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Proposed Information Technology Park of Banepa , Nepal in Vain

The buildings constructed by the government after investing tens of millions of rupees to run Information Technology (IT) Park have remained useless nowadays. The government had constructed four residential, one commercial and one administrative buildings for the IT Park in 227 ropanis of land at Dhaneshwor in Kavre last year. The buildings have remained useless when one foreign company, which started works here before eight months, shifted to Kathmandu. Over 290 million rupees has already been invested for the construction of the IT Park. None except some security guards stay here nowadays. The government last year called a tender to run the IT Park. However, only Javra Software Company of Netherlands filed the tender. After passing the tender, the Javra had started works before eight months. However, stating technical reasons, the Company left the Park and shifted to Kathmandu since June 15. President of Computer Association of Nepal (CAN), Biplavman Singh said no foreign and native becoming World's best search engine.

All of us know more than 40% of earth's population lives in China. It's kindda regular and normal to see/read news about China's strict policy upon Information Technology. It's very freaking for other free world when they read that China bans this and that sites and imposes restrictions on other online activities and so.. creating/implementing new laws everytime. It's not a big news when i write once has been banned there. The idea to write this post popped up when my friend Sulav made me aware of a mirror site of google . I had once spent sometime on the site before he referred it to me. At that time, it showed me everything in mirrored form, you need actually a MIRROR to read the result. Everything starts from backward. I didn't care that much at that time. But just now, when i read about elgoog(opp of google), it acted as saviour to Chinese Netizens when google was banned by Chinese government. elgoog is still

Weather Forecasting in Nepal

It has been constant raining since more than one week. It is still raining at the moment while i'm writing these words. Weather is so uncool here because the news of flood, landslides, hunger, plaque that is what eating me a lot. In Nepalgunj(southern terai region of our country), almost 11 people died because of this flood. I felt veryyyyy sad when i heard that people out there have no food supply. Transportation and communication, they are already cut off. And we, people of mountain, sitting in the high altitute just reading/listening news speechlessly. Government has become useless and futile. People are dying and nothing serious has been done to evacuate them or to rescue them who are in need of help,food,home and medicines. Monsoon has never been this before. I've not seen sun rays 11-12 days herein Kathmandu. It's almost always cloudy and i pretty don't like grey-colored horizon all the time. I wish weather be good very soon. Weather Forecasting system in Nepal i

'Google' brandname infringement in underground world

Google is master of all search engines, no doubt. I found a search site similar to google in look. This search site called DDLoogle is underground search site. Only pirated, cracked,hacked,nulled,porn,illegal movies,music,games are indexed by this search engine. One day it'll be shut down because google will sue it for sure or may be not. Whatever, it has the ditto interface of Google.Look at those colors on each letters, look at those search boxes. That's what caught my attention. Search results?? umm.. why don't you try for yourself? i couldn't think of a search string. Oh by the way, this site is registered by Thelk.Inc at godaddy.

Hotmail maintenance glitch locks users out

Microsoft's Windows Live Hotmail Webmail service remained inaccessible to a portion of its users for several hours on Friday, but the problem has been resolved. Windows Live Hotmail, which has about 310 million active users worldwide, became unavailable between approximately 6:30 a.m. U.S. Pacific Time and "late morning," a spokeswoman for Microsoft said. She declined to specify how many users were affected, saying only that the problem affected "a limited set of customers." The problem, which erupted during maintenance work for Windows Live Hotmail, didn't lead to any loss of data for users, according to the spokeswoman. Still, the outage led many to report the problem in online forums and blogs. Those affected couldn't log in to their accounts while the problem lasted. Earlier this month, various Yahoo sites and services, including the main portal, suffered availability problems that lasted about 90 minutes. src: Author: Juan Carlos Pe

I'm still trying to be happy!!!

