vice versa. To keep it normal, go to View menu-> Text Size and change the setting accordingly(Medium).

My Ktm, Our Ktm : Junction of all Kathmandu dwellers : Nepal Youth, Youth Nepal with slogan our union our strength

More and more teens,school goers,public figures, leaders, thinkers, researchers, scientists are spending their most of the time online. Without computer and without being online, it's almost impossible to think of anything today. Banepa's IT Park is struggling for it's existence just because, it has no infrastructure built to provide web connectivity to it's parties. Today, to imagine office without internet and email, it's like being laugh stock of the crowd. So, with this immense adaptation of online activity, people are slowly becoming not so social but whatever, being online has lots of benefits. Without caring of horizons and boundaries, people can interact to each other promptly and in realtime. Thanks to Instant messengers. People these days, turning towards BLOG entries rather than old way of writing diaries on hard copies. I think this is some sort of change we should accept and we should keep up with. Today, i want to remark on a site called www.ourktm.

Nepal Telecom seeks help from public

Click image for larger view Nepal Telecom has recently published an announcement which notifies the bypass of it's international call by some unauthorized parties in the country. Nepal Telecom wants help from you and me, regarding this problem. NT wants us to inform them at their toll free number 188 regarding the number seen on the caller ID phone when call is received internationally. Normally, caller id will not display the international callers number but sometimes, even the international callers are mistaken as a local caller because of the local caller's number seen on the phone. According to NT, it's illegal work of some phone mafia. If they can catch or stop this culprit, they think they can improve their service which i don't believe at all. If they've to improve their service, they don't need any excuses and when there was no competitors in the market, they kindda looted us with exorbitant calling rates. I don't need to add more than this, they eve

Nokia 8600 Luna - Nokia's most expensive phone

Till date and this writing of my post, Nokia's most expensive phone is Nokia 8600 Luna. The speculated price of this thing differs from site to site and Nokia has yet to announce it officially. The features it boasts are as follows: -glass made(into design- smoked glass slider over the keypad) -slider phone, with stainless steel -3G support,bluetooth,16 million QVGA, 2 mega-pixel camera -Micro-usb port -Series 40 handset If anyone wants to know more about this thing, check this site which is entirely dedicated just for this model of Nokia.

What were they thinking???

Honest Confession!!! This guy begs money for .. errr.. it's on his cardboard.. This idiot got framed No no no, that's not what you think, in fact it's the actual cover of a Mag called 'PARENTS'. Now whoever designed that cover page, wow.. he/she is such a genious Now, this is nothing like that but just an illusion. That girl is having a sip of coke, what did you think she was doing.. h aha ha ha

Google bought FeedBurner

Google has acquired FeedBurner, a provider of publishing and advertising services for blogs and content syndication feed. FeedBurner's technology will boost Google's ad network and Web publishing services, Google said. Terms of the deal, which has closed, weren't revealed. FeedBurner will continue operating as it has until now, so existing customers shouldn't experience any interruptions in service. New customers will be able to continue signing up for FeedBurner services as well. Meanwhile, Google will work to integrate FeedBurner's technologies with a number of its own products. The volume of Web content and advertising delivered via RSS and Atom feeds has increased significantly in recent years, and Google feels that by acquiring FeedBurner it will be able to capitalize on this growth and expand its advertising reach. FeedBurner, which has more than 400,000 publishers on its network, will beef up Google's own AdSense publisher network, particularly among

GMail Drive

GMail Drive is a virtual drive which sits under the MY COMPUTER directory structure and utilizes your GMail i.e 2000 MB which is allocated to everyone with GMail account. One can use this space for backup purposes and for any other file management purposes. The only restriction for the time being is that like Windows file system, we can't name our file more than 65 characters. Besides, this Virtual drive is in experimenting phase but it works great. There are other alternate to virtual storage but since GMail drive is just 146 kb downloadable hack to utilize the GMail's space. I think most of the people would be interested in it. Gmail drive being listed under My Computer directory Clicking the drive would need our Gmail Account verification Once Gmail account details have been entered, it logs in Gmail Drive properties Inside GMail Drive For download and additional infos: click here Read Also: http://

USB faults

There is a kid in my neighbourhood. He got a peculiar problem in his computer. There is no error message but his system got hanged when he tried to shut down the PC. I was seeing all these and What i tried , they are as like : 1. i cleared the pagefile,before shutdown. I know it's not possible easily but i managed. 2. i closed all applications before shutdown. 3. i Checked device manager for any conflicting icons 4. and so many others i forgot what i did. Nothing listed above helped me to get rid of the problem( it just consumed my lots of time). So, something popped into my mind and i knew somehow that USB devices are conflicting. I've experienced that in past. Whenever i tried to work with two cell phones connecting through two USB cables, i got file transfer problems etc. So, i've been using One cellphone at a time in a single computer. Even with the slightest voltage up and down, both my USB keyboard and USB mouse got hanged(after updating motherboard drivers,it

Web Hosting Companies in Nepal

To know how many webhost companies are there in Nepal and what's their market share and the total domains they registered individually, the following link provide all these stats. Web Hosting Companies in Nepal I recommend not to go for resellers. Either go for reputed webhost company after making lots of research on net and reading some stats like this or don't fall prey on bogus advertisements by them.

Datexx UltraBattery

Datexx UltraBattery is external battery charger for any portable devices like cell phones, blackberry, iPods, PSP, Nintendo DS etc. When this thing is charged fully, it can give at least 3 days of power to other portable devices. Hence, it's useful during unavailability of AC sources nearby and can prove life saver at times. Since it can charge so many portable devices, it works through the detachable tips. For instance, to charge PSP, it has PSP tips and to charge other devices, it has relevant set of tips to carry out the job. Therefore, connecting the provided one end of USB cable to the UltraBattery and other end of the USB cable to the equivalent Tips (which is to be inserted on the required devices) seems easy. And, it'll be charged. Currently this is available for approx. NRS 1750(without Tax). In Nepalese market, i've found similar products but which is chinese made. Note: Not all tips come along with the UltraBattery package. Only the limited sets of tips come alon

Run Off A Linux Distro From A Bootable USB Drive

Okies as i promised a post on Linux . There are so many rumors about Linux. People say that it will not support your hardware and some say that it is for the geeks . What better way to find out than use for yourself . Even if you find it inconvenient to install Linux in your HDD there are live CD available in which you can boot into Linux from the CD or DVD itself . I feel that optical media are not that reliable and and is really slow. But the Linux distro can even run from any USB media like your flash drive. There is a Linux distro Feather Linux (USB Linux) that is dedicated to running Linux in USB devices. But many other distro can be run using some tweaks. This will teach how to run DSL (Damn Small Linux) in a bootable USB drive of size larger than 64 MB . 1) Format your pen drive in fat32 (FORMAT I: /fs:FAT3) 2) Download the from (DSL is one of the smallest linux distro and is just 49 MB download) 3)Unzip the DS