Today, i was way happy to find out that people are taking note of my blog articles seriously. I've found in many boards and forums, a discussions being made on my article and pointing out to my links as solution. Apart from them, i've filtred only few of them, which i thought is most deserving to mention in this post here. I was making wild searches on my blog and what i found is this following link- This link takes you to a chinese site where there is a topic called "Nepal: Roar against Internet Shutdown". My statement was also briefed there. I think it's posted by a Nepalese journalist. I dunno really. It was a hot issue when ISPAN(Internet Service Provider Association of Nepal) imposed Internet Blockade to people for few hours daily for some stupid reasons. It was the most stupidiest thing they've done in the history of information age. Now, that's passe. And, when i first star

Nepal Telecom -- Pirates of Nepal-'ean'

Uff. i was supposed to make this post on Thursday. But, it's late night 12:09 am and already Friday. Anyway, i consider Thursday as a black day for me. In our culture, not all days are good to initiate some important work. For goodluck days, it's call 'Swaja' and for badluck days, it's call 'Sijja'. I never believed these things but today, my important job has been delayed and now , i confirm this Thursday as my badluck day. I'm pretty much disheartened at the moment. Anyways, my father called me up and boosted my ego. As he says, this is life and life goes on. That's right, i've to face obstacles. And, i just met a friend online, Sulav Aryal. He was sharing some tech-guffs with me and i was enjoying chat with him. When he started to share his part of world, i got frightened how badly this Nepal Telecom sucked him. Sulav writes, " I live life at 56kbps just like my internet connection slow and dull. Uneventful as ever but still expensive

Approximately 400 Windows XP registry hacks

In this site, there are approximately 400 registry hacks or edits in downloadable .reg and .vbs format. With this hacks, one can easily tweak his/her system or troubleshoot the errors in windows XP.

Perlovga Removal Tool

Sick and tired of constantly seeing the temp2.exe error message? When you doubleclick on one of your hard drive partitions, does it show you some unexpected results? When you rightclick on one of your hard drive partitions, do you see a new item called "Autoplay" on top of other items with bold face? When you right click on one of your hard drive partitions, do you see some new items with garbage text? If your answer was ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions then the chances are that you may be infected with the Perlovga virus (otherwise known as temp2.exe) or one of its variants. The problem is that this virus is particulary cumbersome to remove, even by reputable anti-virus programs. But we have the solution and it is called PRT (or Perlovga Removal Tool)! What does this tool do? It detects and reoves all traces of the Perlovga virus from your system, including floppy disks and USB flash disks (the latter ones must be write enabled during the scan process). It also removes th

Remove Restrictions Tool v2.0

1 - Disabled Ctrl+Alt+Del >> so the user can't see the virus and the other applications running! 2 - Disabled Folder Options >> so the user can't set the option to show hidden files! 3 - Disabled Regedit >> so the user can't see what is going on during system startup! 4 - Disabled Show hidden files & folders >> so even if you select "Show hidden files and folders from folder options these files & folder will not be shown! 5 - Disabled Run Command >> so the user can't use it to run some tools to track the virus activites of remove it. 6 - Disabled Windows Firewall >> so the virus can send & receive any data through the network without the attention of the user! 7 - Hidden Desktop items to prevent the user from accessing My Computer and other desktop shortcuts! 8 - Hidden Taskbar >> so the user can't explore start menu! 9 – Restricted Internet Explorer Home Page Changing >> so the user can't change t

How to lock folders without using third-party software

In this example, i'm taking a readymade folder called mIRC to protect from viewing or manipulating. There is a mIRC folder in my C: drive. I want to lock C:\mIRC folder without using any third-party software like folderguard. To make this happen, i'll create a batch file. Steps aheads are clear enough. 1. Open Notepad. 2. Paste the following phrase exactly to Notepad. ren mIRC mIRC.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} 3. Save it as lockmIRC.bat in c:\ (Note: Notepad saves file in txt format. While saving the file other than it's native format, use always an inverted comma around filename like "lock.bat" and click save) Now, go to C: drive and double-click lockmIRC.bat. The folder in C:\mIRC will be protected and when clicked, it will launch control panel. Pretty cool. To unprotect the folder. 1. Open Notepad 2. Paste the following phrase exactly to Notepad. ren mIRC.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} mIRC 3. Save it as unlockmIRC.bat in c:\ Now, go to c: dri

Microsoft TalkIT

I was urgently needing a software which could read and pronounce a word. I was finding it for all the web but most of them are not free. I remembered i had similar softwares with me. I dug into piles of my data burnt CDs and finally found it. I tried to search it on net and found nowhere but only old pages. Microsoft TalkIt So, Microsoft Talkit is a small program which would pronounce a word and we can hear it properly if speakers are turned on. I really needed it because i wanted to learn difficult pronunciations. Now, that problem is solved and phonetically, all the pronunciations are accurate and no doubt. Now, i would be taking help of it and learning difficult pronunciations tomorrow onwards. Download HERE : Password:

Windows XP Setup Simulator

Learn how to install Windows XP on your computer! Windows XP Setup Simulator is a program that teaches you how to install Windows XP, without having to worry you will mess up your hardware or software. It just simulates installing Windows XP as if it was the real setup. It reproduces every step exactly as it is in the real setup, and it does not restart your computer. This program can also be used as a guide for learning how to install Windows 2003, because the steps are very similar. The package also includes an e-book that explains every step of the Windows XP Setup and some other Windows XP Basics. This Simulator is for anyone who hasn't installed a Windows OS before. Give it a try. Download HERE Password:

Something about Display Technology

These are some of the facts and figures related to Display Technology. 1. A refresh rate of 85 MHz on your monitor means that every single pixel is refreshed 85 times a second. 2. Moire is a graphic effect that puts an undesirable pattern composed of small dots placed in a tight pattern on plain image. 3. A nematic liquid crystal is a transparent liquid that is used in twisted nematic displays, the most common form of liquid crystal display. 4. Self-scanned Amorphous Silicon integrated Display (SASID) technology is used in flat-panel displays in notebook and portable computers. 5. TOLED (transparent organic light-emitting device) is a display technology being developed by the Universal Display Corporation (UDC). It uses transparent electrodes and light emitting materials in an organic light-emitting device(OLED). 6. The stair-step effect that can be seen in diagonal line of some computer graphics is called 'thejaggies'. 7. In a computer monitor, the voltage gets booste

Share online life after death

Everyone has to die one day. Dying is a natural process. But how do you manage your active online world once you pass away. If someone is busy blogging on and on and suddenly he passes away and nobody knows what has happened to him because his blog is stagnant for ever. This is just an example and today i found a wiki,after which we can manage our online life and let everyone know what has happened to someone. Have a read yourself on this following link:

My artistic instinct

It is now almost 7-8 years now that i've not touched a brush to paint. I don't know why but if i've to paint again, i'm sure, i'm still at it because it's the instinct that will keep my artistic side alive always. The following few paintings are what i did in past. They are not that good but still when i look at it, i remember the time i put on it. My right hand's small finger is curved permanently leaving the impression if it's some sort of disease but i know why is it like this. Because as a child or school goers i was always busy drawing something and painting on and on. This led my small finger of right hand to curve unconditionally. I can't straighten it properly. But, i've no complain. Still, i'm known as a good artist among my friend circle. That's how i'm described to others. There are so many other paintings i did out of the blue. It's a kids imagination and there were so many others which my friends or relatives are putt

Hacking for dummies

This ebook teaches how hackers work and what are the tools needed to practice/use hacking in vulnerable systems. The ebook writes: "The author is not responsible for any abuse of this information. It is intended for educational use only. You may be quite shocked at how vulnerable you are! As an afterthought I added a section on database access due to a number of requests." Download Hacking for Dummies from the link below: password: Disclaimer: I'm and this my post is not responsible for anything caused after consulting above ebook.Please read and use the knowledge at your own risk.

Excuse Me!!!

Today was a complete hectic day. As always weather played hide and seek with me. When i went out from home, it wasn't raining but i had that raincoat put on. When i was returning back to home, it was raining and i wasn't wearing any raincoat. What a fuss?? and on the way to my training, i witnessed an accident. A motorbike rider was badly hit by a public bus and for half an hour, there was a big jam. I closely saw the guy, who was hurrying for hospital by some of his relatives(i guess) and his conditions was very bad. For him , it was even hard to breathe. Everyday, here and there, accidents keep occurring in the galis of our city. I blame those traffic policemen who issue license for newbies without proper exam and test but under bribe. I also blame them who recklessly drive and think the road is their grandfather's property. Moreover, the congested roads and ever growing population is another cause for these kinds of accidents. Its better if we don't make hurry in the

How to bypass Rapidshare download limitations

If we are true netizens, then there are few moments where we felt really unlucky. Precisely, when some file sharing site restricts us from simultaneous downloading or restricts us from downloading anything for certain period of times. I'm talking about sites like I had faced very problematic moments with rapidshare while downloading files. Sometimes, it restricted me to download more than 2 files off it's server at the same time. The reason is because i was using free service. To get premium services i've to pay them. Sometime, it didn't let me even download a single file. Said that i downloaded enough for the day, what the heck,i felt. As a common sense, i cleared the cookies and it worked. After few weeks, it didn't work at all. Oh, by the way, cookies are files kept on our machine without our permission by the sites like It's for storing information about what we do on their site, what we save on their site and other similar th

OpenDNS !!! a safer way to surf internet

If you are reading this page, you just know it's an internet but there are lots of things running behind. Lets say, we get internet as subscribed service through some Local ISPs, and then we start surfing net for fun, research,mails or for anything. We give simply on address bar of the browser and we promptly jump into the site's content. We don't care what's the technical aspects behind this and it's not necessary either. I'm concerned to care about technical aspect because, what we see is not the correct thing on our browser's address bar. Though we see the human readable phrases as, in fact it's the numbers that each computer in the network deals with each other. If i do a reverse DNS lookup of, it shows me This is a 32 bit naming convention of each node(a computer on a network). This is IP(internet protocol) number we are dealing with in real. So, how do these numbers convert into le

Story of a Spammer

(spammer: someone who sends unwanted emails to recipients motivated by selling pseudo -products or for infecting systems or for eating bandwidth or for harassment or for any other reasons) "Ed," a retired spammer, built a considerable fortune sending e-mails that promoted pills, porn and casinos. At the peak of his power, Ed says he pulled in US$10,000 to $15,000 a week, storing the money in $20 bills in stacks of boxes. It was a life of greed and excess, one that preyed especially on vulnerable people hoping to score drugs or win money gambling on the Internet. From when he was expelled from high school at 17 until he quit his spam career at 22, Ed -- who does not reveal his full name but sometimes goes by SpammerX -- was part of an electronic underworld profiting from the Internet via spam. "Yes, I know I'm going to hell," said Ed, who spoke in London on Wednesday at an event hosted by IronPort Systems Inc., a security vendor now owned by C

Manage photo/images uploaded to Blogger Blog

Managing those images uploaded to blogger blog will be no more pain in ass. One can manage all the images uploaded using Picasa Web Albums. We can save/copy/delete all those photos uploaded to the blog. Blogger Photo Gallery Log in to using your gmail username and password. This will bring up the image galleries associated to those blogger blogs where you've uploaded your images. Note: If you delete images from the gallery, the images will be removed from the blogpost as well.

MozBackup - A backup/restore tool for Mozilla Firefox

MozBackup is a software for creating backups of Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey,Mozilla suite and Netscape profiles. It makes backup of bookmarks,mails,contacts,history,extensions,cache etc and it's easy to restore this backup too. There may be other ways of backing up bookmarks too but i found it way easy for doing so. 1. Run MozBackup(you'll be greeted with welcome message) and click Next 2. Choose the Operation i.e Backup a profile. We can also restore a profile in later time. But we are here for backing up. So, lets choose Backup a profile option. Select the Firefox version and click Next 3. Now, select the profile as default, select the location where the backup file is to be saved and click Next. 4. Here mark all the relevant options for backing up purpose. Since, my extensions on Firefox tend to not work while restoring, i deselected here in my case, and click Next. 5. Backup will be created and the file is saved with the extension *.pcv You can backup this file

Dalai Lama's Blog

Dalai Lama's Blog ( ) The Dalai Lama is the supreme leader of Tibetan Buddhism and a living incarnation of Buddha. A veritable Yoda for the New Age masses, the Dalai Lama has attracted such fans as Richerd Gere, Pope John Paul II and the spiritual master himself, Steven Segal. The current Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, has served the post for over 70 years. His popularity has been attributed to his fairness, open-mindedness and above all, an intense hugability. iLightenment By Dalai Lama I received my new iPhone at 9 p.m., June 29, after three and a half days of meditation in line behind a blessed 17-year-old boy who made his fortune selling pictures of women’s feet over the internet. I could not possibly be happier with my purchase ( unlike some others ). I suppose your fulfillment will depend on your reason for wanting one. I bought mine to bring communication at the temple into the 21st century. As it was, one of the monks in a neighboring

My Recent Comments Widget fixed!!!

Today, i found my 'Recent Comments' on my sidebar was not working. Upon contacting the author of this widget i found, he has faced bandwidth limitation for loading his script from googlepages. According to his fix, it is clear, now blogger has to load it(this widget script) locally instead of remote loading which i was doing previously. Here are the workarounds: 1. Edit the template and put the following javascripts one after another just before the < /head >tag, javascripts are in these following links, paste them exactly to the template file before the < /head > tag of template file. Make sure 'Expand widget templates' check box is ticked. 2. Save the template file. No need to configure 'Recent Comments' widgets from 'page element' windows. It just works. Also find and remove the following line from the template: < s

How to get your Own Unique Hotmail ID

Do you want to get I think that's not hardest thing and you can get your own personalized email add for free. For my case, though i don't own, i added for free in this tutorial. I'm gonna show you step by step how. First of all,microsoft hotmail is full of hidden goodies. To maximize the user experience,it has transformed itself into Windows Live Mail. First of all, lets do signup as usual way to get unique Hotmail ID. 1. Go to 2. Click the Sign Up button there. The next screen showing hotmail form comes up. In the address bar, just copy the below Javascript, paste it there in the browser's address bar and click Enter. (NOTE: for some strange reason, is not letting me paste Javascript in post area here. Even though i pasted it here forcibly, it showed broken scripts which wouldn't work. So, i put the screenshot above how it looked. And, i know it's dif

Microsoft Used Cracked Software!!!

Hello fellas, If you are using Windows XP, access your folder as : C:\windows\help\tours\windowsMediaPlayer\audio\Wav (I'm assuming C: as generic system drive letter where windows is installed) There are small wav files. Don't double click them but right-click one of them and open with Notepad. Now, scroll down and you'll see something like this pics below: So, it's obvious that Sound Forge 4.5(cracked by a cracker "Deepz0ne") was used and they didn't use the genuine Sound Forge but the cracked one. So, now, what do you think of yourself using Pirated Windows? Do you blame your dignity? So, this shows how hypocrites are they.

USB tools and Portable programs

Though USB portable drive was initially used only for file storage proposes, today, it's more than that. It has innumerous uses to say like one can carry entire Operating system in it, lousy and troublesome Floppy drives has been replaced, acts as a quickest means of data transfer and storage. Moreover it is acting as a physical RAM(memory) in windows Vista(Readyboost). Not only this, software developers have broaden the idea of portable applications. That means we can carry any kind of Windows(OS) dependent applications independently in flash portable devices. This certainly has increased one's productivity. Just take portable applications of your choice,start working on your favourite application on any machine and personalise any computers in world according to your taste. To get all the whistles and bells, we must have at least 512 MB of storage on Flash drives. Now, coming to the point, the following site has comprehensive list of portable application for your portable

Rouge - Eh papi

These days, this is the most happening song in channels. I saw this music video on two channels simultaneously and i thought, seems like a most demanded music video. Besides, i had to make this video as 3gp for one of my bro's friend. Since i was searching for this video, i thought to write something in here too. May be you too can watch this video and feel what you think. It's one of the hottest song by a band called 'ROUGE'. There is a horse dancing in last sequence of this song. That horse is beautifully animated and i really liked that. After all, computer animation is creating magic everywhere. watch ROUGE-Eh papi video Source writes: "After the astounding success of hit single ‘Don’t be Shy’, YBR Records presents the most awaited debut of the season ‘Rouge’. This self-titled album features the chartbuster ‘Eh Papi’, with appearances of Legha as ‘Smasheroo’, Laura as ‘Twinkle Togs’ and Amrita as ‘Drizzle Dash’. The album also has other smashing 16 brand ne

Protect your Privacy ! Be anonymous online and save yourself from prying eyes. Complete anonymity Guide

One can ignore this Italicized PARA and start reading from second paragraph My comp is like acting weird lately. Due to frequent voltage up and down in my area, my comp shut down improperly many times. I had to go somewhere and due to power up/down, after certain load-handling through UPS, my computer was like black,.. power off. Now, i'm sure, it's pretty much the reason for my unstable system. Lots of my important system files got corrupted. My audio driver didn't work well. Right now, i uninstalled it and no sound on it. My modem driver went kaput cause, when i was online, power fluctuations occurred many times and my PC was shut down innumerous times abruptly. So, consequences are sure to witness. I'm witnessing them. After lots of hassles, right now, i'm being able to log in. So many files have been corrupted. Damn electricity in Nepal. Anyways, good thing is i'm attending this comp of mine and leaving no way ON when i'm not around it. And, slowing gett

MP3 dancers

Unlike VirtuaGirls(desktop virtual girls dancing with profanity),MP3 Dancers are different and tiny video figures of real dancers who dance IN RHYTHM right on your desktop. Whatever you're listening to, CD or MP3, you will now have these cute professional dancers move to the rhythm on your desktop. It is fun watching them dance whenever we play some music on our PC. For full download info, check inside!!! Author:

Mozilla Firefox v3.0 Alpha

My Mozilla Firefox version is and it's the stable version. Mozilla Firefox v3.0 is the next official version, which still has not been released because, it's still in Alpha version. If it interests firefox fans to try it's next version in Alpha stage, he/she can download Firefox v3.0 Alpha from the following links.

Using Pen drive / removable drive as RAM Memory

Microsoft stated before the release of Windows Vista that one can use the storage space of PEN drive/Thumb Drive/portable drive(whatever it is called) as computers RAM. So, the feature that is known as Readyboost exclusively available only in Windows Vista, can actually use the storage of portable device as virtual RAM thereby speeding up the computing performance. wiki writes: "ReadyBoost is a disk caching technology first included with Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system. It aims to make computers running Windows Vista more responsive by using flash memory on a USB 2.0 drive, SD card, CompactFlash, or other form of flash memory, in order to boost system performance." In Tom Archer's blog , i've found very interesting questionnaire upon this Portable flash drive acting as Virtual RAM. It is a nice read for them who is trying to use their portable flash drive as Virtual RAM.

Giving own email address every here and there on Net is not a good idea.

If any website asks your email for certain verification or for some purposes, you don't need to write in your valid email. You can give them other temporary email address. That 'temporary' mail would be created in no time. Some people have come up with this idea to fight spam. If you don't want them to send you their periodic mails.. or if you don't want them to sell your email Id to spammer and in rewards start getting holy pack of spam email.., then there is a way. I'm talking about few sites that will actually do the magic. Steps(Read these steps and you'll find out what i meant actually): 1. enter your email address to that email hungry site as (for my case) "" ( i don't need to create email account on , just do like that) 2. go to after some time, there you've to enter your email id.. for my case, i'll type in the input box of the site

Bicycle modified

Nirmal Pariyar(permanent resident of Morang,Nepal) customized his bicycle, put steering wheel on it and riding cycle with ease. Brake is behind the front tyre and applicable using foot.

iPhone unLocked

One major issue with iPhone is it's just limited to AT&T only in US or with the other service provider with whom Apple Inc has dealing with. So, only the service provider can sell this thing which has an exclusive deal with Apple Inc. Recent news are spreading related to unlock iPhone. Hackers are trying hard to find a way and they are successful to some limit. Once someone purchases iPhone, he/she has to go through hectic process of activating it using iTunes. Once activated, a token is received on that particular set. Normally, that token is reserved only to one iPhone. Hackers attempt let that token to activate so many other iPhones without actually using iTunes(connection to Apples server) but hackers tool called DeCSS. Using DeCSS, one can activate his/her iPhone with the help of known token and without using iTunes. Hackers are not providing tokens with the tool. But whatever it's, 50 % job is done. May be very soon, they'll release a tool or way with which even